Trump Is Being Sabotaged by the Pentagon

Donald Trump says he wants better relations with Russia but you wouldn’t think so from the way the Pentagon is behaving

NEW MiG-35 fighter jet designed to use laser guns

If it came to a dogfoght between the Mig 35 and the U.S. F-35 we know where we would put our money. In Russian with English subtitles

A tank fires during the US-Polish military drill in Zagan, Poland, Jan 30, 2017. Click to enlarge

US, Polish troops hold war games in Poland to ‘deter’ Russia

Ostensibly to “deter” Russian aggression, these drills will be followed shortly by the deployment of U.S. heavy armour in the Baltic states, close to Russia’s border

American armoured vehicles in Georgia. The news of the exercise, called Noble Partner 2016, angered Russia, who said it could destabalise the region. Click to enlarge

U.S. Army tanks being moved to Russian border

NATO has been steadily deploying further eastwards. Now the U.S. plans to deploy more than 200 armoured vehicles in the Baltic states, close to Russia’s borders

Merkel faces more Russian disinformation ahead of poll: source

It looks like the “fake news” narrative is now being used in an effort to shore up support for Angela Merkel.

Russia set to move closer to decriminalize domestic violence

As part of a drive to restore ‘traditional’ values

Trump will try to smash the China-Russia-Iran triangle … Here why he’ll fail

The hand of Henry Kissinger suggests US foreign policy will use a ‘divide and rule’ strategy with Beijing, Moscow and Tehran. But this could backfire, spectacularly …

Challenger tank on freight car. Click to enlarge

Britain Sends Armoured Vehicles Through Channel Tunnel

Tanks, armoured fighting and recovery vehicles sent through the Channel tunnel to test the “viability of using the tunnel” to reinforce allies in Europe

Russia is trying to smash Nato, James Mattis says in confirmation hearing

Ominous reports from confirmation hearings don’t bode well for relaxed ties with Moscow. As both Mattis and Mike Pompeo cite Russia as a growing threat

Putin has just Exposed the Plot To Destroy America

Putin has just Exposed the Plot To Destroy America

Putin has dropped some bombshells on the New World Order that have been completely ignored by the Western media. Includes explosive video

US tanks and soldiers in Poland pose threat to Russia – Kremlin

Kremlin press secretary says Russia views the US military build up on its borders as “a threat to our interests and security”

Ukrainian marchers in Kiev chant ‘Jews out’

Supported by U.S. Senator John McCain against Russia, Ukrainian nationalists have been on the march in Kiev. Includes video

JAGM-158A F-16c/d jets

Poland Acquires First Strike Capability To Pose Threat To Russia

Poland acquires the capability to knock out key military sites located deep in Russia’s territory

US tanks prepare to move out from the German port of Bremerhaven. Click to enlarge

100s more US tanks arrive in Europe to keep ‘peace & freedom’ at Russian borders (VIDEO)

Western military build-up on Russia’s borders continues with literally thousands of troops and items of military hardware

Neo-Liberal paranoia is extreme, and it is everywhere

Neo-Liberal paranoia is extreme, and it is everywhere

A year of Brexit and Corbyn and Syria and Trump seems to have pushed the whole world of establishment journalism right up to the ragged edge

DNC Refused to Give FBI Access to Its Servers

Instead it gave access to a DNC consultant tied to an organization promoting conflict with Russia

The Cold War is Over

There’s an old prophecy about three great empires: the 1st centred in Rome, the 2nd in London and the 3rd in Moscow. Does Peter Hitchens sense the final empire emerging?

New Intelligence Report Adds No Evidence Of “Russian Hacking”

Moon of Alabama reveals that a cabal has formed to call into question Trump’s legitimacy for office. It consists of Obama, the defeated Hillary Clinton, Sen. McCain and Lindsay and cookie dispenser Victoria Nuland

Russia ‘scales down’ Syria military deployment

In other words Russia has secured its objectives in its intervention in Syria and it hasn’t turned into the quagmire that President Obama predicted

US Sends Special Forces to Russian Border

Tensions between Washington and Moscow have reached levels not seen since the Cold War. As the U.S. deploys Special Forces on Lithuania’s border with Russia