NATO set to ANGER Putin by extending Russian border troops ‘for as long as necessary’

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says the alliance’s forces will remain deployed close to Russia’s borders “for as long as necessary”

Putin: US Intelligence Agencies Masterminded ‘Doping Affair’ Against Russian Sportists

In response to Russia’s alleged “interference” in US elections, Putin claims that America’s intelligence agencies are behind a campaign to discredit Russian athletes

US troops en route to NATO drills in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Click to enlarge

Back to the future…NATO self-fulfilling war plans for Russia

NATO defense ministers this week endorsed proposals to set up two new military commands – and it is clear Russia is the target of what are, in effect, war plans

Artists impression of the hypersonic Zircon missle. Click to enlarge

Debunking two American myths

The same geography which protected Americans for so long is now becoming a major vulnerability. The Saker explains how Russia is ready to exploit this

Kissinger and Putin at Russian leaders country house outside Moscow. Click to enlarge

The Putin Deception (1)

Is Putin really opposed to the New World Order? Andy Sloan explains why he believes Putin is part of Illuminati’s usual thesis-antithesis dialectic.

US, Europe allies focus on faster troop movements and cyberwar

Ostensibly to counter the increased Russian threat, two new NATO commands will be formed to enable faster troop deployments across the Atlantic and throughout Europe

Russian general on the global elite

The fact that a Russian general is familiar with these ideas speaks volumes. We suspect that similar independent thinkers were purged from the ranks of the Western military long ago

Washington’s Barbarity Reaches New Heights?

Foreign-funded NGOs in Russia are reportedly collecting Russian DNA samples from all over Russia for the US Government. Why the interest in Russian DNA? Could it be for a biological weapon that only targets Russians??

Tu-160. Click to enlarge

Russia’s strategic bomber to remain unrivaled for decades: Russian general

Russia to resume production of upgraded Tu-160M2 with advanced new avionics and weapons systems

The Crooks, the Clowns and the Nazis

The Saker writes that there is a mini-Maidan underway in Ukraine that could see Poroshenko kicked out. The big news is that you haven’t heard about it

Twitter bans ads from two Russian media outlets, cites election meddling

Twitter bans ads from two Russian media outlets, cites election meddling

The decision will be seen by many as confirmation that the social media giant is working hand-in-glove with Western intelligence

Grandnephew of GULAG organizer stabbed Moscow editor (MUST READ!)

Grandnephew of GULAG organizer stabbed Moscow editor (MUST READ!)

An attempt to kill a top Russian journalist and blame it on Putin has been thwarted. Her assailant was the Israeli grandnephew of Russia’s first head of Gulags

Middle East map. Click to enlarge

A Soft Landing in the Middle East?

Israel Shamir with some really interesting insights into Russia’s involvement in Syria, vis-à-vis Iran, Israel and the declining U.S. Empire

Vladimir Putin is positioning himself as the main player in the Middle East

Vladimir Putin is positioning himself as the main player in the Middle East

Soon Trump’s $300bn weapons deal with the Saudis will seem insignificant. Robert Fisk on Russia’s growing clout in the Middle East

Re-Visiting Russian Counter-Propaganda Methods

Everything we were told about the Soviet Union turned out to be a lie, but everything we were told about the West turned out to be true — Russian joke

John Brennan’s Police State USA

John Brennan’s Police State USA

It was decided to topple Saddam long-before we heard fake stories about mobile weapons labs and Niger uranium. Doesn’t the same rule apply here?

US cruise missile launched at the al Shayrat air base near Homs in Syria. Click to enlarge

Syrian Idlib chemical incident ‘likely staged’ – Moscow

Russia says there is evidence that the gas attack on Khan Shaykhan, which was used to justify the US cruise missile strike on Syria in April, was staged

Russian TV Says U.S. Breaks Peace Treaty

A second U.S. regiment has moved close to Russia’s borders in the Baltic region — in violation of a treaty between Russia and NATO

Russia-gate Jumps the Shark

Russia-gate has laughable new claims about a tiny number of “Russia-linked” social media ads, but the U.S. mainstream media is determined to keep a straight face, reports Robert Parry

The House of Saud bows to the House of Putin

It may be too early to identify the Saudi pivot to Russia as the shift of the century. It is however, a certified game-changer. Pepe Escobar explains why