Putin Demonised as the new Hitler. Click to enlarge

UK announces inquiry for Russian spy death

As the smoke clears over the MH-17 crash the media presents us with a new demon to replace bin Laden. His name is Vladimir Putin

A Dutch forensics expert, centre in blue and orange, was seen flanked by armed men coming back from the train carriages

Sensational claims from Russia who say ‘all will be revealed in the black box’

‘MH17 lost speed, altitude and veered 14k off course before being tailed by Ukrainian jet’

David Cameron greets Jean Claude Juncker at the EU Parliament. Click to enlarge

Mourn the victims… but don’t turn one tragedy into a global catastrophe

In any war, the aggressor is he who makes the first move on disputed territory. In Ukraine that aggressor is the EU, backed by the US, as it tries to draw Kiev into its ranks

US MH17 remarks resemble Iraq WMDs tale: Russia

America’s allegations of Moscow ‘s complicity in MH17 has been compared to its earlier claims about Iraq’s WMD — later found to be non-existent

Smoke rises above the crash site of what is thought to be the Malasia Airlines Boeing 777. Click to enlarge

Malaysian Passenger Plane Goes Down Near Ukrainian-Russian Border

Shot down by missile while flying over conflict zone

NATO Hopes for Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Tony Cartalucci on why those hopes are unlikely to be fulfilled anytime soon

Taking part in the naval drills, Russian Bora-class hoverborne guided missile corvette Samum. Click to enlarge

Russian Black Sea Fleet warships hit complex target at naval drills

Russian navy conducts advanced combat drills in the Black Sea as NATO ships assemble in the region for their own naval manoeuvres

Analysis of July 5 Slaviansk Developments

Analysis of July 5 Slaviansk Developments

Kiev’s flag does not fly over Slavyansk, despite recent claims by Poroshenko. Joaquin Flores with an analysis of recent developments in eastern Ukraine

Ukrainian memorandum 1.

Ukrainian President Uses RAND Corporation Plan In Eastern Ukraine

Document proposes that region “be encircled with troops”, media and Internet shut down, locals be considered “terrorists or sympathizers” and “internment camps” set up

Ukrainian "anti-terrorist operation" (ATO) forces pose for a photograph in the restive east of the country, where they have been fighting armed separatists since April.

Ukraine’s Land Agency give land to soldiers in the east for free

There is a deafening silence in the Western media over the fact that government in Kiev intends to promote ethnic cleansing in eastern Ukraine

President Putin addresses Russian diplomats. Click to enlarge

Full Text of Putin’s Address to the Russian Diplomatic Corps

Full transcript of Putin’s speech reveals an entirely different picture to that presented by the Western corporate media, which may explain why they largely ignored it

The West is Turning the Planet into a Global Barracks–Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

Excerpts from an important address by Vladimir Putin, which has largely been unreported by the Western media

Ukraine begins military offensive as cease-fire ends

The big question now is how will Russia repond?

Ukraine Gangster State Calls for ‘Nuclear Strikes’ (E42)

Calls for ‘pre-emptive nuclear strikes’ and the sordid past of Ukraine’s new oligarch president

New sanctions on Russia could ‘seriously’ impact growth: Minister

Sanctions could also prompt the emergence of much more extreme attitudes towards the West among Russia’s leaders too

According to the Russian government, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have sought asylum in Russia since the beginning of the crisis. They are hosted by their families and friends. However, the Western authorities refute this number because they are not grouped in refugee camps.

Ethnic and Cultural Cleansing in the Ukraine

History appears to be about to repeat itself in the Ukraine. Andrew Korybko explains

Ukraine conflict. Click to enlarge

The Civil War In Ukraine Has Created A Massive Humanitarian Crisis Which Will Ultimately Benefit Russia

Each passing day is pushing eastern Ukraine further from Kiev and closer to Russia.

US is militarizing Ukraine to invade Russia. Sergei Glazyev

We’re not sure the U.S. is planning to invade Russia but some sort of momentous clash is being orchestrated. An advisor to President Putin explains (with English subtitles)

Russia Puts Troops on Alert as U.S. Broadens Sanctions

Putin orders troops in the central military region on full combat alert for the coming week

Build up to WW3

Russia moves advanced new Su-34 warplanes close to the Ukraine border