Hurricane Katrina and the flooding of New Orleans

Rapes, killings hit Katrina refugees in New Orleans

Refugees from New Orleans tell of a wave of horrific crimes in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. But not committed by thugs and criminals, as one would expect, but by the very people the refugees thought would protect them

Halliburton gets contract to repair damage from Hurricane Katrina

The US Navy asked Halliburton to repair naval facilities damaged by Hurricane Katrina, the Houston Chronicle reported today. The work was assigned to Halliburton’s KBR subsidiary under the Navy’s $500 million CONCAP contract awarded to KBR in 2001 and renewed in 2004. The repairs will take place in Louisiana and Mississippi. In March, the former […]

Abandoned and Betrayed

Abandoned and Betrayed

There can be no better illustration of the power of the neocons in Washington than the scandalous response to disaster stricken New Orleans. In contrast to the fact that 8000 Israel settlers will each recieve $312,500 from US taxpayers for their homes

New Orleans evacuation slows as shooting, chaos erupt

Anarchy prevails in a waterlogged New Orleans as the floodwaters slowly recede