Historic sexual abuse

Allegations from past decades of sexual abuse by those in high places

The Child Abuse Cover Up -- A Police Whistleblower Speaks

The Child Abuse Cover Up — A Police Whistleblower Speaks

A Metropolitan Police Detective Constable child protection specialist, takes the lid off the scale of child abuse, trafficking and prostitution in London and UK.

Dame Lowell Goddard resigns from child sex abuse inquiry

Goddard is the third person to step down from overseeing the inquiry. Updated with some revealing input from a correspondent.

Young obama and boyfriend. Click to enlarge

Cover Up – Obama Sex Settlement at Harvard

Harvard paid out more than $10k to silence two male editors for the Harvard Law Review who complained of sexual harassment by their editor — Barack Obama

Media Silent On Bill Clinton Double Rape Bombshell

Media Silent On Bill Clinton Double Rape Bombshell

Why the near unanimous media silence? Because it might jeopardise Hillary’s bid for the White House?

IPCC investigates 11 for mishandling Greville Janner child sex abuse claims

For decades the late Lord Janner evaded prosecution on numerous allegations of child abuse. Now those who helped protect him will be called to account

Trump - Mossad's Mussolini?

Trump – Mossad’s Mussolini?

Illuminati use blackmail to control their members who include most politicians.

Clement Freud. Click to enlarge

‘You can’t bury the truth’ – Clement Freud’s victims finally expose decades of abuse

Like Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris, Freud’s celebrity grandson has been revealed as a serial sex-offender who preyed on young girls

Former Kincora residents, from left to right, Richard Kerr, Gary Hoy, and Clint Massey. At least 29 boys were abused at the East Belfast home. Click to enlarge

Child abuse inquiry turns to Kincora home and claims of MI5 blackmail

Inquiry will hear from men abused as boys at Northern Ireland children’s home and allegations that perpetrators were protected by security services

Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner named in fresh sexual assault case against Bill Cosby

Hefner named as “conspirator” in fresh charges against Bill Cosby

Bill Clinton Flew on Disgraced Donor’s Jet 26 Times

Flight logs reveal frequent flights on financier’s Jeffrey Epstein’s jet. Epstein was convicted on multiple counts of having provided underage girls as prostitues for celebrities, politicians and royalty

Donald Trump, pictured in 1997 with Epstein's former girlfriend, and Daughter of Rupert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell who was accused of supplying Epstein with underage girls

Trump lawyer calls ‘rape’ lawsuit a HOAX

If true these allegations reveal Trump to be morally compromised, like Clinton. Making them ideal contenders for the White House, as far as the elite are concerned

Justice Goddard (left). Click to enlarge

Child sex abuse inquiry: Campaigner who claims Kenneth Clarke ‘failed to act’ loses bid for key status

Why was victims campaigner denied a role in the inquiry? Could it be that he would have exposed it for what it was: a cover-up?

Lord Janner, founder of The Holocaust Educational Trust and serial sex abuser

Will The Jewish Lobby and The Holocaust Educational Trust Apologise For Lord Janner’s Child Sex Abuse?

Will The Holocaust Educational Trust apologise now that its confirmed that its founder inflicted personal Holocausts on so many?

Off the Wall cover. Click to enlarge

Creepy Dad was Root of all Clan’s Woe, Singer Sez

In 2006 Jermaine Jackson made some explosive comments about his father, Joseph, which by implication suggested that he had helped foster Michael’s perversions.

What Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and Maxwell Have in Common

What Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and Maxwell Have in Common

A potentially explosive court case is unfolding in Manhattan, involving Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and underage sex slaves. Gilad Atzmon explains

Jill Dando Murdered by Britain’s VIP Paedophiles

Jill Dando Murdered by Britain’s VIP Paedophiles

When Jill Dando tried to expose a paedophile ring at the BBC her bosses did nothing but Jill was later shot dead in a case that is still unsolved. Was she getting too close to exposing the truth?

Scotland Yard failed to record the only time it quizzed Leon Brittan

Part of a cover-up by the British establishment which continues even though Lord Brittan is dead

Former Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub

Breaking: Israel’s Ex-Ambassador to UK Accused of Sexual Liaisons With Minors

Richard Silverstein on how the former Israeli ambassador cheated on his wife with men and boys–inside the ambassador’s residence!

Bill Cosby: more woman have now come forward to publicly accuse the entertainer of sexual assault. Click to enlarge

Former DA says he believes Bill Cosby can’t be prosecuted

Why? Is Cosby being protected from prosecution, the way Jimmy Savile was while he was still alive?

Britain is no longer just a Christian country, says major report

The report’s conclusions are none too surprising. However the real question is why Baroness Butler-Sloss was chosen to oversee this report and what her real agenda was