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On September 27, 2018, Benjamin Netanyahu pointed out to the United Nations General Assembly forum the warehouse that will explode on 4 August 2020 as a Hezbollah arms depot.

Israel destroys East Beirut with a new weapon

Thierry Meyssan contends Israel was behind the devastating blast in Beirut

The smoke mushroom observed in Beirut has nothing to do with what would have been caused by a conventional explosive.

Beirut Explosion Caused by Israeli Missile?

Adam Green analyses footage of the recent blast in Beirut. Was it an Israeli missile strike, as some claim?

“How can God be a God of Love when So Many Bad Things Happen in this World?”

Reflections on current events and an age old question

Mask Was Emblem of Bolshevik Terrorists

Mask Was Emblem of Bolshevik Terrorists

Are masks being used to unconsciously induct humanity into the Cabalist satanic cult?

“The Last Prophecy of Peter Deunov and a Commentary.”

Smoking Mirrors looks the prophecies of Peter Deunov, which for some will bring hope, and for others fear and dread

"Melbourne has Become a Living Hell"

“Melbourne has Become a Living Hell”

Lockdown has given Satanists a pretext to establish their NWO police state. Is Melbourne a foretaste of what lies in store for the rest of us?

George Floyd Got Justice

George Floyd Got Justice

Weeks after rioting over his death, police body camera footage reveals that George Floyd was not the victim of police brutality

Americans, War – Slow Learners

Americans, War – Slow Learners

If you though that a country that had been at war for that much of its existence would be good at it, you’d be wrong

UK Column News – 5th August 2020

Measures being used to contain Covid-19 include travel restrictions and demotions. According to Brian Gerrish these are distinctly, “Soviet-style plans”

Lebanon SITREP: Letter from a Lebanese friend

Lebanon SITREP: Letter from a Lebanese friend

The disaster in Beirut has been officially declared an accident. But as a Lebanese correspondent of the Saker explains, it also fits in with U.S.-Israeli plans

Eris - the Greek Goddess of strife and discord (Roman Discordia)

Daughters of the Night

John Kaminski on the revenge of the dwarf planets. With an astrological update that, for the U.S., could hardly be more ominous

Dispatches from the War: vaccine, Gates, racism, liberals, logic

The lockdowns, the distancing, the masks, the testing, the tracing are the effects. They are designed to prove there is a new and deadly virus, the cause.

The Insulted Majority

The Insulted Majority

Google owns Verily Life Sciences, a vaccine company that hopes to make big bucks from the Covid panic. Silencing doctors who debunk the scam plays into their scam

I Was Wrong: Congress Isn’t Cowardly; It’s Evil!

Blocking withdrawal from a hopeless Afghan War opposed even by its veterans, counts as criminally heinous – and par for the congressional course.

Yale Studies How to Make People Take the Pesticide

Yale Studies How to Make People Take the Pesticide

Study considers “the use of guilt, embarrassment, and anger, along with accusing anyone who doesn’t fall into line … of being ignorant, selfish, and cowardly”

Civilization expert Fred Markert warns there’s only ONE way to save America from catastrophic collapse

Mike Adams talks to an expert on the collapse of civilisations. Is that what we now face?

Dees: social distancing. Click to enlarge

The Coronavirus Response Is Pure State Terrorism Based on Propaganda

We are heading into even more dangerous waters as this state terror continues. Hiding behind a mask will not protect you from what is to come

Humanity is Under Attack

Humanity is Under Attack

Max Igan warns that the powers that be are preparing for a major cull and we will be blamed

Protestors prepare to pull down a statue to Andrew Jackson. Click to enlarge

Death of free speech in the US

How a terrifying revolution sweeping newsrooms sees journalists who deviate from the new norm hounded out – while 62 per cent of ordinary Americans are too frightened to speak freely

Anthony Migchels: Ending Debt & Usury Would Save Mankind

Anthony Migchels: Ending Debt & Usury Would Save Mankind

“It’s all about banking.” COVID hoax is an excuse to consolidate the power of the fraudulent world banking system.