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Southern Poverty Law Center brands some peaceful groups as ‘hate groups’

The Southern Poverty Law Center is now targeting groups advocating “religious freedom … marriage and family”

Hotel security restrain Abdel-Rahman Shaaban . Click to enlarge

Egypt knife attacker first sat, spoke with 2 German victims

“Stay back, I am not after Egyptians,” knifemen shouted in a stabbing spree that left two German women dead and four others injured

Congressman: ‘Suicide’ of GOP Operative Who Tried to Obtain Hillary Emails is “Awfully Suspicious”

Another addition to the growing Clinton Body Count? This one courtesy Hillary Clinton?

Amber Rudd. Click to enlarge

Extremist groups posing as charities to get hundreds of thousands in donations

Report into funding of militants will not be published in full. Sparing the Saudis embarrassment and proving the UK is ready to cooperate with militant’s backers

Zimbabwe 2.0: South Africa President Proposes Land "Expropriation Without Compensation"

Zimbabwe 2.0: South Africa President Proposes Land “Expropriation Without Compensation”

South Africa appears to be following Zimbabwe down the same dark path

They Spoke

Israel Shamir reflects on the recent meeting between Presidents Trump and Putin

Revelers enjoy the Pride London Parade in London, Saturday, July 8, 2017. The Parade attracts an estimated crowd of 1 million onlookers, while around 26,500 people are taking part in the annual Parade making this the city's biggest one-day event and one of the world's biggest LGBT+ celebrations. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

Mayor says London’s pride parade ‘best antidote’ to tragedy

London’s parade followed a similar event in New York, which was also attended by political heavyweights. Why are our political leaders now promoting ‘gay lifestyle?’

German Police Arrest ‘High Level Politicians’ In Major Pedophile Ring Bust

German Police Arrest ‘High Level Politicians’ In Major Pedophile Ring Bust

German police move on elite paedophile ring involving entertainers and high level politicians

Welcome To Hell

Welcome To Hell

Anti-G20 protesters take to the streets in Hamburg. The giveaway that agent provocateurs were involved was the participation of “open border” activists

122 Nations Create Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons

None of the world’s nuclear armed nations bothered to turn up at the United Nations to vote. EXCEPT North Korea, which voted in favour of the treaty

The Undeniable Pattern Of Russian Hacking

Trump has compared claims about Russian interference in the US election with allegations that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction in 2002

U.S. prepared to use force on North Korea ‘if we must': U.N. envoy

Korean missile test seen as a direct challenge to President Trump, who has vowed to prevent North Korea from developing the ability to hit the U.S.

N. Korea Launches Possibly Most Successful Missile Test Yet

Successful test launch of missile that could potentially reach Alaska

Tillerson and Mattis Cleaning Up Kushner's Middle East Mess

Tillerson and Mattis Cleaning Up Kushner’s Middle East Mess

Recent Saudi actions have pushed Qatar into the arms of Iran. According to one Pentagon consultant: “with friends like these, who needs enemies”.

‘We don’t live in China!’

Theresa May’s proposals to curb extremism on the internet have been compared to that of ‘a Chinese dictator’ by her OWN counter-terrorism watchdog

China accuses U.S. of ‘serious provocation’ as warship sails near disputed island

China has accused the U.S. of deliberately stirring up trouble in the South China Sea by staging “provocative operations”

Several rapes at Swedish festivals last night

Several rapes at Swedish festivals last night

This is actually becoming the norm in Sweden, the country that already has the highest rape rate in Europe

By demanding the end of Al Jazeera, Saudi Arabia is trying to turn Qatar into a vassal state

By demanding the end of Al Jazeera, Saudi Arabia is trying to turn Qatar into a vassal state

Saudi Arabia’s demand that Qatar close Al Jaeera could be likened to the EU demanding the Theresa May shut down the BBC

Syrian Refugees Fight Canadians With Rocks, Bricks

Initially they were welcomed but it didn’t take long before things turned nasty

The Saudi-Qatar Spat – An Offer To Be Refused

Moon of Alabama on the ongoing rift between Saudi Arabia and Qatar