Ryan Zinke: Naval blockade is an option for dealing with Russia

Ryan Zinke: Naval blockade is an option for dealing with Russia

US Interior Secretary says a naval blockade is an option to restrict Russian efforts to control oil supplies. Moscow warns that it would be seen as an act of “war”

Russian Tu-22M3 deploys its payload on targets in Syria. Click to enlarge

Almost 100,000 Terrorists Killed in Russian Airstrikes in Syria in Last 3 Years

The majority of whom were directly or indirectly either trained and/or armed and/or financed/paid by the West

The F-35: expected to become the mainstay of U.S. air power in the decades ahead.

The US Military-Industrial Complex’s Worst Nightmare: The S-300 May Destroy and Expose the F-35

Tel Aviv’s warning that it will destroy the S-300 battery should not be taken lightly

Naked Emperors Don’t Get Much Respect

Those who have placed their safety in the hands of the US’s would-be emperors can no longer afford to ignore the emperors’ nudity…and insanity

Zakharchenko Was Assassinated by Ukraine Intelligence, with Support from US, UK

Zakharchenko Was Assassinated by Ukraine Intelligence, with Support from US, UK

French intelligence officer reveals the West is involved in a proxy way with Russia in Ukraine.

Pechora M2 missile system. Click to enlarge

Damascus to Receive New Missile Shields in Addition to S-300

Syria will also be supplied with newer Russian short-range air defence systems to defend the longer-range S-300s

"Evil Russian" poisoners Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov caught on CCTV in Salisbury. Click to enlarge

The Incredible Case of Boshirov and Petrov’s Visas

The Metropolitan Police have made one statement about the Skripal case which is plainly untrue. Craig Murray explains

S-300 air defense systems. Click to enlarge

Russia and the Taming of the Israelis

On Russia’s decision to supply Syria with the S-300, Israel Shamir notes that he’s been informed that 8 of the anti-aircraft systems have already been delivered

Sept 27, UK newspaper headlines. Click to enlarge

Salisbury poisoning suspect identified as Russian colonel

How British newspapers are being fed “news” stories by British intelligence

Breaking! Russia Moves Against Israeli-American Insanity in Syria, Finally! (SouthFront Video)

As John Bolton blames Iran for the downing of the Russian IL-20 Russia beefs up Syria’s air defences as payback to Israel. Includes video

Moscow, 20 September 2018 - the Chief of Staff for the Israëli Air Force, General Amikam Norkin, arrives in a hurry to present his version of events. Once these proofs were checked and compared with other recordings, it transpired that Israël was lying straight-faced.

Will London, Paris and Tel-Aviv be sanctioned by Moscow and Washington?

Not since the Cuban missile crisis has world peace been so imperilled. Will Trump support Moscow? Or will he, as we suspect, side with Paris, London and Tel Aviv?

Russia-Supplied S-300 Systems Will Cover Syrian Coast, Borders With Israel, Lebanon, Jordan And Iraq – Reports

Russian Foreign Ministry says U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton is “fudging” when he describes the delivery of the S-300 to Syria as an “escalation”

FREMM, Auvergne. Clickm ton enlarge

Russian Disinfo Campaign Blames Israel for IL-20 Plane Downing, Yet Exonerates France

Joaquin Flores on why he believes a French warship fired the missile that brought down the Russian Il-20 over Syria

Radar data of the Russian S-400 air defense system showing position of 4 Israeli F-16 jets (yellow), the Syrian air defense missile (red), and the Russian Il-20 plane (green) at the time of its downing on September 17, 2018 © Ministry of Defense. Click to enlarge

Russian MoD: Israeli F-16 hid behind Russian Il-20 plane to avoid Syrian missile

Russian defence data shows that the Syrian missile was locked-on to an Israeli F-16, which then used the Russian Il-20 as cover

S-300 launch. Click to enlarge

Russia Will Establish an Unofficial No-Fly Zone Over Syria

The Saker explains why the Russian reaction is an absolute disaster for Netanyahu. Includes video

Ammunition warehouse destroyed by Israeli strike. Click to enlarge

‘Major mistake’: Israel, US warn Russia against giving S-300 missiles to Syria

Washington and Tel Aviv both criticise Russia’s plan to supply the S-300 to Syria. With John Bolton calling it a “major mistake”

Iran has received an ugraded version of the S-300. Click to enlarge.

Russia to send newer, S-300 missile defense systems to Syria

This is payback for the “friendly fire” incident that saw the downing of a Russian aircraft over Syria last week, which Russia blames Israel for

Israeli Military Delegation to Moscow – Thrown out by Russians after 21 Minutes

Putin refused to meet the delegation who were in Moscow to discuss the downing of the Russian surveillance plane. While a meeting with Russian officials was over after 21 minutes

Russian IL-20. Click to enlarge

Russia: Israel to Blame for Downed Plane Over Syria, Deliberately Misled Us

Russia’s Ministry of Defence accuses Israeli fighter pilots of “criminal negligence”

Noyeh military airbase, Iran. Click to enlarge

Russia Asks Iran to Use an Airbase on Its Soil

To support Russia’s military operations in Syria