MAKS: Is Russia developing an F-35-hunting UAV?

MAKS: Is Russia developing an F-35-hunting UAV?

Russia is reportedly developing an unmanned drone specifically designed to target the latest generation of U.S. warplanes

New Russian Sukhoi PAK Missile For Fifth-Generation Stealth Fighters To Exceed Mach 3.5

Latest Russian Sukhoi T-50 stealth fighter to be armed with a new generation of high-speed missiles. Includes video of T-50 at MAKS airshow

Sukhoi Su-30

Russian and Iran Begin Talks on New Air Superiority Fighter Deal

Tentative talks reportedly taking place on the sidelines of the MAKS Air Show near Moscow

US To Send Lockheed Martin F-22 Fighter Jets To Europe To Counter Russia Amid Ukraine Crisis

The march toward direct military confrontation with Russia continues …

Ukrainian leaded Petro Poroshenko. Click to enlarge

Ukraine still faces threat of ‘full-scale military invasion’ by Russia, president says

President Poroshenko claims 50,000 Russian troops are massed along Ukraine’s border and 9,000 more are supporting pro-Russian rebels

Originally from Tatarstan, General Valéri Guérassimov, head of the armed forces of the Federation of Russia and deputy vice-Minister of Defence, is very familiar with Islam. Besides this, he cracked down on crimes committed by Russian soldiers in Chechnya, and victoriously fought the jihadists of the Islamic Emirate in Itchkeria.

The Russian army is beginning to engage in Syria

A major change is taking place regarding Syria as Russia prepares for more direct involvement. Thierry Meyssan explains

Iran to receive S-300 missile systems this year – defense minister

Iran will receive four S-300 missile systems with upgraded navigation systems and radars

Iran, Russia to Imminently Finalize Delivery of S-300 Missile System

In addition to closing the S-300 deal, Iran has also reportedly been in negotiations with Russia to buy fighter jets

Is an Ukronazi attack imminent? Yes! So what else is new?

The real purpose of an attack will NOT be to ‘reconquer’ Novorussia, it will be to draw Russia into the Donbass

US Army to Pass Through Slovakia Before NATO Drills in Hungary

Under the pretext of reassuring NATO’s nervous new allies, the Western alliance’s forces are moving ever closer to Russia’s western border

Pentagon report: Russia is deploying new, specially modified air-defense systems to the Arctic

Pentagon report: Russia is deploying new, specially modified air-defense systems to the Arctic

Russia is moving air defense systems modified for the harsh Arctic environment to key areas near its borders with Norway and the US

U.S. Navy on alert: China, Russia to launch largest-ever joint navy exercise

Slated to begin Thursday in the Pacific with more than 20 ships and featuring anti-submarine operations as well as a joint-beach landing

Russia & Iran reach agreement on S-300 air defense systems delivery – deputy foreign minister

Although no actual delivery date was announced the system should be in Iran before the end of the year

Moscow's Top Man in Donbass Says All-Out War Will Start Soon (Video)

Moscow’s Top Man in Donbass Says All-Out War Will Start Soon (Video)

Donbass PM says: “Minsk agreements are torn apart”. Includes video (with English subtitles) and comments from Paul Craig Roberts

Iranian DM: Air Force Equipped with Supersonic Saeqeh 2 Fighter Jets

Agreed in 2007 but delayed due to Western pressure and only now coming to fruition, the S-300 deal has been augmented with what Fars News reports is an “additional system”.

In Moscow, Russia’s Air Defense On High Alert For Combat Training

Air and missile defense units in and around Moscow drilled extensively as tensions mount over Ukraine

According to the Kremlin-backed news channel RT, Russia began deploying its next-generation 'Nebo-M' anti-missile radar system to counter the threat from NATO ballistic missiles in Eastern Europe. Click to enlarge

US Army Held Missile Defense War Games to Subvert Russian Jamming

“The prime reason for the drills is concern that Russian and Chinese technology is too advanced for the US military to confront.”

Pentagon Fears It’s Not Ready for a War With Putin

The Pentagon has been running a series of exercises that led them to conclude the U.S. forces are not ready for military confrontation with Russia.

Amid Russia Military Expansion, Moscow To Spend $1.6 Billion On Fighter Jets

The Russian air force is reportedly set to receive a total of 126 new aircraft this year. Includes video

The U.S. is Plotting a Color Revolution in Russia

The U.S. is Plotting a Color Revolution in Russia

This is a guaranteed recipe for global conflict as Putin is unlikely to quietly acquiesce to regime change in Russia