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Weasels in the Collider and the Turning Wheel of Fortune

Weasels in the Collider and the Turning Wheel of Fortune

We are in the last gasp of a dying age. It is not just the end of an age but the end of a great cycle. What awaits is transformative beyond human imagination

Protocols of the Learned Elders ... Click to enlarge

The Protocols Of The Elders Of Labour

The following videos were not forged by a Russian Tsar. They are believed to be authentic documentations of Jewish Labour donors and peers.

Can I really believe what I just heard?

Did Donald Trump REALLY say that, asks John Kaminski? Or was he cynically trying to win a few votes with empty promises?

A Victoria's Secret model, the perfect 10?

Men – Design Your Perfect “10”

Henry Makow reflects on his cult-ural brainwashing and what it ultimately cost him

The Troubles of Life are all in Our Minds

The Troubles of Life are all in Our Minds

There are obviously a series of agendas at work, whose intent is to sow the seeds of chaos and confusion around the globe, while perverting every natural instinct

Hitler WAS a Zionist

Hitler WAS a Zionist

No one did more to establish the state of Israel than Hitler

Pressure grows on Jeremy Corbyn as dossier of anti-Semitism in Labour Party is revealed

This is beginning to look like a witch hunt. Not of “anti-Semites” though, but of those who dare criticise Israel and Zionism

NATO seeks permanent presence near Russia: Analyst

James Jatras, a former US Senate foreign policy analyst, tells Iran’s Press that NATO’s expansion eastwards is “really foolish and dangerous”.

Former Israeli justice minister and HaTnuah party leader Tzipi Livni  arrives to deliver a speech during an election campaign meeting in Tel Aviv, on January 25, 2015 ahead of the March 17 general elections. Oposition Labour party head Isaac Herzog and Livni have made an alliance to contest Israel's snap general election. Most Israelis would like to see Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu replaced after March elections but, paradoxically, he is seen as most suitable for the job, an opinion poll said on December 18, 2014.  AFP PHOTO / JACK GUEZ        (Photo credit should read JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Jews in uproar as Harvard law student asks top israeli official why she is “so smelly”

With an extended endnote by Eunice Fischlippe, “On The Need To Avoid Antisemitic Stereotypes”

Labour Has A Jewish Problem; it is dominated by Zionist Oligarchs

Labour Has A Jewish Problem; it is dominated by Zionist Oligarchs

If anyone had so far failed to notice the corrosive impact of Jewish power and Jewish political lobbying, Gilad Atzmon explains, it is now all out in the open.

The front cover of the Iranian weekly Seda depicts Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Donald Trump in a film poster

Iranian view of Donald Trump: familiar but no atomic challenger

Although Trump is viewed with much amusement in Tehran, a win by Hillary Clinton is viewed as a more daunting prospec

Syrian civil defence members carry wounded man to a hospital in the government controlled side of Aleppo. Click to enlarge

Syrian government solely behind Aleppo hospital strike – US

Washington gives its seal of approval to reports originating from a now notorious disinformation outlet

Saudi efforts to ‘modernise’ its economy away from oil are just PR tactics

— and the West is lapping them up

EU creator Jean Monnet was Roosevelt's eyes and ears in Europe. Some called him a US agent

The European Union always was a CIA project, as Brexiteers discover

It is odd that this study has never been translated into English, writes Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, since it is the best work ever written about the origins of the EU


Has the Labour Party gone insane? The former Mayor of London has been suspended from the party for remarks about Hitler and Israel. This has obviously upset some people, if only because what he said was true

Frank Lowy, Westfield and Croydon

Frank Lowy, Westfield and Croydon

Kevin Boyle on Frank Lowy, who double-insured the WTC with Larry Silverstein 50 days before 9/11, and who is currently demolishing the centre of Kevin’s home town

It's just a lot of Bad Feng Shui

It’s just a lot of Bad Feng Shui

The more I have to deal with the so called, alternative media, the more I smell the sulfur of George Soros all over the place

Segregated bathrooms are the last line of defence against the occult Jewish (central banker) attack on gender designed to dehumanize and enslave. For Satanists, sick is healthy and normal.

Transgender Debate Confirms Communist Control

Why are so many major trans-national corporations acting in unison on this one particular issue? Are they following instructions on social/sexual engineering?

Taking the Hound of Heaven for a Walk

It seems to me we have a choice every four years between sold out dickhead number one and sold out dickhead number two

Iran and Russia move closer but their alliance has limits

“Rouhani and Putin don’t get along that great,” says an insider. During his last visit to Tehran in November, Putin went straight from the airport to meet Khamenei, rather than seeing Rouhani first as most visitors do.