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Protestors gather outside Downing Street. Click to enlarge

Hundreds of protesters descend on Whitehall after Tommy Robinson arrested for ‘breaching the peace’

Hundreds gather outside Downing Street to protest the arrest of a citizen journalist, and by implication, the corporate media’s lies

Kim Jong-un and south Korean President Moom Jae-in meet inside the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea, Saturday. Click to enlarge

South Korean president meets Kim Jong-un in surprise summit

This is significant in that it is happening without any U.S. participation and despite the cancellation, for now at least, of the Trump-Kim Jong-un meeting

Pro-EU activists are being trained to ‘target MPs in a series of nationwide roadshows aimed at stopping Brexit’

The campaign to stop Britain leaving the EU is reportedly being funded by George Soros

Report: ‘Deeply Offended’ Saudis Halt Business With Germany

Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman reported to be “deeply offended” by Germany’s stance over Iran nuclear deal

A U.S. Army soldier guides an M1 Abrams tank from 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division off the ramp of the ARC vessel Endurance at the Port of Antwerp, Belgium. Click to enlarge

US Army flows fresh tanks, troops into Europe

Hundreds of armoured vehicles and over 10,000 troops head to eastern Europe. To participate in drills and relieve the Armoured Brigade of the US 1st Infantry Division

Are reports of Mohammed bin Salman’s death greatly exaggerated?

After heavy gunfire at the royal palace in Riyadh, conflicting reports on the fate of the Saudi royal prince. Was Mohammed bin Salman wounded, killed or simply warned to keep a low-profile?

Russia’s Navy Establishes Permanent Presence in Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea has ceased to be a “NATO Lake” dominated by US 6th Fleet. The Russians have moved in

Swedish be prepared for war pamphlet. Click to enlarge

Sweden distributes ‘be prepared for war’ leaflet to all 4.8m homes

As the correspondent who sent this in noted, do they know something we don’t?

Mike Pompeo threatens 'strongest sanctions in history' and vows to 'crush' Iranian proxies

Mike Pompeo threatens ‘strongest sanctions in history’ and vows to ‘crush’ Iranian proxies

Fighting talk as U.S. Secretary of State warns of “unprecedented financial pressure” on Iran

Hitler wine. Click to enlarge

Austrian man jailed up for glorifying Nazism after cops found “joke” Hitler-branded wine in his home

Jailed for owning bottles of “Hitler wine”, which can be bought across the border in neighbouring Italy where they are legal

New Poll Shows Populist Sweden Democrats Tied for First Ahead of Election

New Poll Shows Populist Sweden Democrats Tied for First Ahead of Election

Surge in support for anti-mass migration party the Sweden Democrats

London Insider Nekrassov: UK Intelligence Completely BOTCHED the Skripal False Flag

London Insider Nekrassov: UK Intelligence Completely BOTCHED the Skripal False Flag

Where are the Skripals and what happened to them? Commentary from Russian TV last night (with English subtitles)

The Tottenham War Services Institute and T Chances Venue in Tottenham, North London. Click to enlarge

Small Charities and Venues under threat

Why are small charities being attacked, libelled and smeared? What is the real agenda of the well-heeled individuals involved in this campaign?

Admiral Kurt Walter Tidd Commander in Chief of US Southcom

The United States “Master Stroke” against Venezuela

Despite Trump’s claims to the contrary, the U.S. hasn’t dispensed with the policy of regime change. In fact, it’s currently working to oust the Venezuelan government

Foreign Policy Insiders Try to Scuttle Trump-Kim Nukes Deal

B-52′s were clearly added to the “Max Thunder” military exercises to convince Kim that it was pointless to trust Washington

North Korea May Cancel Summit Over Bolton’s ‘Absurd’ Demands

It was North Korea’s status as a nuclear power, not sanctions, that brought it to negotiations. Now those talks hang in the balance.

North Korea says it could reconsider Trump summit if US insists it give up nuclear weapons

Negotiations in jeopardy as Kim Jong-un’s officials say they are not interested if talks mean North Korea has to abandon its entire nuclear arsenal

Soros’ Open Society Foundation Leaving Hungary for Germany

After Hungary’s Viktor Orban proposed new legislation dubbed the ‘Stop Soros’ bill, George Soros’s Open Society Foundation announces it will relocate from Budapest to Berlin

Turkey recalls envoys to US, Israel over embassy move

Mounting Palestinian death toll highlights widening gulf between Turkey and the West

Palestinians killed in protests against US embassy's move to Jerusalem

Palestinians killed in protests against US embassy’s move to Jerusalem

Israeli forces kill more Palestinian protesters. 12 are reported here but at the last count that figure had climbed to over 50 dead