Anti-Western sentiments in Russia at record levels: Poll

In the immediate aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union only a fraction of Russians viewed the U.S. in a negative light. Now more than 80 percent do

Le Pen says Washington attempting to start ‘war in Europe’

Of course, she’s right. The only question is: will Putin play along?

Kerry Claims Russia Tries to Fundamentally Alter European Landscape

Of course this is precisely what the U.S. and its allies are trying to do. Meanwhile efforts to demonise Putin continue

Russian Su-34. Click to enlarge

Russian Air Force And Navy To Receive 200 New Aircraft In 2015, More Than Most World Air Forces Have

Russia forces have undergone an ambitious rearmament and modernisation program

Europeans warn Washington: arming Kiev will backfire

German and British officials argue that arming Ukraine could escalate the conflict and provide Russia with an excuse to intervene directly

The Fallujah Option for East Ukraine

Mike Whitney explains why Washington’s insiders want a war in Ukraine

NATO commander: West shouldn’t rule out sending arms to Ukraine

Crucially NATO commander U.S. General Breedlove said regarding Ukraine “I don’t think we should preclude out of hand the possibility of the military option,”

Ukrainian parliament. click to enlarge

Ukrainian parliament passes law allowing army deserters to be shot

Men of eligible age for military service already face restriction leaving the country. Now a new law has been passed authorising the shooting of deserters

Did Putin Violate Holocaust Religion? – Joaquin

Did President Putin just break ranks regarding the official line over the Holocaust?

30,000 troops, 6 rapid units: NATO increases military power in Eastern Europe

NATO has significantly boosted its presence in Eastern Europe. Now it proposes to almost triple the strength of its forces there

Senators Urge Obama to Send Lethal Weapons to Ukraine

Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham foremost among those urging Obama to arm Ukraine

Russia Foreign Ministry: U.S. Delivery of Arms to Ukraine is Threat to Russian Security

Russia warns: delivery of U.S. arms to Ukraine will be seen as a direct threat to Russian national security

Ukrainian soldiers in an armoured vehicle near the city of Artemivsk. Click to enlarge

US ‘considers arming Ukrainian army’ as fighting continues in the east

US considers whether to provide “lethal assistance” as pro-Russian rebels try to encircle Ukrainian Army units in eastern town of Debaltseve

Russian TU-95 bomber escorted by RAF Typhoon. Click to enlarge

Intercepted Russian bomber was carrying a nuclear missile over the Channel

A Russian bomber intercepted over the Channel was carrying a nuclear missile designed to destroy Trident submarines

Pentagon: US may lose high-tech military superiority to China, Russia

In recent years the U.S. has made some enemies. Payback may be looming

Russian missile in Red Square parade. Click to enlarge

Nuclear arsenal will ensure military edge over NATO, United States, Russia says

The chief of armed forces has pledged to continue the modernisation and build-up of Russia’s military

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. Click to enlarge

Gorbachev Warns of ‘Hot War’ Between Russia and the West

Gorbachov is as much an insider as Kissinger so it’s notable when warns that war could erupt between Russia and the West. Because it may be on the NWO agenda

Russia in the cross hairs

Washington’s attack on Russia has moved beyond the boundary of the absurd into the realm of insanity.

New volunteers for the Ukrainian interior ministry's "Azov" battalion take their oath of allegiance to their country during a ceremony in Kiev. Click to enlarge

Repost: Kiev used barrier squads to prevent troops from retreating – E. Ukraine militia

“Anti-retreat units from territorial defense battalions” are reportedly being deployed behind Ukrainian forward troops.

Military-clad English-speakers caught on camera in Mariupol shelling aftermath

Military-clad English-speakers caught on camera in Mariupol shelling aftermath

Fuelling speculation that foreign private military contractors may be serving alongside Ukrainian troops. Includes videos