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By demanding the end of Al Jazeera, Saudi Arabia is trying to turn Qatar into a vassal state

By demanding the end of Al Jazeera, Saudi Arabia is trying to turn Qatar into a vassal state

Saudi Arabia’s demand that Qatar close Al Jaeera could be likened to the EU demanding the Theresa May shut down the BBC

Syrian Refugees Fight Canadians With Rocks, Bricks

Initially they were welcomed but it didn’t take long before things turned nasty

The Saudi-Qatar Spat – An Offer To Be Refused

Moon of Alabama on the ongoing rift between Saudi Arabia and Qatar

How Come Grenfell is Still Standing?

How Come Grenfell is Still Standing?

Grenfell tower was an inferno that burned through the night. The WTC also burned but it collapsed after a few hours. Which building defied the laws of physics?

Russia fires Kalibr cruise missiles on Isis targets in Syria

Russia fires Kalibr cruise missiles on Isis targets in Syria

Russian Navy launches renewed cruise missile strikes on Isis targets in Syria. Those militants who survived were then it by Russian follow-up air strikes. Includes video

Finsbury Park attack suspect has mental health issues, sister says

The man who drove a car into worshippers leaving a Finsbury Park mosque was not politically motivated but mentally unstable, say his sister. Adding that he had recently attempted suicide

Grenfell Tower ablaze. Click to enlarge

London Residents Speak The Truth About The Grenfell Tower Fire

The authorities aren’t saying what really happened in London’s richest borough and nor are the media. But these locals have some interesting things to say

Adjustements in the Middle East

Thierry Meyssan explains that using Daesh, the US is trying to cut the communication route between Beirut-Damascus-Baghdad-Teheran and Beijing.

Study: teen pregnancies fall after cuts to birth control budgets

Underage teen pregnancies fall over 42% following cuts to sex-education programs and reduced availability of contraceptives

Grenfell Tower was fitted with cladding linked to horror blazes at high rise blocks around the world’

Death toll set to climb as boss who oversaw £8.6m revamp admits he ‘doesn’t even know what it’s clad in’

Goldman Sucks

Goldman Sucks

As the death toll climbs the director of company responsible for Grenfell Tower refurbishment admits he doesn’t know what Tower’s cladding was made from.

Grenfell Tower ablaze. Click to enlarge

6 killed, 74 injured in massive London high-rise blaze

One desperate woman threw a baby out of a high window and a man on the ground managed to catch the child, a witness said

Iran’s supreme leader calls US fight against ISIS ‘a lie’ as allegations intensify

“America is a terrorist country and backs terrorism”, says Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, as senior Iranian official accuses Washington of using ISIS as proxies

Theresa 'Je Suis Juif' vs. Jeremy 'Turn the other Cheek'. Click to enlarge

Nostalgia and British Politics

How many of those who know the truth about Britain’s ‘interventionist wars’, also grasp who triggers these conflicts? Today’s UK election results provide a clear answer

Election Deals May a Potentially Fatal Blow

Pound crashes to seven-month low against euro as shock election result rattles markets and threatens Brexit talks. While in Scotland SNP suffers major losses

Two dead, three officers injured and a woman saved from an ‘ISIS’ gunman

Melbourne police probe possible terror connection after shoot-out leaves two gunmen dead and three policemen and a hostage injured

Child Defenders Battle Pedophiles Online

Child Defenders Battle Pedophiles Online

Pedophiles follow homosexual path to acceptance

Posthumous wedding for police officer killed in Champs-Élysées attack

Adding to doubts about the authenticity of the French Terror narrative, it transpires that one of the first police responders at the Bataclan theatre was also a gay rights activist

Bilderberg 2017 Agenda, Participants Revealed

Includes list of participants and talking points

Saudi Arabia to behead disabled man

Saudi Arabia to behead disabled man

Saudis to behead a disabled man after he attended an anti-government protest.