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Veterans: Heroes, Mercenaries or Dupes? Click to enlarge

Memorial Day Requires a Rethink

When NATO fomented and led a revolution in Libya in 2011 it was one of only four countries in the world that didn’t have a Rothschild central bank. Now it does

Jaish Al Sunnah Convoy Heading To Azaz From Turkey To Fight Against YPG Forces. Click to enlarge

Turkey Supports Syria Al Qaeda By Convoys of Weapon: Russian Gen. Staff

There is a “never-ending flow of large trucks from Turkey carrying weapons and ammunition”, says Russian general

Former NATO Chief Appointed as ‘Advisor’ to Ukraine President

NATO continues its steady surreptitious advance towards Russia’s borders

Indian Navy ship docks in Bandar Abbas in August 2015. Click to enlarge

US lawmakers question India’s Chabahar port agreement with Iran

U.S. concerns about India’s development of a port in southern Iran could become more pronounced as the Indian Navy prepares for joint naval drills with Iran

Steve Hilton with Cameron in the Cabinet Room at No 10 Downing Street. Click to enlarge

Why we MUST quit the EU, by Cameron’s guru

Former key advisor to David Cameron breaks ranks and urges Britons to vote to leave the E.U., saying it has become “arrogant and unaccountable”

Reese M. Hartstirn. Click to enlarge

Man chokes 8-year-old girl in public restroom: will media ignore?

You have to be amazed at the way the media elite decides what is “news” and what is “not news.”

Wreckage of EgyptAir plane found in Mediterranean

Wreckage of EgyptAir plane found in Mediterranean

Passenger’s belongings and parts of the Airbus A320 spotted about 290 kilometres (180 miles) north of Egypt’s coastal city of Alexandria

Russia Defense Report: Black Sea Frigates

A look at some of the ships in Russia’s Black Sea Fleet

International Policy On Libya: Arm *Someone* And Hope For The Best

The West is to supply ‘arms’ to a Government of National Accord (GNA) in Libya that doesn’t exist yet but will be selected, not by the Libyan people, but by a combination of the UN, EU, US and UK. Richard J.C. Galustian explains

EgyptAir flight MS804 disappears from radar on flight from Paris to Cairo

Flight disappeared from radar shortly after entering Egyptian airspace. Officials say they ‘cannot rule out terrorism’

US Navy poised to take ownership of its largest destroyer, the futuristic and stealthy Zumwalt

US Navy poised to take ownership of its largest destroyer, the futuristic and stealthy Zumwalt

Sailors’ personal effects are being moved aboard as the crew prepares to take charge of America’s most advanced warship

State Department Install Bankster Puppet in Brazil

State Department Install Bankster Puppet in Brazil

Interim president worked as an informant for US intelligence

NATO missile defence base Romania. Click to enlarge

Russia will act to neutralize U.S. missile shield threat: Putin

Putin warns that the establishment of a missile shield across Europe could mark the start of a new arms

Bill Clinton Flew on Disgraced Donor’s Jet 26 Times

Flight logs reveal frequent flights on financier’s Jeffrey Epstein’s jet. Epstein was convicted on multiple counts of having provided underage girls as prostitues for celebrities, politicians and royalty

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gestures as he leaves a news conference in Istanbul, Turkey May 9, 2011. REUTERS/Murad Sezer/File Photo

Ahmadinejad’s return to public eye in Iran fuels talk of a comeback

This is something the West does NOT want. So it may have to help bolster Rhouhani by delivering its part of the nuclear accord, by releasing withheld Iranian assets

FILE- In this Tuesday, June 7, 2011 file photo, a US Navy officer, name not available, stands on the weapons control deck of the USS Monterey as screens display the Black Sea region, in the Black Sea port of Constanta, Romania. A U.S. missile defense system aimed at protecting Europe from ballistic missile threats is moving into higher gear this week, with a site in the village of Deveselu, Romania becoming operational on Thursday, May 12, 2016, and officials breaking ground at a separate site in Poland a day later.(AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda, File)

US Gears up Missile Defense System in Europe to Russia’s Ire

NATO’s build-up on Russia’s western border continues. With a new missile defence installations becoming operational in Romania and another planned for Poland

Sex abuse victim in her twenties allowed euthanasia as mental health problems ‘INCURABLE’

We reserve judgement on euthanasia but this sets a very ominous precedent

Monica Kelsey - herself an abandoned baby - has launched the scheme Credit: Facebook/Safe Haven Baby Box

‘Baby boxes’ to allow mothers to drop off unwanted newborns launch in US

As the correspondent who sent this in noted: there’s something truly horrifying about this

All Of A Sudden, Fish Are Dying By The MILLIONS All Over The Planet

Reports coming in from Chile, China, India, Brazil, Colombia and other nations of millions dead fish washed up on beaches

Smoke rises following an Israeli air strike in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, on May 5, 2016.

Israeli Jets Pound Gaza in Worst Violence since 2014 War

While the corporate looks the other way Israel steps its airstrikes on Gaza