NATO to Expand Military Presence in Europe to Deter Russians

Claims that this is to deter Russia are a pretext. NATO has been steadily expanding into regions traditionally in Russia’s sphere of influence

Iran to Purchase Sukhoi-30 Fighter Jets From Russia

Filling the one obvious gap in Iran’s defences, a state-of-the-art air superiority fighter capable of confronting just about anything the U.S. or Israel could throw at it

An Exasperated John Kerry Throws In Towel On Syria: “What Do You Want Me To Do, Go To War With The Russians?!”

Has the U.S. abandoned plans to oust Assad?

Putin Calls for Snap Military Drill on East Ukraine Borders

A London-based think tank has warned that Russia and the Western-backed government in Kiev appear to be preparing for conflict with one another

Report: Russia Defeats NATO in Baltic War Game

New report by Rand Corp. concludes: Russian offensive in the Baltics would overwhelm NATO forces there “within hours”

Syrian government forces in the village of Tal Jabin, north of the embattled city of Aleppo

Syrian talks suspended as regime Russia hit rebels hard

Peace talks suspended after Syrian government forces secure major battlefield gains near Aleppo

Iran eyes own tank production, instead of buying Russia’s T-90

With over $100 billion in frozen funds in hand Iran’s military looked set to go on a spending spree. However, one item at least appears to have been crossed-off their shopping list

War in Syria: Russia’s ‘rustbucket’ military delivers a hi-tech shock to West and Israel

Russia’s performance in Syria forces dramatic reassessment of its military capability

Germany warns Russia against ‘exploiting’ teen ‘rape’ case

Russian foreign minister Lavrov effectively confirms a recent report from Lasha Darkmoon

USAF reconnaisance aircraft

Russian Fighter Conducts Dangerous Intercept of U.S. Recon Jet

A Russian Su-27 jet fighter came within 20 feet of a U.S. RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea on Monday

Muslim migrants in Germany rape Russian child for 30 hours, then get “massacred” by angry Russians in reprisal

Muslim migrants in Germany rape Russian child for 30 hours, then get “massacred” by angry Russians in reprisal

Some will find these events hard to believe but they’ve now been partly confirmed

Litvinenko – Worth More Dead Than Alive

Finaian Cunningham explains why Litvinenko is definitely worth more dead than alive, at least for the British.

Alexander Litvinenko, last ever photo

Why is Vladimir Putin not being dragged before an international tribunal and put on trial?

The Western corporate media campaign against President Putin escalates

Syria: Has Anyone Stepped Back from the Brink?

If the US wants a ceasefire, it’s because their ‘moderate’ Jihadist allies are getting beaten up now by the Syrian Arab Army backed by Russia

Putin’s disturbing message for the west: your rules don’t apply

Is the West setting up President Putin just as it once set up Saddam Hussein?

Suspect says MI6 tried to hire him before Litvinenko’s death

Conducted behind closed doors, the probe into Litvinenko’s death seen as being biased from the outset

Russia shows military might in Syria ahead of peace talks

Moscow’s campaign has unnerved the West. Not because it has struck at “moderate opposition” forces, as claimed, but because it stymied Western covert plans to oust Assad

Russian T90. Click to enlarge

Armored Fist: Russian T-90s Will Be a Welcome Boost To Iran’s Tank Corps

With the release of billions in frozen assets, Tehran is about to go on military spending spree. One of its first purchases: Russian T90 tanks

University Study Shows that the Maidan Massacre was Planned by the Putschists

Extensive academic study confirms what “conspiracy” buffs were saying from the outset

Russia Is Preparing a Military Response to the Expansion of NATO

Russia Is Preparing a Military Response to the Expansion of NATO

Fort Russ details how NATO is moving troops and equipment ever closer to Russia’s border and how Russia may respond