Steve Hilton with Cameron in the Cabinet Room at No 10 Downing Street. Click to enlarge

Why we MUST quit the EU, by Cameron’s guru

Former key advisor to David Cameron breaks ranks and urges Britons to vote to leave the E.U., saying it has become “arrogant and unaccountable”

Prof. Hall

Prominent British professor turns down Israeli prize

This has received virtually zero coverage in the UK. Almost as if the press here were trying to play down the impact of the campaign against Israel

Australian Adept Unveiled World Satanic Control

Australian Adept Unveiled World Satanic Control

The deathbed confessions of the head of an Australian satanic lodge reveal how Western society now increasingly resembles a satanic cult.

Iraq launches operation to retake IS-held city of Fallujah

Iraqi forces could face a complicated fight as residents say that checkpoints controlled by the extremists along roads leading out of the city are preventing most from fleeing

Creativity in exile

Creativity in exile

This is a large segment of an interview I gave to Melissa Hekkers last week in Nicosia. We had a fascinating discussion and I am happy with the way in which she delivered my thoughts

David-Icke interviewed by Andrew Neil

David Icke insists Royal Family are ‘shape-shifting lizards’ and 9/11 ‘an inside job’

The elite must love this guy. Because perhaps unintentionally, David Icke serves their purposes

Oh Lawd I got 99 … Talking Apocalypse Blues

When you come to Armageddon, independent of which side you are on… the battle is already won

Most refugees are young males lacking qualifications – German migration service

Recipe for a rise in future unemployment and crime rates

The "key" to understanding the world today bears repetition. Click to enlarge

The Fraud that Begets all Others

The story of how a credit monopoly became a means for TOTAL monopoly.

‘War minister!’ Hundreds rally in Tel Aviv to decry Israeli PM’s defense chief pick

Hard core Zionist and hawk, Avigdor Lieberman named as Israel’s new minister of defense. Sparking protests in Tel Aviv

Our Sick Society Eagerly Creates Sick Children

Our Sick Society Eagerly Creates Sick Children

Zero population growth being the name of the game. Includes video