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84% of Ukrainians would entrust Putin with Ukraine

Survey reveals Putin’s popularity among Ukrainians and an outright rejection of Poroshenko

Typhoon intercepts Russian jets over the Baltic

The moment RAF intercept TEN Russian jets in a single mission over Baltic airspace

As NATO expands its reach east tensions build with Russia. Includes video

Russia's latest main battle tank, the Aramata, during Red Square Victory Day parade in May, 2015

Russian Military To Create Two New Armies In West Of Country As Hostility Toward NATO Increases

According to Tass, the new armies will be formed within the western military district by December 1, 2015

Russian Military Near Latvia: A Dozen Aircraft Spotted In Airspace Around Baltic Sea

Russia responds as NATO forces assume a higher profile in eastern Europe

Iran may receive a modern system than the S-300, which although effective has been superseded by newer Russian weapons. Like the S-400, above

Moscow Close to Selling Air Defense System Better Than S-300 to Tehran

“Negotiations are almost finished,” a source told Sputnik News: “Iran may receive a more modernized system instead of S-300″

Russia Reported to be Stationing Supersonic Bombers in Crimea

As NATO forces continue to build up closer to its borders, Russia to deploy long-range supersonic bombers to the Crimea

Russia says NO to GMO seeds; aims for food supply that's 'cleanest in the world'

Russia says NO to GMO seeds; aims for food supply that’s ‘cleanest in the world’

Russian deputy prime minister: If Americans want GMOs, fine, but Russians prefer organic

Russia protects its interests

Thierry Meyysan wonders if Russian hasn’t secretly bolstered Iran’s defences to protect its own southern flank?

Negotiations to remove Putin. Evgeny Fedorov

Deputy of the Russian Parliament Evgeny Fedorov explains how the U.S. and central banks are making moves to remove President Putin. With English subtitles

MP Gavrilyuk: Ukrainian government is being subverted by a gay conspiracy

Is it a coincidence that this is happening under growing Western influence? Or that the MPs involved are helping the West consolidate its grip on Kiev? Includes video

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Joseph Dunford, Jr., testifies during his Senate Armed Services Committee confirmation hearing to become the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on Capitol Hill, Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dunford Tells Congress Russia Poses Greatest Threat to US Security

At a confirmation hearing for his appointment as the next Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Dunford said Russia was the No. 1 threat to U.S. security. China was No. 2

US baulks at Russian plan to sell Iran powerful arms

Russian plans to sell sophisticated new weapons to Iran proves to be another sticking point in nuclear negotiations. Because, we suggest, the U.S. wants to prevent Iran being able to defend itself from the sort of campaign that toppled Saddam

Russia’s New Super Weapon Can Switch Off Electronics On Guided Missiles

Reports suggest that Russia has developed a game-changing weapon that can neutralise most if not all of the West’s most advanced weapons

US seeking to replace Putin with CIA-backed regime: Madsen

US seeking to replace Putin with CIA-backed regime: Madsen

America “dreams of ousting Putin and replacing him with some corrupt oligarch like Mikhail Khodorkovsky”, says analyst Wayne Madsen

Threat of war with major power ‘low, but growing,’ military strategy report warns

Future conflicts for the U.S. will likely be fought with diminished resources, Gen. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wrote in a foreword to the report. With Iran, China and Russia prime contenders as future adversaries

The Greek Crisis Awaits Other NATO Partners

The current face-off with Russia is a win-win situation for Washington. On the one hand Moscow is increasingly isolated. On the other, the military-industrial behemoth’s profits are surging with increased arms sales. Finian Cunningham explains

Putin Gobsmacks Uncle Sam … Again

The judo expert has done it again. Way to go, Vladimir.

NATO bases surround Russia

Russia: Tit for Tat

NATO bases are encircling it and although Russians don’t want war, they are tired of their country being pushed to the wall. Israel Shamir explains

Russian missile in Red Square parade 2014.

Putin: Russia is going to spend $400 billion upgrading its military

Continued high military spending needed to fend off threats near Russia’s borders, says President Putin

Lost in Translation, or What the BBC Cut From Their Yanukovych Interview

Lost in Translation, or What the BBC Cut From Their Yanukovych Interview

Key extracts from a BBC interview with ex-Ukrainian president that the BBC left out of the English translation