Where the “War on Terror” has transformed into a war of terror funded and supported by the West against Syria’s President Assad

Missile fire seen from Damascus early on Thursday morning. Click to enlarge

Israel Strikes Iranian Targets in Syria After Golan Heights Attack

Following Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear accord with Iran, Israel and Iranian-backed forces exchange rocket fire in the Golan Heights

Trump's Little French Poodle

Trump’s Little French Poodle

France wants to scratch its mangy colonial itch in Syria and wants a piece of the bone that Israel will throw

ThinkProgress Smears Investigative Journalist for Questioning Douma Gas Attack

ThinkProgress implied the network he worked for, One America News Network, was a “far-right, pro-Trump media outlet”

Turkish Army Jailing, Torturing Hundreds of Civilians in Syria’s Afrin

The Turkish Army has set up detention centres and begun clamping down Kurdish civilians

The bogus and Western-backed "humanitarian" group, the Syrian White Helmets pose for the cameras. Click to enlarge

Reality Check: Who’s Funding the White Helmets?

More on Syria’s very own crisis actors: the Western-funded and trained Syrian White Helmets

Controversial event featuring speakers who questioned Western reporting of events in Syria cancelled

Controversial event featuring speakers who questioned Western reporting of events in Syria cancelled

A public forum that was to have discussed media coverage of events in Syria banned

Impact and Effects of April 30 Strikes Against Syria: Winds of War Blowing Strong

Impact and Effects of April 30 Strikes Against Syria: Winds of War Blowing Strong

The process of sliding into a wider conflict in Syria is gaining significant traction

General reveals that US aircraft are being 'disabled' in Syria

General reveals that US aircraft are being ‘disabled’ in Syria

Syria has become “the ultimate testing ground” for Russia’s new weapons. Some of which, like its electronic warfare assets, the US has no answer for

Syrian army says 'enemy' rockets hit military bases

Syrian army says ‘enemy’ rockets hit military bases

A missile strike on a military storage depot near Hama city brings direct confrontation between Israel and Iran closer in Syria.

Dr Death from Damascus

Mideast leaders who tow the US line and make nice to Israel are invariably called ‘statesmen’ or ‘president’ by the American government and its increasingly tame media. By contrast, President Assad is portrayed in the blackest terms

Syria: Why Are We There?

Syria: Why Are We There?

Christopher Bollyn on what is really behind America’s longest and most expensive war

Former head of Britain's special forces says Assad 'doesn't need to use gas'

Former head of Britain’s special forces says Assad ‘doesn’t need to use gas’

The former British Special Forces commander says he and “senior commanders in the US military” don’t believe Assad was behind recent chemical weapons attack

What mysteries lie in the ruins of the Scientific Studies and Research Centre in Damascus?

The facility was located less than a mile from the scene of clashes between Assad’s forces and al-Nusrah 18-months-ago. Robert Fisk asks: why would the government have located a chemical weapons research facility so close to the front line?

Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford, left, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, and Defense Under Secretary and Chief Financial Office David Norquist, testify on the Department of Defense budget posture, during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, Thursday April 26, 2018, on Capitol Hill in Washington. Click to enlarge

Mattis Foresees ‘Re-Energized’ Fight Against IS in Syria

As more French Special Forces join US forces you might wonder why Mattis promises to up the fight against IS — especially when they’ve been all but defeated?

Where Is the Shame?

Why is the world silent? How can it be that the US media is as effective a propaganda ministry for Washington as the German press was for the Nazis?

The Barzeh facility, which the West claims was a centre for chemical weapons and  which Syria claims was a medical research facility, was hit by Western airstrikes. Click to enlarge

OPCW Finds No Chemical Weapons at Syrian Facilities Bombed by US – Russian MoD

This is being reported in Russia and Iran but is being ignored by Western media, as it refutes Western justification for Syrian strikes

US CENTCOM Chief Makes “Secret And Unprecedented” Visit To Israel As Russia Mulls Arming Syria

His visit comes after reports that S-300 systems could be delivered very soon. With Russian sources warning the consequences will be “catastrophic” if Israel attacks the delivery

In this frame grab taken from video provided by the Syrian anti-government activist group Aleppo Media Center (AMC), a child sits in an ambulance after being pulled out or a building hit by an airstirke, in Aleppo, Syria, Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2016. Syrian opposition activists reported an airstrikes on the al-Qaterji neighborhood in Aleppo late Wednesday. (Aleppo Media Center via AP)

Father of Aleppo boy reveals truth behind image of ‘Boy in the Ambulance’

‘Media used my son for their purposes’: CNN’s Amanpour challenged to go talk to ‘Aleppo boy’

Syrian air defence missile over Damascus. Click to enlarge

Are the Russians Correct?

Over two-thirds of missiles fired at Syria recently failed to reach their targets. W. Patrick Lang on the reasons behind what was, in effect, a U.S. aerial defeat

Missiles over Damascus. Click to enlarge

The fiasco of the bombing raid on Syria

Thierry Meyssan details how the recent U.S., French and British strikes on Syria clearly illustrate that western military power is in decline