No One Saw It Coming: Rise of Christianity in Russia Baffles US Establishment

The elite were caught unawares because they are now far removed from the spiritual impulses that set the foundations for Western civilization. Unlike Russia

Sanctions? Russian economy to overtake Germany’s by 2020 – report

Russia is on course to become the world’s fifth largest economy next year

Russian Internet Protests – These Crowd Estimates Are Propaganda

Russia is considering establishing an autonomous internet. The U.S. dislikes this as it means that it won’t be able to manipulate foreign-based servers. So Russian ‘liberals’ have been called onto protest and the western media has responded accordingly

Rasputin. Click to enlarge

“The Real Gregory Rasputin”

Far from the popular myth, Rasputin was a benign influence on the Romanov’s and he was murdered by British intelligence to further their plans for Russia

Filin 5P-42 optical interference system. Click to enlarge

VIDEO captures test of Russian military device, dreaded in UK media for its ‘hallucinating’ effects

New device to prevent weapons being aimed at Russian Navy vessels

US artillery units hone their gunnery skills during an exercise near Dona Ana, New Mexico, April 28, 2018. Click to enlarge

The US has been getting ‘its ass handed to it’ in simulated war games against Russia and China, analysts say

U.S. forces obliterated in simulations

Poroshenko is Preparing to Flee Ukraine, says ex-minister

The West’s puppet in Ukraine is preparing to flee the country, reports Joaquin Flores

Pure: Ten Points I Just Can’t Believe About the Official Skripal Narrative

Craig Murray details ten reasons why he doesn’t believe the officials accounts of the Skripal’s poisoning. Both the Russian and the British versions

Admiral Gorshkov frigate. Click to enlarge

Russian ship with ‘vomit-inducing weapon’ spotted off UK coast

The weapon carried by the Admiral Gorshkov is thought to cause ‘dizziness, nausea and feelings of disorientation’

Russia Will Pay $14,000 in Cash to Families Who Have 3 or More Children (Putin Video)

Following Hungary’s lead, Russia will now offer financial incentives to reverse declining birth rates

Putin to Russians: “Have Kids, Build Houses, Read Books.”

Gilbert Doctorow examines Putin’s most recent annual address

Russian state TV shows map of potential US nuclear targets

Reuters describes the broadcast as “bellicose” but it ignores the West’s advance on Russia’s borders. In reality this was probably meant to signal a warning to the West

Russia to press for putting White Helmets on trial for crimes in Syria

As Britain and Canada provide them with sanctuary, Russia plans to put the White Helmets on trial for crimes in Syria

Vladimir Putin warns of Russian retaliation if US places missiles in Europe

It needs to be emphasised however, that in his annual speech Putin repeatedly emphasised that he was not seeking confrontation with the West

The Alternative Skripal Narrative

Although unconfirmed, what Michael Antony is far more credible than the official version of events

Russia plans new missile systems to counter U.S. by 2021

In response to Washington’s planned exit from a nuclear arms control agreement Moscow has announced that it will begin work on new missile launch systems

Russian private military contractors linked to the Wagner group in Syria

Russian mercenaries reportedly in Venezuela to protect Maduro

Following deployments to Syria and Ukraine, Russian private military contractors have now been sent to Venezuela to provide security for embattled President Maduro.

US Neocons, led this week by VP Mike Pence, are trying to flex their regime change muscles in Venezuela, while being mocked by Russian foreign minister Sergie Lavrov. Click to enlarge

LAVROV: ‘You Don’t Need Mueller to Know Who’s Interfering in Venezuelan Elections’

Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has mocked the U.S. in a statement which pointed out what election meddling really looks like

S-400. Click to enlarge

Pentagon Admits Russian Air Defenses “Changing U.S. Calculus” Abroad

The U.S. dominance of the skies was once unquestioned. However, that is now being challenged by Russia’s expanding air defence systems

American Homeschoolers ‘Upending’ US Democracy by Networking With Russian Homeschoolers Says Clinton Linked Foundation

Clinton linked foundation claims that U.S. homeschoolers are in a dark alliance with sinister Russians and “Christofascists”