After 911 it marked the first phase of the War on Terror. But history may be repeating itself: first a British army was defeated here at the height of Empire, then the Soviets were forced to withdraw, now Coalition forces are facing increasing resistance

‘Unprecedented’ surge in cheap, high-purity heroin expected from Afghanistan, UN warns

In spite of warning that the West faces “unprecedented amounts of heroin” from Afghanistan, the following report makes one vital omission.

British troops arrive at Kandahar in Afganistan in 2014. Click to enlarge

UK may double troops in Afghanistan after Donald Trump request

The Taliban is resurgent and Trump’s plan to further commit to America’s longest war, rather than withdraw, is in trouble. So now he’s asking for more British troops

Before US Troops Protected Poppies In Afghanistan, There was No Opioid Epidemic in America

While the US controls the world’s opium supply in Afghanistan, the rate of Americans addicted to heroin and who have died from drug overdoses has skyrocketed

Figures reveal dire trend in Afghan opium production

After 17-years of war Afghanistan is the world’s top cultivator of the poppy from which opium and heroin are produced.

Poppy fields in Helmand Province. In 2000 the ruling Taliban outlawed the cultivation of poppies. By June 2001 Afghanistan's drug production had all but ended. Western forces invaded the country in November and the drug trade was quickly re-established. Was this the REAL reason for the U.S. led invasion?  Click to enlarge

At Heroin’s Source, Taliban Do What ‘Just Say No’ Could Not

Flashback to 18-years-ago: a reminder of exactly why the West is in Afghanistan

The US  has sent thousands  more troops to Afghanistan.  Click for story

Amid little scrutiny, U.S. military ramps up in Afghanistan

The longest war in America’s history just intensified with no end in sight

Afghan security: Britain 'should commit more troops'

Afghan security: Britain ‘should commit more troops’

Thousands more US troops are being sent to Afghanistan and they could be joined by British troops, who will join the 600 British troops already in the country

Russia Takes the Lead in Syria While Afghanistan War Is ‘Worse Than It’s Ever Been,’ Former U.S. Defense Chief Says

Chuck Hagel’s comments echo those of Special Forces Commandant Raymond Thomas, who also says that Russia now has an advantage over the U.S.

Afghanistan War Spending, In 2018 Alone, Could End US Homelessness—TWICE

America’s longest war will cost U.S. taxpayers $45 billion in 2018. Despite this the Taliban continue to advance and they now control more territory than they did in 2001

Intensified Bombing for Victory in Afghanistan

In Dec 2013 Trump urged Americans not to “allow our very stupid leaders to sign a deal that keeps us in Afghanistan through 2024″. With Trump increasing U.S. forces in Afghanistan one wonders who is the stupid leader now?

Afghan National Army soldiers. click to enlarge

Taliban control of Afghanistan on the rise, US data reveals

Despite President Trump’s pledge to win in Afghanistan, newly released figures show the Taliban is steadily gaining ground

A-10s Return to Afghanistan as Air Campaign Heats Up

It’s not only US ground troops that are returning in strength to Afghanistan. A squadron of A1- Thunderbolts has just been deployed to provide air support

Black smoke billows from the Intercontinental hotel in Kabul. Click to enlarge

4 Afghans, 14 foreigners killed in attack on luxury hotel in Kabul

Underlining the deteriorating security situation in the country, this is the second time the Taliban have seized the hotel since 2011

SAS soldier cut head off jihadi with a SPADE after running out of ammo

SAS soldier cut head off jihadi with a SPADE after running out of ammo

This report omits an obvious conclusion: that British Special Forces are again engaged in combat operations in Afghanistan

US troops arrive at Afghan base. Click to enlarge

2 Fort Carson brigades tapped for Afghanistan deployment

Over 14,000 U.S. troops are now in Afghanistan with hundreds more ‘advisors’ deployed in the field with Afghan forces

Over 1,000 US troops to patrol in Afghanistan in 2018: US commander

Over one thousand U.S. troops will go on combat patrols with their Afghan allies in 2018, in what many see as a make or break year in America’s longest running war

USAF F-15E Strike Eagle drop 2000lbs munitions. Click to enlarge

Donald Trump Triples The Number Of Bombs Dropped In Afghanistan

Despite his pre-election pledge, Trump has deployed more troops and dropped nearly triple the amount of bombs on Afghanistan in 2017 than in 2016

US invaded Afghanistan to restore heroin industry – now pretending to fight it

Trump, who had spoken against the Afghan war and dubbed it “Obama’s war”, has now authorized the deployment of thousands more troops to the conflict

Afghanistan opium production almost doubled in 2017: Survey

According to a United Nations survey, Afghan opium production is 87 percent higher so far this year than in 2016

"Delay, Deny, Hope You Die": A Documentary

“Delay, Deny, Hope You Die”: A Documentary

How the military-industrial complex treats those who do its dirty work. A clip from a new documentary about US soldiers poisoned in Iraq and Afghanistan