Al Ghouta poison gas attack

Did Syrian government forces actually poison Syrians with Sarin in fighting near Damascus, as many in the West maintain? Or was the Al Ghouta attack really a ‘false flag’ staged to open the way for Western intervention in Syria?

A civilian breathes through an oxygen mask after an alleged chlorine gas attack in Aleppo. Click to enlarge

Chemical weapons attacks in Syria may normalise war crimes, experts warn

Do the architects of the New World Order, and their lackey’s in the corporate media, think we are idiots? Do they think we’ve forgotten Al Ghouta?

Sources: Terrorists in Syria Receive Cargo of Chemical Substances

Militants fighting to oust President Assad have reportedly received a consignment of “hazardous” chemicals. Are we about to see a replay of Al Ghouta?

A UN report says sarin was used in a rocket attack in Damascus in August 2013. Click to enlarge

Syria: Sarin false flag plans revealed

Gordon Duff on how coverage of a false flag allegedly involving chemical weapons exposes two respected journalists as potential disinformation agents.

Saudi black op team behind Damascus chem weapons attack – diplomatic sources

Saudi black op team behind Damascus chem weapons attack – diplomatic sources

At the same time, there have been concerns voiced that witnesses the investigators spoke to were brought in by the opposition to misdirect the UN inquiry

Homemade sarin was used in attack near Damascus – Lavrov

Lavrov says Russia has evidence that the sarin used near Damascus recently was similar to that used in Aleppo in March 2013. Both types were ‘homemade’, i.e. not the type of sarin held by the Syrian government

President Obama addresses the 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly at the United Nations in New York. Click to enlarge

Obama says US ready to use military force in Middle East

Obama claims it is an “insult to human reason” to suggest anyone other than the Syrian government carried out the Al Ghouta attack, as he reiterates America’s readiness to use force

Gas Missiles Were Not Sold To Syria

Export papers and eyewitness accounts seem to support Syrian government assertions that it was not behind Sarin gas attacks

The email in question. Click to enlarge

Syria: The Fabricated Evidence

Evidence emerges in the form of emails that suggests a UK based firm played a part in staging recent Syrian chemical weapons atrocity

Syria Gas Attack: Assad Wrongfully Blamed

Saudi Arabia was caught red-handed supplying toxic agents. Last May, Turkish authorities arrested 12 suspected Al Nusra fighters. They had two kilograms of sarin nerve gas. Yet the UN is quick to blame Assad. Stephen Lendman explains

Russia says U.N. report on Syria attack preconceived, political

“it is impossible to call the nature of the conclusions reached by the U.N. experts … anything but politicized, preconceived and one-sided,” said Russia’s Deputy Foriegn Minister Sergei Ryabkov of U.N. findings on the Al Ghouta attack

Obama Warned on Syrian Intel

Despite Obama’s supposedly “high confidence” regarding Syrian government guilt in the Aug. 21 chemical attack, former U.S. intelligence officers are telling President Obama that they are picking up information that undercuts the Official Story

There is something deeply cynical about this chemical weapons ‘timetable’

Now we’ve got rebels chopping off prisoners’ heads, I’m not sure what scruples they’d have about using sarin

If History Is Any Measure, the Clock Is Ticking

If History Is Any Measure, the Clock Is Ticking

Why the march toward military confrontation over Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons hasn’t stopped, only stalled

Turkish Prosecutor Charges Syria Rebels Ordered 10 Tons of Sarin Nerve Agent In Turkey

Another indication that foreign-backed ‘Syrian rebels’ were behind the sarin gas attack in Damascus recently

Scene from an alleged Syrian chemical weapons attack: "Some thought it odd that none of the medical personnel were wearing protective clothing, since sarin gas – which activists say was used in the attack – can be transferred from those already afflicted, with deadly effect... "

U.S. Military Confirms Rebels Had Sarin

Classified intelligence documents confirm Sunni foreign fighters in Syria were supplied sarin by a Saddam-era Iraqi general.

Syrian rebels chemical weapon artillery canister. Click to enlarge

Flashback: U.N. has testimony that Syrian rebels used sarin gas – investigator

Months before the Al Ghouta gas attack, U.N. inquiry heard testimony that ‘Syrian rebels’ had used chemical weapons

Intl experts have strong proof images of chemical victims fabricated – Moscow

Meanwhile RT reports that ‘Syrian rebels’ might be planning a chemical weapons attack in Israel. Launched from the territory supposedly controlled by the Syrian government, the attack would be aimed at sparking wider conflict

Italian journalist Domenico Quirico, after landing in Rome's Ciampino military airport, September 9, 2013, following freedom from captivity at the hands of the militants in Syria. Click to enlarge

Ex-captives reveal militants’ involvement in August 21 Syria chemical raid

Two captives who were recently released by the ‘Syrian rebels’, say they had heard their abductors talking about their involvement in the chemical attack

Intercepts caught Assad rejecting requests to use chemical weapons, German paper says

Citing the findings from a high-level surveillance operation, German press reports that the country’s intelligence service found that President Assad had repeatedly rejected the use of chemical weapons

The wide distribution of satellite channel images of victims allowed Alawite families near Latakia to recognize their children who had been abducted two weeks prior by the “rebels.” This identification was long in coming because there are few survivors of the massacre by the allies of the United States, the United Kingdom and France in loyalist villages where more than a thousand bodies of civilians were discovered in mass graves.

Syrian Children Kidnapped By Rebels Identified As Gas Victims By Obama Administration

As the Obama’s Syrian narrative begins to unravel more crimes emerge — carried out by the Western-backed ‘rebels’. Includes video