Russia's awesome firepower drives Isis out of Palmyra

Russia’s awesome firepower drives Isis out of Palmyra

Proving its arms technology is every bit as sophisticated as the West’s, Russia delivers decisive blows to militants that make U.S. efforts seem pale in comparison

Ships of Russia's Pacific fleet. Click to enlarge

Russian Navy may create Pacific Fleet base in Kuril Islands — defense minister

Next month the Russian Navy will begin to survey the Kuril islands with a view to establishing a naval base somewhere on the Pacific island chain

Russian military plans buildup from West to Pacific

In response to the deployment of NATO forces near its westerns borders, Russian forces in the region will receive 1,100 new warplanes, helicopters, tanks and other armored vehicles.

Russian warships in the Caspian Sea launch cruise missiles on targets in Syria. Click to enlarge

Russia’s Military Modernization Is Working, But the Money’s Running Out

According to one analyst the contrast between Russia’s performance in Georgia in 2008 and Syria is like “night and Day”

Aerial photo of Russian airbase in Latakia, Syria. Click to enlarge

US military: Russia pulls most strike aircraft from Syria

U.S. military and intelligence officials confirm that Russia has started to withdraw some its air combat capability from Syria

Putin Leaves All Options on the Table in Syria

Considering the resources expended, Russia’s operation in Syria has been labeled by many analysts to have been a great success

Russia jets continue strikes in Syria, Moscow says

Air strikes prepare the way to push Islamic State completely out of the ancient city of Palmyra

Russian Air Force: Syria withdrawal to be complete in 3 days

Russian Air Force: Syria withdrawal to be complete in 3 days

President Vladimir Putin warned Thursday that Russia can again build up its forces in Syria “in a few hours” if necessary, and will continue striking extremist groups

U.S. military leaders voice concern about readiness of forces

The U.S. is not ready for a “great power war” with China, Russia, Iran or North Korea, the nation’s top general warns

Russia and Victory

Putin’s announcement of the «withdrawal of the main group» of Russian forces has provoked a new campaign of disinformation in the Western media. Thierry Meyssan explains

Russian cruise missile launch from ships in the Caspian Sea to targets in Syria. Click to enlarge

Western Media Peddles Yet More Disinformation

In less than six months Putin has pulled off a stunning turn around in Syria. Although you wouldn’t think so from what the Western media reports

Analysis of the Russian military pullout from Syria

Russia’s intervenion in Syria has been a clear success, writes the Saker. But we shouldn’t ignore the fact that it is still weak in comparison to the immense AngloZionist Empire

Putin orders start of Russian forces’ withdrawal from Syria

Putin announces Russian forces will begin withdrawing from Syria. Having effectively defeated the extremists and restored Russian military prestige in little more than 5 months

S-300. Click to enlarge

Russia to ship first S-300 system to Iran in August-September

Contrary to earlier reports that stated that the ‘game changer’ weapons system would be delivered this month, Russian officials now say it will be delivered Aug-Sept

Mystery Deepens Over the Death of a Former Putin Ally

Mystery Deepens Over the Death of a Former Putin Ally

Former Putin ally found dead in Washington hotel room. Not as a result of a ‘heart attack’, as initially reported, but from ‘blunt force injuries’ to his head

A new Russian nuclear submarine, the Yuri Dolgoruky, drives in the water area of the Sevmash factory in the northern city of Arkhangelsk on July 2, 2009. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited the Sevmash factory, a well-equipped shipbuilding complex that builds and repairs submarines.   AFP PHOTO / POOL / ALEXANDER ZEMLIANICHENKO. Click to enlarge

Underwater and Underhanded: Russian Submarines Come to the Mideast

Russia not only controls the skies above Syria, it also now controls the waters off the country’s coast with powerful new submarines. Includes video

Revealed: MI6 are compiling a secret dossier of Putin’s ‘war crimes’ in Syria

We explain why the dossier is no more than a ploy to distract attention from the West’s involvement in “war crimes” in Syria

Report: Russia freezes delivery of S-300 missile defense to Iran

Kuwaiti newspaper claims Putin has suspended final delivery of S-300 system to Iran

NATO praises Russia’s Air Force as ‘Efficient and accurate’

NATO report acknowledges the highly professional performance of the Russian task force in Syria

Up to 10000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees stuck at the Idomeni border crossing

Putin is ‘weaponising’ migrants to ‘overwhelm Europe’ warns Nato chief

This ignores the fact that Putin doesn’t decide EU border policy. Or that most of the refugees were displaced by covert actions of the West’s gulf allies and NATO member Turkey