US Intel Vets Dispute Russia Hacking Claims

Intelligence veterans claim Clinton email disclosures are not the result of Russian hacking but insider leaks

Russian Special Forces Seen as Key to Aleppo Victory

Low-profile ground deployments show importance of battle to Kremlin

Russian Yak-141. Click to enlarge

F-35B: Born in the USSR

The F-35B had its origins in a secret collaboration between Russia’s Yakovlev and US Lockheed Martin. Includes video showing Yak-141’s amazing similarities with F-35

U.S. intelligence officials claim: Putin ‘PERSONALLY ordered the election hack as part of a vendetta against Hillary Clinton’

Thing is these claims are coming from the very same quarters that once echoed claims about Saddam’s WMD

Nato rapid reaction forcee

NATO-Russia War Seen As Top “Conflict” Risk For 2017 By CFR

Council for Foreign Relations annual assessment for likely sphere’s of conflict in 2017 fore a sees possible NATO-Russia war looming

The map is misleading in that the arrows coming from Russian (red) territory suggest Russia is the aggressor. When in fact Poland, Latvia and Estonia have all recently opened up their territory to NATO forces, all three having formerly been part of the Warsaw Pact military alliance. Click to enlarge

WW3 will start in LATVIA: Expert who PREDICTED CRIMEA envisages Armageddon with Russia

This article omits to mention is that NATO is now deployed on Russia’s borders. This is the prime cause of mounting tensions

Ambassador Craig Murray Lays It On The Line

Simple logic demolishes the CIA’s claims that Russia “interfered” with U.S. elections. Former British diplomat Craig Murray explains why these claims are aimed at promoting further conflict with Russia

Armata tanks during the 2016 May Day Parade in Red Square, Moscow. Click to enlarge

UK military intelligence issues warning over Russian supertank threat

Leaked internal briefing paper calls the Russian Armata “the most revolutionary step change in tank design in the last half century.”

Are Russian Spetsnaz fighting in Aleppo?

Are Russian Spetsnaz fighting in Aleppo?

Tell-tale signs have been noted leading observers to conclude that Russian Special Forces were involved in the fighting in Aleppo. Includes videos

Missile Deployment to Kuril Islands: Russia Strengthens Coastal Defenses

Missile Deployment to Kuril Islands: Russia Strengthens Coastal Defenses

Russia beefs up its coastal defences in the Kuril Islands, Crimea and Syria

Russia: CIA Gave Terrorist Coordinates To Bomb Russian Hospital

Russia blames “terrorists and their patrons in the US, the UK and France” for an attack on a Russian military hospital in Aleppo. Includes videos

Russian Defense Ministry on the bombardment of the Russian hospital in Aleppo by "opposition groups"

Russian Defense Ministry on the bombardment of the Russian hospital in Aleppo by “opposition groups”

You’re unlikely to see this broadcast by the Western corporate media. With English subtitles

New Rogue Anti-Russia Committee Created in “Intelligence” Act

The Washington Post has already published a ludicrous but dangerous list of supposed Russian front group media outlets. If this committee does the same, and especially if it does so in secret, what recourse will the falsely accused have?

Belgian Malinois puppy. Click to enlarge

Clone Wars: Is Russia building an army of genetically-enhanced war dogs?

Russian police and security services are to test a special breed of cloned “designer dogs”

Russian 5th gen T-50. Invincible Star is born!

Russian 5th gen T-50. Invincible Star is born!

Fantastically agile and manoeuvrable, Russia’s T-50 looks set to outclass any fighter in service. In dogfighting at least, it may mark the beginning of the end for U.S. air superiority

Russian Military Power 2016: Navy, Tanks, Air Force, Armored Vehicles in Action (Video)

One day Western military forces could be facing this and unlike recent conflicts they’ll be facing a well equipped, technically proficient and highly motivated adversary

Iran, Russia Inching Closer to Su-30 Fighter Jet Deal

Iran’s defense minister recently announced that Moscow has accepted Tehran’s conditions for a possible fighter jet deal

Kremlin asks Erdogan to clarify ‘anti-Assad’ goals in Syria

Kremlin asks Erdogan to clarify ‘anti-Assad’ goals in Syria

On Tuesday, Erdogan said that Turkey had launched operations in Syria aimed at ousting President Assad.

Both Bruno Kahl and Angela Merkel have warned of cyber-attacks on the german 2017 elections. Click to enlarge

German spy chief says Russian hackers could disrupt elections

A credible warning or just an unfounded accusation amid increasing tensions between Russia and the West?

What are the Ukronazis up to in Crimea?

Are they trying to provoke a military confrontation with Russia and draw NATO into the fray?