The Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) is seen during sunset in Berlin, Germany, March 22, 2016.     REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch/File Photo

Anger as Berlin refuses to light Brandenburg Gate in Russian colors after attack

Berlin refuses to light the Brandenburg Gate in a show of solidarity with Russia after St Petersburg bombing

Yasen-class submarine. Click to enlarge

The Russian Navy unleashes its most powerful and expensive attack sub

Russia is now engaged in a program of military development and expansion not seen since the Cold War

Blast ripped through carriage on the St Petersburg metro. Click to enlarge

Two nail bombs on St Petersburg metro rip through carriages

At least ten killed by bombs on metro. Authorites release photo of suspect wanted in connection with the blasts

US stryker armoured vehicles make their way from Germany to Orzysz, Poland

Battle group drives to Russian borders: The Nato force combating Putin aggression

One can only marvel at the double-standards in the Express, as it reports on a NATO “Battle Group” forming on Russia’s western border

China's Ambassador Li Baodong (front C) votes during a U.N. Security Council meeting on a European-Arab draft resolution endorsing an Arab League plan calling for Syria's President Bashar al-Assad to give up power in New York February 4, 2012. The Homs attack made Friday the bloodiest day of an 11-month uprising and it gave new urgency to a push by the Arab League, the United States and Europe for a U.N. resolution calling for Assad to cede p+ower. Th Security Council had scheduled an open meeting for Saturday to vote on the draft. But Russia asked that the 15-nation body not immediately do so and instead hold consultations. REUTERS/Allison Joyce (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS)

Russia and China Catch Security Council in a Devastating Lie

Security Council expresses “unanimous concern” about Islamic State’s use of chemical weapons — then blocks Russia-China resolution to investigate. Why?

A tank fires during the US-Polish military drill in Zagan, Poland, Jan 30, 2017. Click to enlarge

The Beneficiaries of Conflict With Russia

Will anyone benefit from such conflict? Brian Cloughley thinks so. That’s why, he explains, the US-NATO alliance continues its deployments along Russia’s borders

Russian military parade in Red Square in 2015. Click to enlarge

Why is Putin expanding Russia’s armed forces to 1.9 million?

Despite being the world’s largest country, the number of active military personnel in Russia is half that of America. Putin seems to want to change that

A RAF Typhoon FGR4 intercepts a Russian Su-27 Flanker over the Baltic Sea. Click to enlarge

NATO Sends Typhoon Fighter Jets To Romania In Clear Message To Russia

NATO warplanes deploy to Russia’s southern flank, as elsewhere NATO troops, tanks and planes move closer to Russia’s borders

US sees a resurgent Russian military expanding into Afghanistan, Libya

The very people who advocated the Iraq invasion and agitated for intervention in Syria and Iran are now artfully preparing the way for conflict with Russia.

So Who Annexed the Crimean Peninsula Then?

So Who Annexed the Crimean Peninsula Then?

Another inconvenient fact that the corporate media doesn’t dwell upon: Ukraine annexed Crimea in the 1990s

Artists impression of the hypersonic Zircon missle.

Russia builds an ‘unstoppable’ 4,600mph cruise missile

The hypersonic Zircon could enter service as early as next year and unless effective counter-measures are found it could render Western aircraft carriers redundant

Putin demonised as the new Hitler. Click to enlarge

Putin’s desire for a new Russian empire won’t stop with Ukraine

“Liberal-left” publications like the Guardiam now engaged in a campaign to demonise Putin

Rush to Judgment

The evidence that the Russians hacked the DNC is collapsing. Justin Raimondo explains

FBI’s Russian-influence probe includes a look at Breitbart, InfoWars news sites

US officials claim Kremlin used websites like InfoWars to disseminate stories to help boost Trump’s election bid

Fool Me Once … – Crowdstrike Claimed Two Cases Of “Russian Hacking” – One Has Been Proven Wrong

It is a simple racket, but with potentially very bad consequences for all of us. Moon of Alabama explains

Exclusive: Tillerson plans to skip NATO meeting, visit Russia in April – sources

In a move that has drawn criticism from senior Democrats and some former officials, U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson will skip a NATO meeting next month. Instead, he will meet China’s visiting president before going on to meetings in Moscow

Secret Russian weapon could wipe out NYC, Boston and D.C. in minutes with a massive radioactive tidal wave

Secret Russian weapon could wipe out NYC, Boston and D.C. in minutes with a massive radioactive tidal wave

Plans in place to wipe out coastal towns and cities with tsunamis. Includes video

Will Libya Become The New Syria Now That Russian Forces Have Arrived?

Russia has reportedly moved Special Forces troops to Western Egypt, close to the border with Libya ready for deployment. Is Moscow about to repeat its Syrian gambit in Libya?

NYT connect the dots graphic shows the Kremlin sitting on top of the White House. Click to enlarge

NYT’s ‘Tinfoil Hat’ Conspiracy Theory

The New York Times’ is pushing its Donald Trump-Russia ‘conspiracy theory’ as the newspaper sinks deeper into a New McCarthyism. Robert Parry explains

Light Dragoons Jackels prepare to embark at the port of Emden. Click to enlarge

British troops join showdown against Vladimir Putin as they travel to the frontline in Russia

British troops join the largest military deployment against Russia in decades