Iran may allow Russia to use more air bases to pound terrorists

Iranian Minister of Defense says Russia will be able to use the Hamedan Military Airbase “for as long as they need”

Tu-22M3 bomber. Click to enlarge

What Russia’s new closeness with Iran means

The agreement with Iran on the Hamadan air base suggests that Moscow no longer considers Russian-American relations a top priority

Russian defense official proposes non-NATO anti-terror coalition: Russia, China, Iran, India

The chairman of the Russian Duma’s defense committee says the time has come for Russia, China, India and Iran to form a coalition that is not aligned with the “aggressive” NATO

French, British Diplomats’ Visit to Western Iran Aimed at Gathering Intelligence on Hamadan Base

British and French diplomats went to Hamadan, ostensibly to visit neighboring Kermanshah province, but they were stopped by the Iranian security forces

Russian warships fire Kalibr missiles against terrorist targets in Syria

Russian warships fire Kalibr missiles against terrorist targets in Syria

Missiles launched from Russian warships in the Black Sea. Includes video

Russian Tu-22M3 deploys its payload on targets in Syria. click to enlarge

The Shias are winning in the Middle East – and it’s all thanks to Russia

We are still obsessed with Isis and its genocidal creed. We are not paying nearly enough attention to Nusrah. But Russia is

In this frame grab taken from video provided by the Syrian anti-government activist group Aleppo Media Center (AMC), a child sits in an ambulance after being pulled out or a building hit by an airstirke, in Aleppo, Syria, Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2016. Syrian opposition activists reported an airstrikes on the al-Qaterji neighborhood in Aleppo late Wednesday. (Aleppo Media Center via AP)

How the Media Manipulates Public Sentiment for War

Make no mistake: the media is now an integral part of modern war and journalists are active participants

A pro-Russia rebel stands guard in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, Oct. 29, 2015. Click to enlarge

Fresh fears of Ukraine invasion

After Putin places 40,000 troops along with armoured vehicles on Russia’s border with the country

Antonov An-124 air freighters. Click to enlarge

After bombers, Russian S-400s for Iranian base

Website with links to IDF intelligence reports that Russia is deploying advanced air defence systems and Spetnaz Special Forces to a forward airbase in Iran

Russia and Iran Fly Across a Key Threshold in the Middle East

Does this TIME article indicate that the Western elite now view Russia as a target for regime change?

Russian warplanes take off from Iran to target IS in Syria

Russian Su-34 and Tu-22M3 bombers launching strikes on Islamic State from Iranian airbases

Ukranian tanks and APCs move toward the border with Crimea, near Kherson, southern Ukraine last Friday, August 12, 2016. Click to enlarge

Putin deploys Russia’s most advanced air-defence missiles in Crimea as alarm grows war is imminent

Tensions mount amid fears that they could escalate into outright military conflict

Russian Warships Attack Terrorists in Aleppo

Russian Warships Attack Terrorists in Aleppo

Russian naval force in the Mediterranean reportedly launch cruise missile strikes on militants in Aleppo

Sukhoi T-50 fifth generation multirole fighter. Click to enlarge

Russia Defense Ministry Unveils First Video of Amazing Next Gen T-50 Fighter Jet

Features video of Russia’s latest fifth generation multirole fighter

DC Leaks Exposes Soros Plan to 'Counter Russian Foreign Policy and Subvert Traditional Russian Values'

DC Leaks Exposes Soros Plan to ‘Counter Russian Foreign Policy and Subvert Traditional Russian Values’

George Soros has a problem with traditional Russian values

Russian Su-30. Click to enlarge

WORST NIGHTMARE for US Air Force !!! Sukhoi Su-30 Military Aircraft

A look at one of Russia’s star fighters the Su-30

Did mercenaries move to Crimea border under cover of NATO Sea Breeze exercises?

According to former people’s deputy Aleksey Zhuravko, NATO’s Sea Breeze exercise was used a smokescreen to smuggle mercenaries to Ukraine in preparation for war. Includes video

Ukraine Forms Shock Troops on Border with Crimea

Ukraine Forms Shock Troops on Border with Crimea

Ukraine gathers troops, armoured vehicles and neo-Nazi militia near the border with Crimea in preparation for conflict

Maximum realism: Russian navy drills in Mediterranean & Caspian to simulate ‘full battle’ conditions

Is Russia preparing for confrontation with the West?

Ukraine troops on high alert along Crimea amid tension with Russia

Rising tensions after Russian security personnel killed in Crimea following what Moscow describes as a clash with “saboteurs” from Ukraine