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Goldman Sucks

Goldman Sucks

As the death toll climbs the director of company responsible for Grenfell Tower refurbishment admits he doesn’t know what Tower’s cladding was made from.

Grenfell Tower ablaze. Click to enlarge

6 killed, 74 injured in massive London high-rise blaze

One desperate woman threw a baby out of a high window and a man on the ground managed to catch the child, a witness said

Iran’s supreme leader calls US fight against ISIS ‘a lie’ as allegations intensify

“America is a terrorist country and backs terrorism”, says Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, as senior Iranian official accuses Washington of using ISIS as proxies

Theresa 'Je Suis Juif' vs. Jeremy 'Turn the other Cheek'. Click to enlarge

Nostalgia and British Politics

How many of those who know the truth about Britain’s ‘interventionist wars’, also grasp who triggers these conflicts? Today’s UK election results provide a clear answer

Election Deals May a Potentially Fatal Blow

Pound crashes to seven-month low against euro as shock election result rattles markets and threatens Brexit talks. While in Scotland SNP suffers major losses

Two dead, three officers injured and a woman saved from an ‘ISIS’ gunman

Melbourne police probe possible terror connection after shoot-out leaves two gunmen dead and three policemen and a hostage injured

Child Defenders Battle Pedophiles Online

Child Defenders Battle Pedophiles Online

Pedophiles follow homosexual path to acceptance

Posthumous wedding for police officer killed in Champs-Élysées attack

Adding to doubts about the authenticity of the French Terror narrative, it transpires that one of the first police responders at the Bataclan theatre was also a gay rights activist

Bilderberg 2017 Agenda, Participants Revealed

Includes list of participants and talking points

Saudi Arabia to behead disabled man

Saudi Arabia to behead disabled man

Saudis to behead a disabled man after he attended an anti-government protest.

North Korea War Would Be ‘Catastrophic,’ U.S. Defense Secretary Mattis Warns

War with North Korea would be the “worst kind of fighting in most people’s lifetimes,” Secretary of Defense James Mattis says

Trump with Saudi leaders recently. Click to enlarge

Trump: Dancing with Wolves on the Titanic

Empires often end in violence and chaos but, as the Saker explains, Trump has apparently decided to add a good measure of ridicule to the mix.

Veterans: Heroes, Mercenaries or Dupes? Click to enlarge

Memorial Day Requires a Rethink

When central bankers financed both sides of the world wars, shouldn’t we end the deception that wars are honorable?

Sources: 3rd US Naval Strike Force Deployed to Deter North Korea

USS Nimitz sails to join USS Carl Vinson and USS Ronald Reagan in the waters off the coast of Korea

Terror Distracts from Traitors Within

Terror Distracts from Traitors Within

False flag terror is the oldest trick in the Protocols of Zion playbook.

Are we now paying the price for the chaos Cameron unleashed in Libya?

Like Tony Blair in Iraq, David Cameron had not considered the aftermath of enforced regime change in Libya. The Manchester bombing was a consequence

Aerial view and map of Brak al-Shati air base

Libya — Massacre At Brak al-Shatti May Trigger Larger Civil War

A massacre at a Libyan air base threatens to intensify the civil war as Russia assumes a larger role in the region

Trump in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Click to enlarge

Trump slams Iran in first foreign speech

Trump’s speech doesn’t auger well for the future as he said exactly what his Saudi hosts, and Israel, wanted to hear

Trump says Joe Lieberman one of his top picks for FBI job

Trump says Joe Lieberman one of his top picks for FBI job

If confirmed this will effectively prove that Trump is another servant of the deep state

German soldiers arrive in Turkey for their deployment turnover May 1, 2013, at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey. The German soldiers were switching out with other soldiers to support NATO’s commitment to Turkey’s solidarity. (U.S Air Force photo by Senior Airman Daniel Phelps/Released)

German Military to Leave Turkish Airbase: Split Inside NATO

Fractures emerge within the Western military alliance