Terror or false flag operations in Mumbia

Aftermath of attack on Mpeketoni, Kenya. Click to enlarge

‘White man speaking fluent British English’ led killing of 60 Kenyan football fans

Like the Mumbai attacks, the participation of ‘whites’ suggests the involvement of Western intelligence in what was essentially a false flag attack

Mumbai Terrorist Was U.S. Agent

The case against terrorist conspirator and “former” U.S. government agent David Coleman Headley is being ignored by the Western mainstream media. Yet it clearly indicates U.S. involvement in the bloody Mumbai killings in 2008

A spy unsettles US-India ties

The Western mainstream media has largely ignored this story; probably because it clearly indicates CIA involvment in the Mumbai terror attacks, which left 166 dead in November 2008

Mumbai, or how to get rid of the Islamic Bomb

Oklahoma wasn’t planned by Bill Clinton, but by George Bush. 9/11 wasn’t planned by George Bush, but by Bill Clinton. And the destruction and disarming of Pakistan – although planned and put into motion by Bush – will be completed by Obama

Interview: ‘Third party behind Mumbai attack’

A recent interview with Shah Zaman Khan, a senior diplomat at Pakistan’s High Commission in New Delhi, in which he speaks of the recent Mumbia terror attacks being the result of a “third party conspiracy”

Arrest Provides More Evidence India, Israel, and the U.S. Behind Mumbai Attacks

An Indian “counterinsurgency police officer who may have been on an undercover mission” has been arrested for illegally buying mobile phone cards used by the gunmen

More Mumbai Anomalies

Despite what the mainstream media is saying, there are more indications that those behind the Mumbai massacres were NOT Muslim

Mumbai Anomolies

Reports indicate that the Mumbai terrorists had been staying at the Jewish Centre (Nariman House) in a guest house for 2 weeks prior to the attacks

Mumbai attacks: Terrorists took cocaine to stay awake during assault

It stretches credulity that 10 men held hundreds of Indian police and troops at bay for nearly 3 days. Yet the mainstream media keeps repeating that they were “Muslim extremists” – who used drugs strictly prohibited by Islam?

Pakistani TV: ‘Hindu Zionists’ and Mossad Behind Mumbai Massacre

The terrorists looked like Hindus and “no Pakistani speaks the language they chatted in,” said security expert Zaid Hamid

India raises spectre of war over Mumbai attacks

Exactly what whoever was really behind the attacks intended

Indian intelligence ignored signs of imminent attack: newspaper

Like 9/11, the Mumbai atrocities pose many questions about the extent of the authorities foreknowledge, if they helped facilitate the attacks and ultimately to what end?

Mumbai attackers were 'well-trained, financed and prepared'

Mumbai attackers were ‘well-trained, financed and prepared’

And Western intelligence had no idea what has been called “India’s 9/11″ was coming? Like 9/11 we suspect the complicity of Western intelligence, in an effort to open another front against Islam in the so-called “War on Terror”

Mumbai Massacres as the Defeat of Counter-Terrorism

The Mumbai massacres highlight some salient points. First, America has lost its primacy as a super power; most people around the world regard its leadership as at best, a joke, at worst a solid core of evil. Second, the ‘War on Terror’ is a disaster

Sophistated Attacks But By Whom?

Little is known about those who carried out the atrocities in Mumbai and the only claim of responsibility comes from a group that may not even exist

Who was Behind the Mumbai Attacks?

A hitherto little known group has claimed responsibility for the terror attacks that left over a hundred dead and seemed to specifically target foreigners