Where the “War on Terror” has transformed into a war of terror funded and supported by the West against Syria’s President Assad

Behold, a Pale Horse and its Rider’s Name Was Death and Hell Followed Him

Washington STILL intends to overthrow Assad and turn Syria into another Libya and another Iraq, formerly stable and prosperous countries where war now rages continually. Paul Craig Roberts explains

Kerry’s And Al-Qaeda’s “Very Different Track” Attack On Aleppo Fails

Despite its size and decisive bearing, neither the New York Times nor the Washington Post has so far reported on the latest Syrian opposition offensive. Moon of Alabama explains

Wreckage of the Russian Mi-8 shot down over Idlib province. Click to enlarge

Russian helicopter shot down in Syria, fate of 5 unknown

No doubt shot down with U.S. made weapons supplied by ‘Western allies’ in the gulf states

Reports: Iranian General Wounded by Israel or Syrian Rebels Near Golan Heights

For ” Israel or Syrian rebels” read failed assassination attempt by the Israeli backed and Al Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front

Iran accuses U.S. of “deafening” silence over beheaded boy

Too right, and not just the U.S. but the Western media and politicians as a whole have been conspicuously quiet on the beheading of the young Syrian boy

Syria: Over 100 Civilians Killed in French Airstrikes in ISIL-Held Manbij

The Western media was loud and clear when Russian allegedly inflicted civilian casualties in Syria. Those reports are far less prominent when Western forces are involved. Warning: includes graphic images

'Syrian rebels' with their prisoner shortly before they beheaded him.

Syrian opposition group that killed child ‘was in US-vetted alliance’

This is what U.S. tax dollars help support

Assad says US is ‘not serious’ about defeating ISIS

The Syrian president says Washington lacks the same determination that Russia has shown in the fight against terrorists

What Fighters in Syria Will Tell You

No matter who you speak to in Syria, they will all tell you of a traumatic struggle and a few will tell you of their hope for the future. Robert Fisk

US Senator: "We Have Never Done Anything More Loathsome or Despicable Than What We're Doing in Syria."

US Senator: “We Have Never Done Anything More Loathsome or Despicable Than What We’re Doing in Syria.”

Sen Richard Black says the US is actively arming and funding Al Nusra (Al Qaeda). Includes videos

President Bashar Al-Assad Accuses West of Sponsoring Terrorism

Equally complicit are the Western corporate news media, which routinely ignore or downplay Western support for militants in Syria

Jabhat al-Nusra fighters parading through Aleppo last year. Click to enlarge

Rif Aleppo: the decisive battlefield in the Syrian civil war

Some army commanders say al-Nusra is becoming a more formidable force than Isis. Robert Fisk reports from the front-lines in Syria

Russian sapper clearing mines in Palmyra

Russian forces are the latest to travel on Syria’s Roman road to barbarity

Robert Fisk reports from recaptured Palmyra, where the full extent of ISIS brutality is now becoming evident

Wounded ISIS fighters brought to Turkey hospitals in ‘pick-up trucks’ – doctors, eyewitnesses

Miltants have been crossing the border from Syria into Turkey en masse to receive medical help – only to then be allowed to go back to resume fighting in Syria

Russian Helicopter Shot Down in Syria by ISIS

Russian Helicopter Shot Down in Syria by ISIS

ISIS shoot down a Russian attack helicopter with “US MISSILE”, no doubt supplied by “US allies” in the gulf states. Includes video

The former Isis translator who learned to speak the language of hate

Robert Fisk talks to a guile-less young ISIS translator being held in the Mezze military prison on the edge of Damascus

I read the Chilcot report as I travelled across Syria this week and saw for myself what Blair’s actions caused

Robert Fisk on the impact of Blair’s lies

A member of the Syrian government forces stands infront of a bulldozer, north of the southern Syrian city of Deraa. Click to enlarge

Welcome to Dera’a, Syria’s ‘Graveyard of terrorists’

Robert Fisk reports from the frontline in Syria. Where ‘rebels’ are using grenade launchers supplied by either Israel or Jordanian-based coordinators

Reported US Coop Offer to Russia Really Bid to Protect Islamist Groups

US proposals to work with Russia on counterterrorism in Syria are really an attempt to stop bombing of US-backed rebels, says veteran UN human rights adviser and Middle East analyst

Inside Aleppo, the Syrian city with a past and present shaped by war

Inside Aleppo, the Syrian city with a past and present shaped by war

Robert Fisk reports from the war ravaged alleyways and tunnels in Aleppo, Syria