China’s ‘Underground Steel Great Wall’ capable of defeating hypersonic weapon attacks: academician

In response to US plans to possibly lower constraints on the use of nuclear weapons, China has built the “Underground Steel Great Wall”, a series of defense facilities located deep under mountains

China-Russia Alliance is ‘Nightmare’ for US

Trouble is the more the U.S. acts against both countries – with sanctions, trade embargos and diplomatic censure – the stronger the bonds become

Admiral Warns China Could Sink Two US Carriers and Kill 10,000 Sailors

‘We’ll see how frightened America is': Admiral warns U.S. that China’s navy could sink two aircraft carriers and kill 10,000 sailors if it stands in way of Beijing’s goals in South China Sea

US Navy submarine breaks through the ice in the Beaufort Sea off the coast of North Alaska. Click to enlarge

U.S. Navy to flex muscles in Arctic: ‘Opportunity for conflict is only rising’

The U.S. Navy is falling behind Russia in the race to dominate the Arctic and, in the view of this website, it may never catch up

Auditor: Chinese debt could lead to loss of Mombasa port

Auditor: Chinese debt could lead to loss of Mombasa port

This adds to the growing list of foreign facilities that China owns or controls. These include a Sri Lankan port, Zambia’s main airport and, soon, two Israeli ports

Wing Loong ID1 reportedly flew for 30 minutes before landing smoothly. Click to enlarge

China Showcases New Combat Drone

China’s deadly new drone can fly 35 hours without refuelling, spy on enemies from 23,000ft and carry a payload of laser guided bombs and powerful anti-tank missiles

A Japanese helicopter carrier, Kaga, trails behind Japanese destroyer Inazuma led by the British frigate HMS Argyll in the Indian Ocean; Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hopes to upgrade the helicopter carriers so they can launch fighter jets. Click to enlarge

Japan will get its first aircraft carriers since WWII

Japan in trillion dollar military spending spree. Turning two helicopters carriers into aircraft carriers and aquiring more than 140 F-35s to counter Chinese military expansion

Neocon Jews Behind Chinese Tech Exec Arrest

Neocon Jews Behind Chinese Tech Exec Arrest

US companies also violated the US boycott of Iran but their executives were not arrested. Brabantian and Brandon Smith speculate on Meng Wanzhou’s arrest.

The Elite Are Creating An Authoritarian ‘Beast System’, And Those That Dissent Could Lose EVERYTHING

We live at a time when political correctness has become institutionalized. Michael Snyder explains

America builds aircraft carriers. China builds railroads, this one in Laos.

Comparing China and America

Fred Reed ponders China’s rapid progress, and America’s steady decline

Australia Has Been Gifted to China

Australia Has Been Gifted to China

Last financial year (2016-2017) the Chinese increased their land holdings in Australia by ten times – 1000%!

What looks like a radar dome on Bombay Reef, on a newly reclaimed island in the South China Sea. Click to enlarge

China building on new reef in South China Sea, think tank says

China expands its military footprint in the South China Sea with the construction of new installations on newly created land in the Paracel Islands

Chongqing. Well, a small part of it. Like Chengdu, it is largely new and, as cities go, quite agreeable. Click to enlarge

Cheng Two: More Notes on Two Weeks in China

After 12 years away, Fred Reed returns to China to find a nation transformed

Bipartisan Panel: US Must Prepare for ‘Horrendous,’ ‘Devastating’ War With Russia and China

A new report concludes that war with Russia and China is more likely than not. So the US needs more defence spending, which will be funded by cuts in social services

US could lose in war with China or Russia, panel warns

The prospect of possible defeat won’t deter Washington’s warmongers. The likes of John Bolton have a blind faith in America’s innate military superiority

'We Feel Comfortable Back-to-Back'

‘We Feel Comfortable Back-to-Back’

Strengthening ties in the face of U.S. pomp and hubris

The Dangerous Alliance Between Israel and China

The Dangerous Alliance Between Israel and China

Israel sees that China’s power is growing while the US is in decline … Zionism knows that its current host is going to die and is seeking new blood.

Let’s Have a War with Russia!

Let’s Have a War with Russia!

Fred Reed looks at the prospect of war with Russia, China or Iran, or even all three, and wonders about those are actually advocating such madness

Russia And China Are Apparently Both Under The Impression That War With The U.S. Is Coming…

Both are preparing for what they see as an inevitable clash

A Senior Russian Diplomat Confirms: “Russia Is Preparing for War” – Is Anybody Listening?

Right now the US and the “global West” (aka the AngloZionist Empire) are on a direct collision course with Russia (and probably China too). The Saker explains