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Once again language is distorted in order to hide US state wrongdoing

Using words to conceal state terror in the looking glass world of the War on-of Terror

How Vladimir Putin Upset Nato's Strategy

How Vladimir Putin Upset Nato’s Strategy

For NATO, the Turkish problem is turning into a nightmare. Thierry Meyssan explains

Dancing the Apocalypse Tandava with Amanita Muscaria Claws

Although most people are not awakening to it, there is another facet upon the jeweled agenda of Mr. Apocalypse, they will be

On the Brink of War and Economic Collapse

As the prospect of economic collapse looms, the U.S. led Western military alliance has been busy preparing for war. So has Russia.

Men, Don't Give Up on Women!

Men, Don’t Give Up on Women!

There are some things real men just don’t abandon. Includes video

RF radically rebuff US ambition to impose its will the world, sanction pressure

In another indication of the cooling-off in relations, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov says Russia will defy U.S. attempts to impose its will on the Russian Federation

Pooka Time in the Circus of the Ridiculous and Absurd

Pooka Time in the Circus of the Ridiculous and Absurd

Every so often I see something like this and I just have to shake my head

Here is a photo, taken by one of the girls' moms and posted to Twitter on Sunday posing with homosexual activist Jeremy Dias, founder of Jer's Vision, in an Ottawa-area restaurant. The tweet read: "Lunch with Jer from Jer's Vision." Click to enlarge

Catholic Schools Pressured to Endorse Gay Disorder

Gay activists now targeting Catholic schools in Ottawa, aided and abetted by the local media

Ritalin. Click to enlarge

Psychiatry: the modern priest-class

He’s been called ““the most powerful psychiatrist in America…”, yet he’s been quoted as saying that mental disorder has “no defintion … it’s bullshit”

The High Value Potential of each Living Moment

Realize that you are an investment banker too. Invest wisely in the eternal

China and the Jews

China and the Jews

When the time is right, I predict, the Jews will jump ship en masse and make China their next cash cow—but not before they have destroyed America

Slavery remains systemic part of American society: Chomsky

In the wake of Michael Brown’s shooting Chomsky is making accusations that seem intended to play on the sense of grievance among Black Americans

Chemtrails over Paris. "WHO you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?"  ~ Chico Marx, from 'Duck Soup', 1933.

State Media Turns Reality on its Head

To dismiss “conspiracy theories” enslaves you to mass media and government ‘disinfo. Andrew reflects on a subverted society

America's death dance. Click to enlarge

America’s death dance

If you think you can hide from the future and that all these problems will somehow blow over, then you should realize you’re already as good as dead

Palestinian Minister Ziad Abu Ein is confronted by Israeli security forces.

The Israeli Scientific Mind

Gilad Atzmon reflects on the death of Palestinian Minister Ziad Abu Ein and what Israel’s explanation really implies

Having Skin in the Game of Unfortunate Trends

I draw your attention to the Satanist pedophile murder scandal taking place in the UK. There is more going on at all times than meets the eye and there is far more going behind the scenes than we know about

Judaism is Template for Totalitarian NWO

Where does the desire to dominate and exploit others originate? The book, Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of 3000 Years by Israel Shahak provides the answer

5 not-so-peaceful Obama actions since nabbing Nobel Prize

Under President Obama the U.S. has bombed seven countries in six years; illustrating just how meaningless the “Peace Prize” is

It is our indignation, not that of the Arab world, that torturers fear. We are the bad guys too

You can take Obama’s statement the way he was going to close Guantanamo. Or the way he’s using more drones than Bush ever did

Dancing with the Broomsticks of the Sorcerers Apprentice

Dancing with the Broomsticks of the Sorcerers Apprentice

You can look at it as a gambling enterprise with long lived forces, outside the visual spectrum of ordinary mortals, who make wagers. We’re just the gambling chips