Where the “War on Terror” has transformed into a war of terror funded and supported by the West against Syria’s President Assad

Kurdish militia made a swap with ISIS to get back 7 US troops – sources

Washington has denied the reports. Includes video

UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt meets Raed al-Saleh

UK Foreign Secretary Hunt Meets the Head of the Syrian White Helmets

Last Thursday UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt met with Raed al-Saleh, the head of an organisation that has been linked with the Syrian branch of al Qaeda

White phosphorus shells explode in Gaza.

US-led coalition uses white phosphorus bombs against Syrian city: Damascus

The U.S. has a history of using the banned incendiary weapon in Iraq and Afghanistan, as do its allies Saudi Arabia and Israel in their conflicts

Russia says US spy plane directed attack against its Syrian air base

Russia blames the US for a massed drone attack against its Syrian air base – claiming a U.S. Navy surveillance plane co-ordinated the strike

Syrian White Helmets pose for the press. Click to enlarge

Vanessa Beeley Interviews White Helmets Members Who Admit Nusra, Extremist Connections, Israeli Assistance To Terrorists

Exposing the White Helmets myth

The reality behind the image popularised by the Western media: the Syrian White Helmets with their terrorist friends. Click to enlarge

The White Helmets Ride Again

Philip Giraldi on how easy it is to give awards to terrorists

Firing range practice at al-Tanf base along the border with Jordan and Iraq. Click to enlarge

Inside the remote U.S. base in Syria central to combating ISIS and countering Iran

This NBC report is disinformation that, unintentionally perhaps, also reveals America’s close covert support for terrorists

The Syrian War will Go Nuclear

Gordon Duff explains why he thinks the conflict in Syria has the potential to go nuclear

US Impedes Efforts to Reconstruct War-Ravaged Syria

U.S. aid only goes to further U.S. foreign policy objectives. As Washington had tried to oust Assad — and failed — it won’t rush in to help rebuild a ruined Syria

French Forces to Set Up Military Base in Raqqa

French Forces to Set Up Military Base in Raqqa

Like the U.S. Army’s deployment to Syria, the French have not been invited by President Assad, making their intervention illegal

Daesh growing, taking hostages in US-controlled parts of Syria: Russian leader

Putin warns that while Washington stays silent on the matter, militants are holding hundreds hostage in areas of Syria where U.S. military bases are located.

Hundreds of Syrian ‘White Helmets’ leave for West: Jordan

According to Jordanian officials, nearly 300 members of the militant-linked Syrian White Helmets have been granted asylum in Britain, Germany and Canada

Jeremy Bowen Interviews Christian NDF Commander - Unedited Version

Jeremy Bowen Interviews Christian NDF Commander – Unedited Version

As Vanessa Beeley explains, the war in Syria has been prolonged by journalists like Bowen and media outlets like the BBC

Photo from the BBC's 'How chemical weapons have helped bring Assad close to victory'. Click to enlarge

A BBC Psyop for Escalating Conflict in Syria?

Is the West preparing for direct military intervention in Syria? A recent BBC Online report may well foreshadow more ominous developments in the conflict

Israeli Outlet Claims Russia Imported Iranian Crews to Operate Syria’s New S-300 Anti-Air Missiles

Based on speculation from Israeli intelligence insider but plausible nonetheless

Civilian martyrs names and photographs displayed at entrance to the village of Shrehi in eastern Sweida countryside. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley). Click to enlarge

SWEIDA: A Bloody Massacre Barely Registered by Western Media

270 killed, 300 injured: Vanessa Beeley talks with those who have suffered at the hands of ISIS. They have a message for people in the UK and US

‘THEY ARE WINNING THE INFO WAR’: British general ‘does not like’ Photos of Russian Military in Syria

Eventually, they say, “the truth will out”. And that’s what happens when you covertly back terror as the West is in Syria. In contrast to Russia, which is fighting it

Eliot Higgins. Click to enlarge

Bellingcat outed by the Independent

After the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights came the White Helmets and now Bellingcat, a procession of frauds each one feted by the corporate media

International relations: the calm before the storm?

International crises are on hold, pending the result of the US mid-term elections. But if Trump should lose, the war on Syria will immediately be revived by the UK

Soros color revolution in Syria?

Syrians have been “asked” to wear red at 4 pm on Tuesday (the 9th of October) in protest … Sounds familiar?