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General Adrian Bradshaw. Click to enlarge

Russian tensions could escalate into all-out war, says Nato general

Tensions between Russia and the West continue to mount as Britain’s top NATO general warns they could erupt into all-out war

Anti-Putin Journalist-Truth About Ukraine

A long time Putin critic reveals the truth about events in eastern Ukraine before an invited studio audience in Kiev, among them Georgia’s former president Saakashvili. Leaving them shocked

RAF Typhoon intercepts Russian Bear bomber. Click to enlarge

Typhoon fighter jets intercept Russian Bear bombers off the coast of Cornwall

The incident occurred as Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said that Putin’s Russia is as big a threat to Britain as Islamic State

A view of an explosion after shelling is seen not far from Debaltseve. Click to enlarge

Pro-Russian Rebels Seize Strategic Town of Debaltseve

As pro-Russian fighters consolidate their gains in eastern Ukraine, the battle lines for the next major military confrontation are being drawn

Ukrainian forces quit besieged town after rebel assault

Ukrainian government forces are now in retreat having abandoned the strategically important town of Debaltseve

A Ukrainian serviceman stands on top of a KRAZ armoured vehicle close to a car of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in Soledar of Donetsk Oblast on Feb. 17. Click to enlarge

Ukraine truce unravels as rebels advance into government-held town

Up to 90 per cent of the besieged city of Debaltseve may now be in the hands of pro-Russian insurgents with the “ceasefire” now in tatters

James Gamble. Click to enlarge

Bizarre “Valentine’s Day Massacre Plot” Foiled

It has been given little publicity outside Canada, but recent events there echo Columbine and Sandy Hook

Poland kicks off unprecedented military spending spree

With an eye on events unfolding just over its eastern border, Poland has embarked on an unprecedented military spending spree worth billions

Ukrainian leaded Petro Poroshenko. Click to enlarge

Shelling Abruptly Stops as Poroshenko Orders Government to Implement Cease-Fire

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a rebel in eastern Ukraine said local fighters were being helped by “guests from Russia.”

Saxon armoured vehicle. Click to enlarge

General Sir Richard Dannatt condemns armoured vehicle transfer to Ukraine

Nonetheless, the transfer of the unarmed but armoured vehicles will go ahead

Ukraine crisis: Poroshenko says peace agreement in danger

The deadline for a halt in hostilities was agreed at one minute after midnight on Sunday but the ceasefire agreement looks increasingly fragile

Pictured are pro-Zionist ‘New Atheists’ Bill Maher and Sam Harris on an episode of Real Time.(Image: Courtesy Non-Aligned Media)

Chapel Hill Shooting and the ‘New Atheist’ Neocons

Three young Muslim university students were shot dead ‘execution-style’ in their apartment on Tuesday. Ostensibly over a “parking dispute”

Ukraine Says 8 Troops Killed in Past Day Despite Peace Deal

Fighting continues in the run-up to the implementation of the peace accord due on Sunday

Presidents Putin and Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Ukrainnian President Poroshenko at the signing of the peace accord in Minsk

Ukrainian crisis: Ceasefire agreed as Russia launches military exercises – across 12 regions

Ceasefire due to be implemented on Saturday but uncertainty over whether it will last

US army to start training Ukrainian troops, commander says

A battalion of U.S. troops will deploy in Ukraine to begin ‘training’. More could follow

A-10 Thunderbolt, otherwise known as the 'Warthog'. Click to enlarge

Air Force deploys 12 Warthogs, 300 airmen to Germany

From Germany the planes and crew will be deployed further eastwards, possibly to Poland

Ukrainian Army Soldiers Surrender in Debaltesvo “Cauldron”.

Ukrainian soldiers tell of how Kiev provided them with little support and only deployed “barrier squads” behind front line units to prevent them retreating. With English subtitles

Ukrainian parliament. click to enlarge

Ukrainian parliament passes law allowing army deserters to be shot

Men of eligible age for military service already face restriction leaving the country. Now a new law has been passed authorising the shooting of deserters

Many of the victims, some as young as 11, came from troubled backgrounds. Click to enlarge

PC under investigation over Rotherham sex abuse scandal dies in crash

Is a deadly cover-up underway in Rotherham?

Senators Urge Obama to Send Lethal Weapons to Ukraine

Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham foremost among those urging Obama to arm Ukraine