Gulf of Mexico oil spill

The background and ramifications of the Deepwater Horizon disaster

Gulf Seafood Deformities Alarm Scientists

Gulf Seafood Deformities Alarm Scientists

“The fishermen have never seen anything like this,” Dr Jim Cowan told Al Jazeera. “And in my 20 years working on red snapper, looking at somewhere between 20 and 30,000 fish, I’ve never seen anything like this either.” Includes video

Gulf Oil Spill Crisis Not Over: BP's Deepwater Horizon Well Is Leaking Again

Gulf Oil Spill Crisis Not Over: BP’s Deepwater Horizon Well Is Leaking Again

Expert on oil drilling disasters admits: “We may never be able to fully stop the leak”. Includes video

Alert: Whistleblowers Are Disappearing…Again

It seems whistleblowers are not only being discouraged but disappearing. Or should that read forcibly removed?

Is The New Madrid Fault Earthquake Zone Coming To Life?

Did the “oil volcano” unleashed by the BP oil spill in 2010 reactivate dormant fault lines beneath the United States? Let’s hope not. Because the U.S. economy is already teetering on the brink, and all it would take is one major earthquake to bring the entire house of cards crashing down

Damaged Gulf Stream Is Affecting Jet Stream: Global Abnormalities in Weather

Has the Gulf oil disaster adversely affected the Jet Stream resulting in abnormal weather around the world? Will the equilibrium be restored naturally or will we see the onset of a new Ice Age? Includes video link

Oil rig on fire after explosion off Louisiana

Thirteen workers jump to safety after another explosion on an offshore oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico

BP Disaster = Catastrophic Climate Change?

Italian theoretical physicist, Dr. Gianluigi Zangari, says the Gulf oil spill has caused a dramatic weakening in the the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Current, which could result in dramatic changes in climate

Oil to spill into Gulf ‘for at least two more months’

The “top kill” operation to plug the leak has failed and officials concede that oil could continue to pump into the Gulf for months yet. Leading some commentators to dub America’s worst environmental disaster ‘Obama’s Chernobyl’

Oil Spill Exaggerated, Pretext for Corexit?

The Gulf of Mexico will take years to recover from the recent oil spill. However, the real damage to health and the environment could only just be beginning with the use of Corexit in the cleanup

Oil Spill: BP’s Tony Hayward will ‘quit in days’

Chief executive Tony Hayward expected to announce his exit on Tuesday, ahead of BP’s half-year results. According to consensus estimates, those results are expected to show profits of nearly $10bn so far this year, despite Deepwater Horizon

Oil lies becoming more preposterous

They lied about 9/11. They lied about the need to make war on Iraq. They lied about the reasons they started bombing Afghanistan. Now they are lying about the Gulf of Mexico oil leak

“Second Oil Spill Confirmed -Smaller than the First” (which was the largest in history.)

Is the unfolding environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico being used to cover a depopulation program? Includes video links

Well Cap Causing Seabed to Leak – Engineer

A mechanical engineer with extensive experience in the oil industry writes that if he and his family were living in the gulf region “we would be packing our things right now and leaving”

They’re still lying about oil disaster

Oil industry insider insists ‘20 million people are entrapped in harm’s way’

A Biblical Catastrophe That Will Affect Us All

The uncontrolled oil spill could well devastate America. As intended

Impending BP Bankruptcy would induce an even bigger Financial Crisis

As horrific as the gulf environmental catastrophe is, an even more intractable and cataclysmic disaster may be looming

Truth And Consequences

Truth And Consequences

The Gulf of Mexico gusher is going to gush every second of every day for months to come. BP and the government are batting 100 per cent failure when it comes to stopping it. Michael Knight looks at some of the possible consequences

First Amendment suspended in the Gulf of Mexico as spill cover-up goes Orwellian

Forget freedom (your government already has). This begs the question: what exactly are they trying to hide?

Oil Disaster Will Be End of Life As We Know It

John Doty Jr. explains why it is no exaggeration to describe the ongoing disaster in the Gulf as an Armageddon event

The Coming Gulf Coast Firestorm

How the BP oil catastrophe could destroy a major U.S. city