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Into the Deep and Dark Mindinao Trench of Doubt

Into the Deep and Dark Mindinao Trench of Doubt

The signs are flashing on that Las Vegas strip of dancing neon that is the internet. They read California and “seismic event” in big letters.

Canada’s plan to make boycotting Israel a ‘hate crime’

Canada’s premier Stephen Harper on record as saying that criticism of Israel can be a form of “anti-Semitism”

A child’s bedroom in a destroyed home in al-Bureij refugee camp, September 2014. Click to enlarge

When “good morning” is an order to kill: Israel’s attack on my neighborhood

Abdellatif Abdeljawad reflects on IDF testimonies about “Operation Protective Edge” and the impact it had on his own family

Then look at this famous photo of Osama Bin Laden again in 2001. Click to enlarge

Bin Laden fixated on attacking U.S. interests -documents

Even though bin Laden’s now officially dead, as the old saying has it, the show must still go-on

One Way or Another, We All Live by Example

One Way or Another, We All Live by Example

The world of the moment is in a nose dive, spiraling toward a dreadful awakening

Mazal Tov To Ludwig Watzal and The ‘Call For BDS’

Mazal Tov To Ludwig Watzal and The ‘Call For BDS’

It is encouraging to read that Ludwig Watzal, my prime detractor in Germany, admits that the BDS Movement has been hijacked by Liberal Zionists

The lies of the elite to avoid peace from breaking out

A reminder of what we we’re told in the run-up to the Iraq invasion. Especially relevant now as a similar scenario could unfold with Ukraine. Swedish commentary with English sub-titles

Bride of Frankenfoods: Hilary Clinton. Click to enlarge

Bride of Frankenfood: Hillary Clinton pushes GMO agenda… hires Monsanto lobbyist… takes huge dollars from Monsanto

Make no mistake: A vote for Hillary is a vote for Monsanto

Freud wrote finance Bernays about "anti Semitic" incident on train. Click to enlarge

Anti Semitism is Often Justified

Anti Semitism is treated as though it were synonymous with genocide, writes Henry Makow. It is not

Rhinestones, Diamonds and Hard Baked Earth Syndrome

It’s all scripted and it has happened before. The failed experiments of hundreds of thousands and even millions of years lies buried under the sands of the sea

"Le Gall" is a contralto singer, and writer of Breton origin. This is how he look 30 years ago when he was part of the gay scene in Paris.

Gay Activism Part of Illuminati Conspiracy

The writer, who was once part of the Parisian gay scene, reveals how homosexuals are being exploited to establish a new tyranny

Are David Icke and Alex Jones Controlled Opposition Agents?

“The best way to control opposition is to lead it ourselves”. — Vladimir Lenin

Is Modern Science Turning Toward the Dark Side?

Seriously. That’s the question being asked by British medical journal, the Lancet, and given genetic modification, animal experiments and the pharmaceutical industry’s pursuit of profit over remedy it’s a valid question

Ernestine Rose, 1810-1892, little known feminist pioneer.

Ernestine Rose – “America’s First Jewish Feminist”

Solzhenitsyn said there’d be no Communism without Jews. Is the same true of Feminism?

Try as Hard as You Can and then You Let Go

Try as Hard as You Can and then You Let Go

The majority of us no longer know what normal is. The shared awareness of what it was is being bred out of the masses in specific steps

Seismic Event on German TV

Seismic Event on German TV

Ursula Haverbeck interviewed with English subtitles. Balanced, coherent and entirely convincing she challenges all we’ve been told about World War II

Yet another huge diplomatic victory for Russia

Unless you read Russian or monitor the free blogosphere, you might not have noticed this, but something big just happened in Russia.

Robert Edmondson: "I Testify Against the Jews"

Robert Edmondson: “I Testify Against the Jews”

Today more than ever, we are victims of brainwashing which equates defending our country, freedom, family and values with Nazi bigotry and genocide

To Be Free in the Realm of Bondage and Confinement

To Be Free in the Realm of Bondage and Confinement

One cannot stress too intensely, the importance of the divine in one’s life. All the yogas and disciplines of any type are just for the sake of tuning in

America Under Israeli Occupation

A little dated but still highly relevant. As Dahlia Wasfi highlights underlying elements that still dominate politics not only in America, but in the Western world as a whole