An Sukhoi Su-34 fires a precision guided missile in Syria.

Peace Through Firepower: Key 2015 Events for the Russian Military

2015 saw a continued upgrading of Russian military power, with new weapons and tactics now being field tested in Syria

NATO agrees Turkey air defence package, seeks ‘predictability’

This needs to be seen in the context of the ongoing military build-up in the region. The eastern Mediterranean is a potential powder keg in the making

Turkey will disappear from the face of the earth as a state – Prophecy Elder Paisios from Greece

Two interesting things here. First some prophecies about Turkey from the holy Elder Paisios the Athnonite. Coupled with perspectives from Webster Tarpley, made before Russian intervention in Syria but which seems to foreshadow recent events

Russian missile cruiser Moskva

On board the warship Moskva: The naval power behind Russia’s air war in Syria

Russia’s newfound openness about its military activities reflects the confidence Moscow has about its intervention in Syria.

UK Foreign Secretary: Russian air strikes in Syria are helping Isis advance

The lies and double-speak that characterised Tony Blair’s utterances in the run-up to the 2003 Iraq invasion are now being surpassed by Cameron’s government

T-90 tanks during a rehearsal for the Victory Day parade in Red Square in central Moscow, May 7, 2015. Click to enlarge

Iran Defense Spending: Tehran Wants Russian Weapons Including T-90 Tank And Attack Helicopters

Iran could be about to embark on a spending spree for new military hardware

Iranian Commander Soleimani Meets Putin in Moscow

Sign of growing military ties between Russia and Iran

Russian military aircraft at Hamadan_Airbase

The Russo-Iranian Military Coalition in Syria may be Deepening

The necessity to create an air corridor to Syria may be strengthening the alliance between Moscow and Tehran

Where will the Ukrainian bombs explode?

Where will the Ukrainian bombs explode?

Preparations revealed for a false flag in Syria. Involving the detonation a large bomb in a densely packed civilian area — to be blamed on Russia

Putin vows to ‘immediately destroy’ any target threatening Russia in Syria

Orders commanders “to act in the toughest way” against any target threatening Russian forces

An Sukhoi Su-34 fires a precision guided missile in Syria.

Russia’s Military Is Catching Up to the West by Fighting in Syria

Russia’s intervention in Syria has yielded valuable lessons. To turn an unproven leftover from the Cold War into battle-hardened, tech-savvy, fighting force

Syria Right to Hit NATO Warplanes

With Russian military support, Syria has just drawn a line. From now on, NATO warplanes violating its territory will be put on notice. Keep out or get shot down. Finian Cunningham explains

Russian submarine launches cruise missile strikes from a submarine in the Mediterranean. Click to enlarge

Russia launches first Syria strikes from submarine

Submarine launched cruise missiles strike targets 1,500 miles away. Includes video

War is on the Horizon: Is it Too Late to Stop It?

There is no doubt that Washington is driving the world toward Armageddon, and Europe is the enabler

Week Nine of the Russian Intervention in Syria: The Empire Strikes Back

Week Nine of the Russian Intervention in Syria: The Empire Strikes Back

Make no mistake, right now we are on a collision course leading to war with Russia

Russian soldier stands with shoulder fired missile launcher at the ready as the ship crosses the Bosphorus. Click to enlarge

Turkish FM says ‘provocation’ as Russian warship flaunts missile while crossing Bosporus

In the wake of the Turkish downing of the Russian Su-24, many will see it as a basic precaution

Shaayrat airbase. Click to enlarge

Report: Russia is building a second military airbase in Syria

Is “mission creep” setting in? Reports claim Russia planning to increase the number of its aircraft in Syria to over 100

Kamov Ka-52. Click to enlarge

Knock, Knock, Daesh: Finest Russian Combat Helicopters Come to Syria

Reaffirming its commitment to supporting Assad, Russia sends state-of-art helicopter gun ships to Syria. Includes video

The USS Ross, one of the NATO warships currently in the region. Click to enlarge

Amid Russia War Talk, NATO Sends Warships To Black Sea Near Turkey, Ukraine

NATO stations four warships in the Black Sea, ostensibly to promote “peace and stability in the region

Iran has evidence of Turkey-Daesh oil trade: Senior official

Backing Russian claims, Iran says that it also has evidence that Turkey is helping to smuggle oil for Islamic State (Da’esh, ISIS/ISIL)