How America Double-Crossed Russia and Shamed West

When the Cold War came to an end Russia was promised that NATO would expand not «one inch to the east,» or «one inch eastward,»

NATO Caught ‘Surprised’ By Russia’s Move Into Syria

NATO’s intelligence director admits the alliance was caught off guard by Russia’s recent moves in Syria

RAF Typhoon and Tupolev Tu-160 bomber off the coast of Northumbria

Britain scrambles RAF Typhoons to intercept nuclear-capable Russian supersonic bombers

The latest in a series of similar intercepts. Are the Russians probing UK air defences for weaknesses?

Artist's impression of the Kanyon. Click to enlarge

Russia Building Nuclear-Armed Drone Submarine

Russia developing nuclear armed drone submarine to strike US ports and coastal cities

Iranian troops join Russians in Syria fighting

The fighting in Syria escalates: with the latest reports claiming Israeli air strikes on Syrian artillery positions near Damascus

Russia sends ships, aircraft and forces to Syria -U.S. officials

Russia sends more aircraft, naval infantry and two tank landing ships to Syria

A 9А52-4 MLRS 9К58 Smerch. Click to enlarge

Drone buddies: Russia, China work on first MRLS-delivered scout UAV

Russian and Chinese engineers jointly develop reconnaissance drone for instant delivery to battlefield. Includes video

Medvedev: Russia Willing to Set Up Airbases in All CSTO Countries

CSTO members include Armenia and Belarus, as well as two observer states – Afghanistan and Serbia.

Bulgaria denies air access for Russian supply flights to Syria

This follows Greek confirmation that the U.S. had asked it to deny airspace to Russian aid flights to Syria

Greece confirms US asked to close airspace to Syria-bound Russian aid flights

The Greeks refused, so as not to worsen relations with Russia

Russian Mi-28 helicopter. Click to enlarge

Russian military experts in Syria are expanding air bases and runways

Although a decision has yet to be announced, Syria has also asked Russia to provide it with 20 Mi-28 attack helicopters

US warns Putin’s foreign minister against dangers of increased aid to Syria’s Assad

As more reports claim that Russia is setting up a ‘forward operating base’ in war-torn country

Vladimir Putin confirms Russian military involvement in Syria's civil war

Vladimir Putin confirms Russian military involvement in Syria’s civil war

Vladimir Putin’s first public confirmation of the depth of Russia’s involvement in the Syrian conflict

Yantar. Click to enlarge

U.S. Shadowing Russian Ship in Atlantic Near Nuclear Submarine Areas

High tech Russian research vessel believed to be gathering intelligence on U.S. underwater sensors and nuclear submarines

Russian jets in Syrian skies

A Russian expeditionary force of several thousand soon to be in Syria. Consisting of jets and attack helicopters, plus protection forces, it will target IS fighters and bolster the Assad regime

Russian Mig. Click to enlarge

Russia to Begin Airstrikes Against ISIS in Syria

More on the Russian expeditionary force heading to Syria to fight ISIS and the ramifications for the U.S. and its allies in the region. Includes video

Iran says negotiating with Russia for Sukhoi fighter jets

Confirming earlier reports that Iran had begun talks with Russia over the purchase of Sukhoi Su-30 fighters

MAKS: Is Russia developing an F-35-hunting UAV?

MAKS: Is Russia developing an F-35-hunting UAV?

Russia is reportedly developing an unmanned drone specifically designed to target the latest generation of U.S. warplanes

New Russian Sukhoi PAK Missile For Fifth-Generation Stealth Fighters To Exceed Mach 3.5

Latest Russian Sukhoi T-50 stealth fighter to be armed with a new generation of high-speed missiles. Includes video of T-50 at MAKS airshow

Sukhoi Su-30. Click to enlarge

Russian and Iran Begin Talks on New Air Superiority Fighter Deal

Tentative talks reportedly taking place on the sidelines of the MAKS Air Show near Moscow