ISIS, ISIL, alleged “beheadings” and other terrorist atrocities

The alleged beheading of James Wright Foley, Steven Sotloff, David Haine and others: were they staged and by whom?

Tulsi Gabbard Schools Jake Tapper On CIA Funding Of “Terror-Linked Groups” In Syria

One of the few U.S. politicians with any integrity tells how American taxpayers fund ISIS

Terrorism at the Service of ‘Regime Change’.

Terrorism at the Service of ‘Regime Change’.

The 2013 Boston marathon bombing and the 2015 Bataclan massacre in Paris were both masterminded by Islamist recipients of Western aid for “freedom fighters”

US State Department Email From 2012 States “al-Qaeda Is On Our Side In Syria”

The US has NOT been fighting ISIS or al-Qaeda in Syria and Iraq. In reality, the only forces fighting terrorists in either country have been Syria, Russia, and Iran.

Hillary Clinton, alongside Britain’s William Hague, spearheaded the infamous ‘Friends of Syria’ (2011-2012) the US-led coalition’s front group – together with Gulf states, organizing the proxy war against Syria

The Memo That Helped Kill a Half Million People in Syria

2012 memo to then Secretary of State Clinton urged her to support “Syrian rebels”, to help weaken Iran and allay Israeli fears. Consequently half-a-million Syrians are dead

When did the Infamous Red Coats become Cheap Cannon Fodder?

When did the Infamous Red Coats become Cheap Cannon Fodder?

Despite widespread public opposition British Special Forces were actively deployed on the ground in Syria, where militants targeted them using U.S.-supplied weapons

Netanyahu Reaches Out to Wahhabis, says Israel is Ally to those Against Iran

In fact Israel has long had ties with Wahhabi groups like ISIS (ISIL or Daesh), even as they carried out some of their worst atrocities, beheadings etc.

Syria: Israel's Invisible Hand

Syria: Israel’s Invisible Hand

After being drawn into conflicts in the Middle East in which it had no interest, Ryan Dawson asks, can the U.S. now shake-off its foreign policy parasites?

Isis not defeated in Syria despite Trump claim, says UK

Even America’s allies are disputing Trump’s claim

An Sukhoi Su-34 fires a precision guided missile in Syria. Russia's involvement in the conflict has given its armed forces valuable experience and shown that it's very much a force to be reckoned with. Click to enlarge

Trump to pull troops from Syria: ‘We have defeated ISIS’

Although it’s to be welcomed, IF IT HAPPENS as we’ve heard this before, it wasn’t the US that defeated ISIS but Syria, Iran and Russia; Trump is simply taking credit for their work.

Whitewash - The 'Last Bastion Of Freedom' Is An Al-Qaeda Infested Town

Whitewash – The ‘Last Bastion Of Freedom’ Is An Al-Qaeda Infested Town

The latest issue of the New Yorker carries what is essentially a propaganda piece for al-Qaeda. Replete with propaganda clichés crafted by western intelligence, no doubt

Osama Awaid Al-Ibrahim, otherwise known as Abu Zeid. Click to enlarge

ISIS mastermind’s deputy found cowering in underground tunnel with gold bars and cash

His capture speaks volumes about the militant’s leaders and what really motivates them

‘Precision strike?’ US coalition targets ISIS butcher, Syria says the missiles hit army positions

While the US-led forces claim their “precision” strikes targeted ISIS, local media claim the strike actually “supported” terrorists

Home made munitions used by militants in Syria. Click to enlarge

ISIS to launch false flag chemical attack on Syrian Kurds

The terrorists want to frame Damascus for the attack to trigger new US-led airstrikes – and Russian military is watching closely

US Has Established 17 Illegal Military Bases in Syria: Sen. Richard H. Black

US Has Established 17 Illegal Military Bases in Syria: Sen. Richard H. Black

Sen. Black accuses the U.S. of establishing 17 illegal bases in Syria. Thereby sowing the seeds of further conflict and opening the way for direct intervention

Russia says US views Daesh as ally to push regime change in Syria

Russia’s top diplomat openly accuses America of using militants to force regime change in Syria

President Jimmy Morales talks about his security achievements at a meeting with US officials. UU., Mexico and Central America.

Executive reserves information about ISIS captures

Last month Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales revealed that security services had seized nearly 100 ISIS militants. Were they travelling through Guatemala to the U.S.?

Fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Kurdish led militia that is fighting Islamic State with US help

Fight Against Last Vestige of ISIS in Syria Stalls, to Dismay of U.S.

Far from being a spent force, ISIS (otherwise known as Islamic State, ISIL or Daesh) could be resurgent, says US counter terrorism official

Kurdish militia made a swap with ISIS to get back 7 US troops – sources

Washington has denied the reports. Includes video

Firing range practice at al-Tanf base along the border with Jordan and Iraq. Click to enlarge

Inside the remote U.S. base in Syria central to combating ISIS and countering Iran

This NBC report is disinformation that, unintentionally perhaps, also reveals America’s close covert support for terrorists

US-led aircraft evacuate Daesh commanders from eastern Syria: Report

Local witnesses, who requested anonymity, claim militant commanders have been airlifted from the front lines in anticipation of a Syrian Army offensive