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Cuba Claims Justin Trudeau Is Fidel Castro’s Son

Cuba Claims Justin Trudeau Is Fidel Castro’s Son

A suicide note by Fidel Castro’s son claims Canadian premier Justin Trudeau is his half-brother

Salih Khater. Click to enlarge

The Illuminati’s Strategy of Tension

The Illuminati have used terror to destabilize society for decades.

London Terror Suspect Named as Sudanese Migrant Salih Khater

The suspect has no known ties to militants or any political affiliations. So what made his do what he did?

Beijing responds with tariffs3

Beijing Responds with Their Own Tariffs. US-China Trade

A trade dispute between China and the U.S. is turning into a trade war. Will it escalate still further into a military confrontation?

US FY 2019 Defense Budget Becomes Law

An overview of the 2019 Defense Budget and how its $716 billion will be spent

Corbyn at wreath laying ceremony

Before Attack on Corbyn for Wreath-Laying, Netanyahu Celebrated Terror Attack that Killed 28 Brits

George Galloway and Whitney Webb on why Netanyahu’s recent criticism of Jeremy Corbyn is sheer hypocrisy

This TEDx Talk Attempts to Normalize Pedophilia

This TEDx Talk Attempts to Normalize Pedophilia

The campaign to get same-sex marriage seen as “normal”, or at least socially acceptable, was only the thin end of the wedge.

The Great Charlottesville Hack of 2018: A Message to the People of Charlottesville

A former resident asks: why did one particular Charlottesville city official bring thugs and agitators into the city to create havoc?

Why I Said Global Warming is the Biggest Fraud in History – Dan Pena

Straight-talking on the Global warming scam

Censorship Is What Happens When Powerful People Get Scared

If nothing else the censorship by tech giants proves the establishment is scared. It has also backfired spectacularly

The Grand Upheaval Begins

The Grand Upheaval Begins

All roads now lead to a post-West order. Brother Nathanael on reflects the legacy of Zbigniew Brzezinski

Henry Kravis at the Davos Forum. Close to John McCain, the founder of KKR is a member of the Council for Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group (of which his wife is an administrator). He employs General David Petraeus (ex-director of the CIA) with whom he organised the transfer of funds and weapons to Daesh. A long-term friend of Emmanuel Macron, he secretly financed his electoral campaign.

Seize the transnational corporations to rebuild Syria?

Thierry Meyssan asks whether this is desirable or even possible?

The Prison House of the Punishment of the Flesh ... in Search of Liberation

The Prison House of the Punishment of the Flesh … in Search of Liberation

Just as the sun is responsible for all life on the manifest planet and without which there would be none, so it is in the metaphysical. Les Visible explains

Trump and Omarosa. Click to enlarge

Piers Morgan Recalls His Encounter with Omarosa

A few months old but still highly relevant in view of Omarosa’s allegations about Trump

Who Killed Alan Berg?

Who Killed Alan Berg?

Berg could have become the Alex Jones of his time. Were White nationalists wrongly blamed for killing the Jewish talk show host?

Good News This Week!

Good News This Week!

For a change, James Corbett has some good news

America’s Persistent Russia Delusion

The media is pounding away like a hyperactive child with a new drum. Russia, we are told repeatedly, is meddling in our affairs. However, as Publius Tacitus explains, the facts and history speak otherwise

The Throne and the Altar

The Throne and the Altar

Do not overestimate importance of money, writes Israel Shamir. Clinton had much more money than Trump, yet she lost

Black Migration as White Ethnic Cleansing in the US

Black Migration as White Ethnic Cleansing in the US

Sponsoring migration is a longtime Illuminati ploy. E Michael Jones book, Slaughter of the Cities chronicles the creation of modern urban America

Lord Levy, otherwise known as Lord Cashpoint, and Tony Blair

Blow-back is a bitch

Like Frankenstein, identity politics is turning on its creators. Irish Savant explains