Russian navy 'forced Dutch submarine to stop spying on aircraft carrier bound for Syria'

Russian navy ‘forced Dutch submarine to stop spying on aircraft carrier bound for Syria’

No doubt to prevent advance warning of Russian airstrikes being relayed to militants by western intelligence

Russian Navy will hit ISIS targets in Aleppo with cruise missiles within 24 hours

Putin moves to strike while US absorbs the results of the 2016 Presidential election

A Russian T-50 jet. click to enlarge

Watch footage of the Sukhoi PAK FA

Russia’s fifth generation fighter incorporates advanced radar technology that enable it to detect stealth aircraft beyond the range of air-to-air missiles

NATO puts 300,000 troops on ‘high alert’

NATO chiefs order forces prepare for a confrontation with Russia

Russia's latest main battle tank, the Aramata, during Red Square Victory Day parade in May, 2015

Army chiefs TERRIFIED of Vladimir Putin’s ‘revolutionary’ SUPER TANK, leaked report claims

Leaked document reveals Britain’s military command seriously concerned about Russia’s new Armata battle tank

Putin demonised as the new Hitler. Click to enlarge

The Russian media just loves the campaign to demonize Putin

The Russian media is gleefully feeding the Russian public every bit of russophobic propaganda produced in the West. And they love it! The Saker explains

Bishop Williamson

Bishop Williamson on Putin, Putin’s Meeting with Pope Francis, and the Fr. Gruner-Russian Meeting

Very interesting. Bishop Williamson talks about Vladimir Putin, Putin’s Meeting with Pope Francis and Fatima

SU 35 Vs F 35 Unbiased Detailed Comparison: Top 5 Facts

The F-35’s advanced avionics are supposed to give it the advantage. However, Russia’s SU-35 and Pak T-50 look fantastically agile and manoeuvrable. So if it came to a straight dogfight with the F-35 we know where we’d put our money

Russian Navy Rebuilds its Bases in Crimea

Russian Navy Rebuilds its Bases in Crimea

Russia’s military bases and installations from the Cold War are being refurbished and expanded

War, US Government Corporate Propaganda, The CIA And The Russian “Putin Threat”

Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University, Mark Miller on why the current media blitz looks like “preparation for war with Russia”

Four Simple Reasons Why the Global Elite Hate Russia

One reason: while he’s feted in the West Russia recently kicked out George Soros’s Open Society

Trump to Israelis: together we'll stand up to Iran

Trump to Israelis: together we’ll stand up to Iran

Not only has Trump pledged to make America great again, he’s also promised to stand by Israel and to scrap the accord over Iran’s nuclear program. Includes video

Russia Calls Washington’s Bluff, Moves to Finish Syrian War

With the outcome of the US elections in the balance, expect Russia and its allies to ramp up military efforts to bring the war to an end. Finian Cunningham explains

US Air Force Command Apologizes for Flying Close to Russian Jets over Syria

Reports of Russian jets “flying dangerously close” to U.S. fighters over Syria were all over the Western news media yesterday. This is the other side of the story

Report: Russian, U.S. Jets Have Close Encounter Over Syria

Report: Russian, U.S. Jets Have Close Encounter Over Syria

U.S. and Russian warplanes narrowly avoid midair collision over Syria

300 US Marines Deployed To Norway Near Russian Border For First Time Since World War II

Although numbering only 330, they could be rapidly reinforced giving NATO the ability to quickly beef up its forces right on Russia’s border

The Volgodonsk, a Buyan-m class Russian corvette. Click to enlarge

Russian Navy Moves Guided Missile Ships to Baltic

Small but packing a powerful punch, two new Buyan-M class corvettes join Russia’s Baltic Sea fleet in response to NATO’s expansion in the region

The Veliky Novgorod ready to launch. Click to enlarge

Putin’s latest warning to the West sees him deploy his SUPER-STEALTH submarines

The newly launched submarine will join Russia’s growing Baltic Sea Fleet to counter NATO’s expansion in the region

Hillary Clinton. Click to enlarge

Hillary Clinton: American Demagogue

A monster in the making? Trump isn’t the only one who’s saying Clinton will start WWIII. Vladimir Putin is too

NATO pushing east amid mounting tensions with Moscow

Russia responds by deploying Iskander nuclear missiles to its Baltic enclave