After 911 it marked the first phase of the War on Terror. But history may be repeating itself: first a British army was defeated here at the height of Empire, then the Soviets were forced to withdraw, now Coalition forces are facing increasing resistance

U.S. and Afghan troops on patrol near the town Yawez

US planning to keep military forces in Afghanistan for “decades”

Will Washington embark on another large-scale redeployment if a resurgent Taliban threaten to oust the U.S. installed regime in Kabul?

As Taliban advance in Helmand, Afghan police flee

More than 100 British military personnel were killed in and around Sangin. Now the Taliban are advancing, recapturing old stronghold with the Afghan police in flight. Raising questions over whether the original Western deployment was worth it

One U.S. service member killed, two wounded in Afghanistan

So despite claims to the contrary, U.S. forces are still engaged in combat operations in Afghanistan and there are thought to be around 10,000 U.S. military personnel still in the country

Afghan Security forces defeated by Taliban fighters in southern Helmand province. Click to enlarge

You won’t hear it, but news from Afghanistan is bad

General John F Campbell, the US commander of Western forces in Afghanistan, has admitted there could be as many as 5,000 ISIS fighters in the country

Afghan Army soldiers. Their officers have finally received equipment, ammunition and food in Sangin

Inside the battle for Sangin: Taliban ‘in control of all but handful of buildings’

After Russian troops left in 1989 the Taliban took control. Now 14 months after British troops left Helmand, the Taliban are close to retaking it. Is history repeating itself?

Residents flee as smoke rises over a suicide bomb attack that targeted foreign forces in the Helmand capital, Lashkar Gah Nov, 2015. Click to enlarge

Afghanistan’s Helmand province may fall to Taliban, official says

With security deteriorating conditions, the US halted troops withdrawals from Afghanistan in October, 2015. But that may not save Helmand

Britain says to maintain military presence in Afghanistan in 2016

Joining the U.S. and its NATO partners, Britain will postpone completing the withdrawal of its remaining troops in Afghanistan following the recent upsurge in Taliban activity

US troops working alongside NATO forces in Kabul. Click to enlarge

NATO countries to join US and remain in Afghanistan, officials say

Following America’s lead, Germany, Turkey and Italy have also announced that they will put a hold on withdrawing their forces from Afghanistan

U.S. and Afghan troops on patrol near the town Yawez

US Decides to Stay in Afghanistan in Response to Russia’s Success in Syria?

The US has halted the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan. Is this in response to recent Taliban gains? Or recent Russian gains in Syria?

David Stokes, head of Doctors Without Borders,stands in the ruined Kunduz hospital

U.S. airstrike on Afghan hospital was not a mistake, MSF head says

Head of Doctors Without Borders says the ‘extensive, quite precise’ damage at the Kunduz hospital ‘doesn’t indicate a mistake.’ Wants War Crime investigation

Migrant injured after clash. Click to enlarge

Bloody violence breaks out between Syrian and Afghan migrants as they fight to board trains

Karma coming home? Refugees from two conflicts instigated by the West pour into Europe, bringing conflict with them

Obama Puts the Brakes on U.S. Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan

America’s longest running military campaign looks set to drag on even longer, as Obama announces changes to the scheduled withdrawal timetable from Afghanistan

Taliban threaten second Afghan provincial capital as insurgency spreads

Afghan national security forces struggling to cope with Taliban offensive now foreign forces have left

U.S., NATO signal willingness to slow Afghan drawdown

The Taliban’s brief takeover of Kunduz has prompted a rethink on the timetable for the US/NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan

MSF hospital: US condemned over ‘horrific bombing’ in Afghanistan

Médecins Sans Frontières says more than 20 staff killed in airstrikes that allegedly continued after alarm was raised with US

Taliban widen offensive as Afghan army fails to retake Kunduz

Taliban widen offensive as Afghan army fails to retake Kunduz

Militants appear to be digging around Kunduz, the largest Afghan city to fall to the Taliban in the 14-year war

Taliban fighters storm the Afghan city of Kunduz and free hundreds of militants from prison

The Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989. By 1996 the Taliban had seized control of Kabul. Following NATO’s withdrawal last year is history about to repeat itself?

Taliban frees 350 inmates in Afghan jail raid

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in 1996, seven years after Soviet forces withdrew. Is history about to repeat itself?

Crossing the border into Hungary

Letter from Hungary: Migrants seek EU’s field of dreams

We explain why the accompanying Associated Press article is little more than disinformation

3 US contractors killed in Afghanistan after suicide car bomber hits NATO convoy

3 US contractors killed in Afghanistan after suicide car bomber hits NATO convoy

The US remains in Afghanistan to ensure the lucrative narcotics trade continues. Only now private contractors have been enlisted