Sweeping Referendum Win For Putin

The win means the Putin will be able to run for two further terms. Preliminary results show a 73% approval rating although western observers claim the result was “rigged”

Russian T-14 Armata tanks on Red Square during the May 9, 2015, Victory Day pardade

The Roaring First-Timers From the Moscow V-Day Parade 2020

A brief guide to some of the new Russian military vehicles displayed at the latest Moscow Victory Day Parade

Russia offered bounty to kill UK soldiers

Russia offered bounty to kill UK soldiers

Did Russia REALLY offer to pay the Taliban for every UK and U.S. soldier they killed? Or is this yet more disinformation to portray Russia as a threat to the West?

Europe should brace for a reality in which US is no longer a world power – Merkel

Russia’s standing as a strategic power is growing as, in the eyes of many, America’s begins to fade

US Will Send Ukraine Another $250M in Weapons, Gear and Other Aid

The upcoming delivery will bring total counter-Russia aid to the Eastern European nation to $1.75 billion.

The Miracle of Salisbury

The Miracle of Salisbury

Craig Murray explains why the BBC’s drama on the Skripals poisonings deserves an induction in the Propaganda Hall of Fame

Alexander Myasnikov was appointed in April to his new role of informing Russians about coronavirus treatment and prevention methods and to battle “fake news” about Covid-19

It’s Just the Flu, It’s All BS’ – Russia’s Top Official COVID Doctor Admits

Alexander Myasnikov, who has the same role in Russia as Fauci in the US, or perhaps Dr. Deborah Birx, admits that Covid-19 is no more deadly than seasonal cold or flu

Artist impression of Russia's hypersonic stealth bomber. Click to enlarge

Russia’s first prototype stealth bomber ‘starts construction’ to rival US B-2 fleet

Work on the prototype of the high-tech plane is said to have already commenced – as China also works on its own stealth project

Moscow Mayor Sobyanin makes Trump-Merkel Illuminati hand sign. Click to enlarge

Stringent Lockdown Proves Russia is a Globalist Toady

A Russian describes the draconian lockdown in Moscow and urges Westerners resist this veiled totalitarian putsch. He says satanists like Putin control Russia..

Egypt challenges US in acquiring one of Russia’s most powerful weapons

Washington could impose sanctions on Egypt if it acquires Russian Su-35 fighters

Watch Russia's Victory Day Aerial Parade 2020 in Moscow!

Watch Russia’s Victory Day Aerial Parade 2020 in Moscow!

Moscow’s annual Victory Day parade has been postponed because of Covid-19. But there was a fly past by the Russian Air Force over Moscow to mark the event

Putin was a Waif Adopted by Chabad

Putin was a Waif Adopted by Chabad

Is Putin in cahoots with Jewish supremacists? We reserve judgement and leave readers to decide

Trump Asks Putin for Help in Oil War, Here Are Putin's Conditions

Trump Asks Putin for Help in Oil War, Here Are Putin’s Conditions

Putin wont have forgotten that the Trump administration imposed economic sanctions on Russia for its alleged activities in Ukraine. Now the roles are reversed

HMS Tyne shadowing the Russian corvette, Steregushchiy. Click to enlarge

Reports of “Unusually High” Russian Naval Activity in the English Channel

Prompting the corporate media to speculate that Russia was trying to “exploit” the coronavirus crisis.

Crimeans celebrate the referendum results in March 2014. An estimated 95% voted to rejoin the Russian Federation. Click to enlarge

Six years and $20 billion in Russian investment later, Crimeans are happy with Russian annexation

In 2014 Crimea voted to rejoin Russia. Today support for Putin is strong while 75% of Crimeans don’t trust Trump

Russia deploying coronavirus disinformation to sow panic in West, EU document says

In case people start to realise that the western powers are whipping up baseless fears about Coronavirus, they’re now blaming Russia. Without a shred of evidence

Russian media blames BRITAIN for the coronavirus outbreak

A new weapon has emerged in the propaganda war between the Kremlin and the West

Russia's Future Predicted by Well-Known Christian Saints

Russia’s Future Predicted by Well-Known Christian Saints

Many of the sages and saints quoted foresaw the catastrophe of communism. But they also discerned Russia’s rebirth after a period of bloody atheism

Which target after Syria?

In 2019, the Turkish General Staff believed that the Pentagon had abandoned plans to destroy Syria because of Russia, and was now preparing to strike Turkey

Defender 2020: Largest mobilisation of NATO troops against Russia in 25 years

In what the Kremlin will see as a dangerous provocation, the biggest NATO drill in 25 years with nearly 40,000 troops will take place. Some of it close to Russia’s border