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Support MH17 Truth: Machine Gun-Like Holes Indicate Shelling from a Military Aircraft

Support MH17 Truth: Machine Gun-Like Holes Indicate Shelling from a Military Aircraft

The BBC is caught suppressing the evidence

Dr. Fevi Troy. Click to enlarge

Historian: 2016’s is ‘most Jewish’ race

So says Dr Tevi Troy, a presidential historian and former White House staffer

Shimon Peres was no peacemaker. I’ll never forget the sight of pouring blood and burning bodies at Qana

Peres said the massacre came as a ‘bitter surprise’. It was a lie: the UN had repeatedly told Israel the camp was packed with refugees

Julian Lee- "Racists" Defend True Diversity

Julian Lee- “Racists” Defend True Diversity

Whites are learning too late that their “leaders” are using migration to transform the West

Cause of Today’s Treacherous US-Russia Conflict Discovered in NY Times Archives

And the finger of blame, writes William Dunkerly, points directly at former-president Bill Clinton

In this frame grab taken from video provided by the Syrian anti-government activist group Aleppo Media Center (AMC), a child sits in an ambulance after being pulled out or a building hit by an airstirke, in Aleppo, Syria, Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2016. Syrian opposition activists reported an airstrikes on the al-Qaterji neighborhood in Aleppo late Wednesday. (Aleppo Media Center via AP)

The Oligarchy is Losing its Grip, But its Death Throes May Prove Fatal … to Us

Jim Jatras on the influence of ‘atrocity porn’

Israel is "Pure Evil" says Israeli Writer

Israel is “Pure Evil” says Israeli Writer

There is a “family resemblance” between the Israeli occupation and history’s evil regimes. Gideon Levy explains

Anatomy of the Deep State

From 2014: a former Congressional staff member on the hidden government that really calls the shots in Washington

Is Putin Controlling US Elections?

Brother Nathnael asks: Is Putin controlling U.S. elections? Or are Zionist Jews actually running the whole process?

I'm Raising My Son as a Boy

I’m Raising My Son as a Boy

“Are contemporary parents doing something wrong if they teach their children to identify with the gender they are given at birth?”

Burnt out Red Crescent aid convoy truck. Click to enlarge

Why the cease-fire in Syria has failed

To conceal western crimes in Deir ez-Zor, the MI6 organised the «bombing» of a aid convoy in Aleppo. Thierry Meyssan explains

I’ve a hunch Sadiq Khan knows exactly where to find the shekels for his next campaign. Click to enlarge

Yawn…Jews Are Furious Once Again

I’ve a hunch that London’s Lord Mayor, Sadiq Khan knows exactly where to find the shekels for his next campaign. Gilad Atzmon explains

Britain's United Nations representative Matthew Rycroft. Click to enlarge

Britain accuses Putin of ‘war crimes’ in Syria at bitter UN meeting

As the rift with Russia over Syria grows, the cynicism and hypocrisy displayed by Western diplomats reaches new heights

Homeless man (not 'Jon'). Click to enlarge

Homeless Man Thinks Charity Begins at Home

A Canadian who lived in his car for a year wonders why Canada imports refugees and ignores its own homeless?

The Deep State’s Candidate?

Years ago, I saw a tiny flag strung between two trees, “Obama and Oprah save the World.” Like fools, we expect salvation from the deep state’s cynical puppets

All Things in and Out of Time

I have never played in the big leagues, writes Les Visible. I’ve always been small time and small time suits me just fine

Is "Snowden" Movie a Form of Hypnosis?

Is “Snowden” Movie a Form of Hypnosis?

One of Henry Makow’s readers looks at Oliver Stone’s latest movie ‘Snowden’

For the first time, Saudi Arabia is being attacked by both Sunni and Shia leaders

A major event occurred this past week that was largely ignored by the world’s media. A conference of 200 Sunni prelates all but excommunicated Saudi Arabia’s leaders

Obama's 3 Head Scars and Hillary's 9/11 Seizure Explained: The Beast Has Its Head Wounded

Obama’s 3 Head Scars and Hillary’s 9/11 Seizure Explained: The Beast Has Its Head Wounded

Medical analysis of Hillary Clinton’s and Obama’s health. Some interesting medical coincidences leave tantalising questions

Daniel Patrick Moynihan U.S. Courthouse, Southern District of New York, at 500 Pearl St.

Insider Reveals: The Heart of the Judeo Masonic Legal Octopus

The “octopus” has an arm for whites, an arm for blacks and one for every group to manipulate one against the other to ensure control through divide and rule