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The Mother of all Hypocrisy

Some dead Syrian babies mean more than others. Robert Fisk on the West’s selective moral outrage on the murder of Syrian children and babies

U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Halley with the 'evidence' that Assad gassed his own people. Click to enlarge

How the U.S. Government Spins the Story

U.S. Ambassador, Nikki Haley display of photos before the UN was reminiscent of Colin Powell’s performance in 2003, but with hindsight, far less convincing

Parental Alienation: A Father's Pain

Parental Alienation: A Father’s Pain

Dan Abshear reflects on his emotional loss

Member of Free Syrian Army posing with Looted Christian cross and priests robes. Click to enlarge

Syria: Horrific Onslaught on Aramaic Christian Community of Ma’aloula at Hands of Western Backed “Moderate” Terrorists

Karmic forces are going to exact a heavy toll on the West for what it has done in Syria

Is the U.S. Military Planning to Take Over America?

If the U.S. military is planning to take over America by 2030, as this video claims, then they’ve got the right man in the White House to ensure their plan succeeds

Slow Dancing with the Zine Queens, on into the immeasurable Light

Slow Dancing with the Zine Queens, on into the immeasurable Light

Love has octaves: from the rutting stag to the praying saint. Certainly Michelangelo felt a kind of passion and Al Goldstein felt another kind of passion

Jessica Chastain in the Zookeeper's wife. Click to enlarge

New York Times Critic Complains Holocaust Movie Isn’t Gory Enough

What, one wonders, does the New York Times want to see? A gas chamber scene? Mengele’s experiments? Extras machine-gunned into mass graves?

North Korean missiles on diplay at the Day of the Sun parade in Pyongyang on Saturday. Click to enlarge

Did US hackers foil North Korea missile test? Cyber attack may have ruined Kim’s launch

Former UK defence cheif says there are strong suspicions that North Korea’s missile launch was sabotaged with “cyber methods”

Frightening times indeed

Once again Americans have been duped and lied to by their commander in chief. Trouble is it’s not only Americans who will pay. The whole world will. Irish Savant explains

Putin: ‘95% Of World Terrorist Attacks Are Orchestrated By The CIA’

Putin: ‘95% Of World Terrorist Attacks Are Orchestrated By The CIA’

This has received virtually zero coverage in the corporate media. Probably because it’s a little too close to the truth

Television as Mass Deception

Television as Mass Deception

Television is all about controlling the masses. John Hamer explains how the images you see on TV actually induce a state of semi-hypnosis

How to bring down the elephant in the room

Things are coming to a head, writes the Saker. Trump presented himself as a real alternative to the ultimate warmongering shabbos-shiksa Hillary. It is now pretty darn obvious that what we got ourselves is just another puppet

Royal carriage procession down the Mall. Click to enlarge

Is Trump a Closet Megalomaniac-Dictator?

There has always been something of the oligarch about Trump but now he’s revealing himself as more than your run-of-the-mill power-monger

Coincidence? White Helmets Work Only in 'Areas Where Islamist Groups Operate'

Coincidence? White Helmets Work Only in ‘Areas Where Islamist Groups Operate’

The Syrian White Helmets are a propaganda outfit rather than a humanitarian group, says activist German Joachim Guilliard

Almost Alive in the Manifest World of the Eternal, External Temporary

There is hope, writes Les Visible. We must take advantage of it rather than remain in pursuit of useless things

It’s WMD all over again. Why don’t you see it?

Today’s frenzy over alleged use of poison gas in Syria is the 2017 version of Anthony Blair’s WMD in Iraq. Peter Hitchens asks: will we never learn?

The New Ten Commandments

The New Ten Commandments

Includes video with Sibel Edmonds and James Corbett on Gladio false flag terror

MacArthur via Jeffrey Kaye. Click to enlarge

Why North Korea Needs Nukes – And How To End That

The current crisis with North Korea need never have happened. Moon of Alabama asks readers to consider what the media DON’T tells us about the country

That’s on the website promoting that RFID thing. A hand doing the devil’s horns sign while the RFID chip is emitting all kinds of signals.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/17

Vigilant Citizen on the corporate encroachment on what is supposed to be an “alternative event”, that’s now even promoting implants and a “cashless” society

12 April 2017 – the world is once again dragged into war

The White House has aligned itself with the Coalition of the neo-conservatives in the United Kingdom and a variety of multinational companies. Thierry Meyssan explains