The Russia Hacking Fiasco: No Evidence Required

The Russia Hacking Fiasco: No Evidence Required

There’s no proof that Russia hacked US elections, or that it colluded with members of the Trump campaign. Russia has just become the all-purpose punching bag

Are You Ready to Die?

Are You Ready to Die?

We currently are in the most dangerous situation of my lifetime, and there is ZERO AWARENESS AND NO DISCUSSION! Paul Craig Roberts on the looming prospect of WWIII

Russian vessels cap: Russian vessels departed suddenly for the Baltic, says the Mirror. This ignores the fact that the ship is leaving St Petersburg, which virtually sits on the Baltic Sea. Click to enlarge

Vladimir Putin sends three Russian warships into Nato waters after US vessel arrives in Baltic Sea

Jingoism is in full throat in the Western media. Even as they ignore the most salient facts, they’re banking on reader’s ignorance to swallow the deception.

Russia’s National Destiny

Russia’s National Destiny

I’m not in the business of making predictions but I have absolutely no doubt that this will come to pass. In fact I see it beginning to take shape before my eyes

Guns and Butter

The Saker on the economics of politics: in search of Russia

In Ukraine, feeling grows that the east is lost to Russia

Nobody in the western media is saying as much but the New World Order’s attempts to fragment Russia and establish dominion over its traditional Western hinterland are failing as Moscow reasserts itself

Senior diplomats attend the signing of a memorandum on creating safe zones in Syria during the fourth round of Syria peace talks in Astana on May 4, 2017.

Syria safe zones closed for US-led warplanes: Russian envoy

U.S. and Coalition warplanes will be barred from the descalation zones agreed by Russia, Turkey, Syria and Iran

America’s Top Scientists Confirm: U.S. Goal Now Is to Conquer Russia

America’s Top Scientists Confirm: U.S. Goal Now Is to Conquer Russia

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists affirms that the U.S. is upgrading its nuclear arsenal for one reason: a nuclear first strike on Russia

Angry Putin tells Merkel Ukraine’s Minsk peace process is all but dead

Russia’s president blames Merkel for the failure of the peace process

The Death Struggle Between Jewish Terror & the Czar

The Death Struggle Between Jewish Terror & the Czar

Setting the tone for the century that was to follow, revolutionary Jews were some of the first practitioners of terror

Russia ‘can launch tsunami against US with nuclear bombs buried in ocean’

This has not been dreamt up by a thriller writer. More than fifty years ago scientists were working to develop a weapon based on precisely the same principle

Russia’s military buildup in Arctic has US watching closely

In response US marines have deployed to Norway to train in arctic warfare. At stake: vast oil and gas deposits

Putin’s New World Order

Putin’s New World Order

Mike Whitney examines some of Putin’s recent speeches to discover why he is so popular and why he presents such an obstacle for Washington

All Russia’s European Strategic Sites ‘to Be in the Crosshairs’ of US Tomahawks

Despite vowing to improve ties with Putin before the election, Trump has continued with Obama’s policy of tightening the strategic grip around Russia

Macron: celebrations at the first round of the French elections. Click to enlarge

Russian hackers targeting Emmanuel Macron, cyber experts warn

The day before psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker warned that we would hear stories about Russian interference in the French election, just as we did before the US election

US Air Force F-35As land in Estonia

In a clear signal to Moscow, America’s latest state-of-the-art fighters have been deployed right on Russia’s doorstep

Admiral Kutznemov. Click to enlarge

Russia to Modernize the Admiral Kuznetsov, Forego Building New Aircraft Carrier

Russia’s only aircraft carrier, which recently saw action in the Mediterranean, is about to undergo a $715 million overhaul and modernisation

Russian Su-24 conducts simulated strike on USS Donald Cook. Click to enlarge

Russia claim’s it’s now capable of neutralising US warships with electronic jamming

Is this what happened last year when a Sukhoi Su-24 flew mock strafing runs over a seemingly disabled USS Donald Cook?

Russia's new Arctic base. Click to enlarge

Russia unveils its new Arctic military base

Moscow moves to secure its claim to the Arctic’s huge oil and gas reserves with a five storey base on Russia’s Arctic frontier

‘Trumpomania’ dead as Kremlin TV says Trump is more dangerous than Kim Jong UN

Hopes of renewed ties with America fade as Russians go cold on Trump