The Skripal’s Poisoning: The Official Story Begins to Fall Apart

Rob Slane exposes more flaws in the official version of the Skripal’s poisoning

Phanar Phantom

Phanar Phantom

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church’s drive for independence is symptomatic of a deeper rift with Moscow with potentially far-reaching ramifications. Israel Shamir explains

More British troops to be deployed to Ukraine in face of threat from Russia, MoD to announce

More British troops to be deployed to Ukraine in face of threat from Russia, MoD to announce

More UK forces to be despatched to Ukraine to counter what Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson described as “Russian hostilities”

Bipartisan Panel: US Must Prepare for ‘Horrendous,’ ‘Devastating’ War With Russia and China

A new report concludes that war with Russia and China is more likely than not. So the US needs more defence spending, which will be funded by cuts in social services

Construction of Europe's Tallest Building Finishes in St. Petersburg

Construction of Europe’s Tallest Building Finishes in St. Petersburg

Another towering skyscraper rises, this time in the skies over St. Petersburg, Russia. Includes video

Trump-Russian "Collusion" Report is Credible -- Tim Fitzpatrick

Trump-Russian “Collusion” Report is Credible — Tim Fitzpatrick

Reminding us that neither Putin nor Trump are the good guys we think they are.

US could lose in war with China or Russia, panel warns

The prospect of possible defeat won’t deter Washington’s warmongers. The likes of John Bolton have a blind faith in America’s innate military superiority

Much Ado About Putin’s Decline Ratings but He Remains Substantially More Popular Than Western Leaders

Moreover, Putin’s approval rating remains higher than it has been at numerous times during his three previous terms as president

Russian Intelligence Report Describes Trump "Collusion"

Russian Intelligence Report Describes Trump “Collusion”

Russians regarded Trump as a philanderer, unstable and unreliable.

'We Feel Comfortable Back-to-Back'

‘We Feel Comfortable Back-to-Back’

Strengthening ties in the face of U.S. pomp and hubris

Russia Deploys Its Avangard Glide Vehicle – the Unmatched Leader in Hypersonic Technology

The announcement of the plans to field the HGV as early as next year prove that Russia was not bluffing. This game-changing weapon not only exists, but is already in production

An F-22 Raptor from the 1st Fighter Wing, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Va., sits on the flightline Oct. 17, 2017, at Powidz Air Base, Poland. This forward deployment is an opportunity for the F-22s to maximize training opportunities, demonstrate the U.S. Air Force’s steadfast commitment to NATO allies and deter any actions that destabilize regional security. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Tenley Long)

The U.S. Air Force is Preparing for a Great War Against Russia and China

The US Air Force is undergoing its biggest expansion since WWII. Increasing the number of operational squadrons from 312 to 386, an increase of more than 25%

S-300 air defense systems. Click to enlarge

Minister: Israel might destroy Syrian S-300s, even if manned by Russians

This may be more than an empty threat. After all, the IDF has already “inadvertently” shot down an Ilyushin-20 over Syria killing 15 Russians aboard

Let’s Have a War with Russia!

Let’s Have a War with Russia!

Fred Reed looks at the prospect of war with Russia, China or Iran, or even all three, and wonders about those are actually advocating such madness

Israeli Comes Out as a Goy & Moves to Russia

Israeli Comes Out as a Goy & Moves to Russia

Michael Berg is not alone. Many other Westerners are looking to relocate to Russia as it dawns on them how they’ve been betrayed by their leaders

Russia And China Are Apparently Both Under The Impression That War With The U.S. Is Coming…

Both are preparing for what they see as an inevitable clash

S-400. Click to enlarge

40N6 Interceptor Added to the Russian Military’s Arsenal: a Qualitative Leap Forward in Air-Defense

Russia upgrades the S-400, which is probably the world’s foremost air defence system, with a more advanced interceptor missile

A Senior Russian Diplomat Confirms: “Russia Is Preparing for War” – Is Anybody Listening?

Right now the US and the “global West” (aka the AngloZionist Empire) are on a direct collision course with Russia (and probably China too). The Saker explains

President Kennedy on October 22, 1962, during a televised address about the Cuban Missile Crisis. Click to enlarge

Cuban crisis 2.0? Moscow eyes military bases in Cuba after US INF pullout

Moscow could respond to the U.S. withdrawal from the INF Treaty by re-establishing military bases in Cuba, says the head of the State Duma defence committee

Russia confronts Western military exercises in Europe

Russia warns against Georgia and Ukraine joining the military alliance as NATO starts its biggest drills in decades