Iran: S-300 Delivery Underway

Iran: S-300 Delivery Underway

Originally agreed in 2007 the long delayed S-300 deal with Iran has been finalised and delivery is reportedly currently underway

Russian fighter jets launch airstrikes against the terrorists’ positions in Lebanon

Striking terrorist positions in Lebanon’s Baalbek Valley

Russian air strike against ISIS terrorists in Syria. Click to enlarge

Putin: Free Syrian Army shares intel on ISIS targets, US reluctant to cooperate

Why is the U.S. so “reluctant” to cooperate with Russian air strikes on ISIS?

Still from ISIS video

ISIS Threatens Russia Terror Attack ‘Very Soon’

Or at least Western double-agents in the guise of Islamic militants are making threats. The question is: how will Russia respond if these attacks take place?

Airbus 321 in the Sinaï - only one hypothesis remains

Airbus 321 in the Sinaï – only one hypothesis remains

Valentin Vasilescu explains why the evidence points not to a bomb on board Metrojet A321, but to a catastrophic malfunction of the auto pilot

Iran to receive S-300 by end of 2015: minister

Iran to receive S-300 by end of 2015: minister

The bulk of the “game-changer” weapon system should be delivered before the end of the year

S-300 launch. Click to enlarge

Iran Prepares to Re-equip its Military

Tehran prepares to embark on a multi-billion dollar spending spree for state-of-the-art weapons

Clear Skies: Iran About to Acquire Russian S-300 Missile Defense Systems

Iran has agreed to drop the court case against Russia for the non-delivery of the air defence system as soon the first part of the contract is fulfilled

Why British Haste on Plane Bomb Theory?

Finian Cunningham asks: Was it really terrorists who brought down the Russian Metrojet A321? Or was it MI6 agents palming the deed off as terrorists?

Thermonuclear missile launch near Los Angeles is final sign of World War III on the precipice...

Thermonuclear missile launch near Los Angeles is final sign of World War III on the precipice…

US, China and Russia all escalating covert attacks in run up to global war

CIA arms Syrian militants with anti-aircraft weaponry

CIA arms Syrian militants with anti-aircraft weaponry

U.S. helping the militants fend off Russian air strikes

Vladimir Putin Suspends All Russian Passenger Flights to Egypt

Because no matter who brought down the Russian jet there’s no guarantee they won’t try again — just to underline a point

Russian Airbus A321 on runway

Russian Plane Crash: Was Israel Responsible?

By Christopher Bollyn with an extensive endnote and commentary by Lasha Darkmoon.

British holidaymakers wait at Sharm el-Sheikh after flights suspended. The speed with which Britain suspended flights suggested Britons could be targeted too. Thereby helping to divert attention from the real culprits?

Cameron says bomb likely caused Russian airliner crash

The suspension of British flights to Sharm al-Sheikh is to divert suspicion from covert Western backing for Islamic State, the prime suspects behind the bombing

Sukhoi Su34s. Click to enlarge

Russia has deployed missile defense systems to Syria: Russian air force chief

Russia has admitted that one its planes did briefly stray into Turkish airspace – but only for evasive manoeuvres after it was targeted by an air defence system

Ghost War in Syria: Russian Spetsnaz Facing U.S. Army Special Forces: “There Is Bound to Be Shooting”

On a collision course

Russian crash: State of bodies suggests mid-air explosion

Cockpit recordings reveal “uncharacteristic sounds” moments before the plane plunged out of the sky. Autopsies indicate explosion

Ground crew works on a RAF Tornado fighter jet at RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus.

Cameron drops plans to hold vote on airstrikes on Isis in Syria

Sensing he would have lost Cameron drops plans, as concern over Russian intervention fuels opposition to British air strikes in Syria

Russia Preparing Contract for Delivery of S-300 to Iran

Long delayed delivery of the ‘game-changer’ weapons system draws closer

Debris from the Russian A321 in the Sinai. Click to enlarge

Flight recorders show crashed Russian jet not struck from outside: investigator

The A321 was not struck from the outside and did not make a distress call, according to a source in the crash investigation