‘False flags’

Real or staged for the media

Syrian children kidnapped to be used in false chemical attack in Idlib: Report

The kidnappers have been assisted by the Western-backed “aid group”, the Syrian White Helmets, and funded by the Gulf states

Some of the children kidnapped by the White Helmets in the town of Zirbeh west of Aleppo. Click to enlarge

White Helmets Expands its Idlib Kidnapping Campaign

Report from the remaining terror stronghold in Idlib, Syria, where militants are kidnapping children to use them as victims in a staged chemical weapons attack

Foreign specialists planning chemical attack in Syria: Russia

Russian Ministry of Defence says “foreign specialists” are preparing to stage a chemical weapons attack in Syria in the next 48 hours to be blamed on Assad

The United States Navy launched 59 cruise missiles at Khan Sheikhoun, Syria. Click to enlarge

US preparing new strikes on Syrian govt facilities – Russian Defense Ministry

Russia’s Defense Ministry isn’t calling it a “false flag” but Russian officials say the West is preparing a staged chemical weapons attack as a pretext for strikes on Syria

US, UK and France Prepare New Strike Against Syria – Russian MoD

US warships armed with cruise have sailed into position. While the White Helmets will provide a pretext with a staged chemical weapons false flag

Is the U.S. Preparing Renewed Intervention in Syria?

John Bolton warns the US will react “very strongly” if Syria uses chemical weapons, as reports emerge that the White Helmets are preparing a chemical weapons false flag

The Hunt for the Deadly "White Helmets”

The Hunt for the Deadly “White Helmets”

Coming to a neighbourhood near you. In a new role, Syria’s crisis actors in false flag attacks to be blamed on Iran. Gordon Duff explains

Is it Zionism or Jewishness? You decide

Is it Zionism or Jewishness? You decide

Gilad’s arch-nemesis, Tony Greenstein fell victim to a Zionist witch-hunt and was expelled from the Labour Party. Here he debates Zionism-Jewishness with Gilad

Former British Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford. Click to enlarge

World War 3 COULD break out following ANOTHER chemical attack in Syria – ex-diplomat WARNS

Former British Ambassador to Syria warns that another “chemical weapons” could be staged and it could spark a wider conflict

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel To Be Removed Next Week

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel To Be Removed Next Week

Sheriff Scott Israel, who was criticised for his handling of Parkland school shooting, will be removed from his position over “criminal issues”

Iran: US Ship Carrying Chemical Materials Berths in Persian Gulf

Iran: US Ship Carrying Chemical Materials Berths in Persian Gulf

Meanwhile, Russia’s military intelligence has warned that militants in Syria were preparing a chemical weapons false flag to justify Western intervention

Unidentified U.S.-backed Syrian rebels surround a piece of artillery during training by American special forces member in Southeastern Syria near Tanf. Photo | Hammurabi’s Justice News. Click to enlarge

Russian-Syrian Warnings of a Coming False-Flag Chemical Attack Have Ring of Truth

Fog of war: U.S. aiding the very terrorists it vowed to exterminate

Hassan Diab shown in Al-Jazeera’s coverage of the alleged chemical attack. Click to see the full-size image

Rebels, US forces preparing ANOTHER false flag chemical attack in Syria

Russia warns that U.S. Special Forces and militants are preparing another false flag, which will be used to justify wider Western military intervention in Syria

Chemical Weapons protective gear seized when a militant wharehouse was seized in the western province of Homs. Click to enlarge

NATO Weapons Found in Syria Suggest Preparation for Chemical Attack – Ex-General

Chemical weapons protective gear at sites abandoned by militants suggest preparations for a Chemical Weapons false flag

The FBI and terrorism: News Video They Don't Want You to see

The FBI and terrorism: News Video They Don’t Want You to see

Brasscheck TV with a video “they” don’t want you to see

False Flags and Fake Reality

Years ago suggesting that a government would attack own people and blame it on a “third party” was unthinkable. Gordon Duff explains why that’s no longer the case

Mystery: Two Broward County Sheriff’s deputies have died since the Parkland, Florida shootings

Two Broward County sheriff’s deputies found dead in unexplained circumstances following the Parkland High School shooting



It’s claimed that the perpetrator was a “misogynist”. Misogynist or crisis actor, we leave readers to decide from cell phone footage whether the event was staged

Germany’s Largest Public TV News Broadcaster: Syria Chemical Attack “Most Likely Staged”

The report is consistent with veteran British journalist Robert Fisk’s investigation upon being the first Western journalist to gain access to the site in Douma.

Douma hospital medical staff maintain that they did not treat chemical weapons injuries and gas attack victims

Douma Chemical Attack False Flag Operation EXPOSED! (Translated)

Testimony of ambulance attendants, nurses and doctors from Douma hospital point to the alleged “chemical weapons attack” being staged by the White Helmets