Hurricane Katrina and the flooding of New Orleans

No Escape from New York… or LA, Chicago or Houston…

We don’t need a big budget disaster movie to remind us. Hurricane Katrina was a horrific illustration of the hubris of man colliding with Mother Nature

The Unravelling of Bush’s America

Nearly overnight the familiar voices that sang his praises from every media pulpit in America have either been silenced or turned against him. It is truly extraordinary; and a tad suspicious

The Devastating Impact of Hurricane George

With at least 10,000 dead, New Orleans virtually destroyed and thousands of internal refugees, Hurricane Katrina could turn into America’s worst ever-natural disaster. But had it not been for the War on Terror and Iraq things might have been different

If We Understand New Orleans; we understand the Bush strategy

Events in New Orleans are a pointer to things to come: a totalitarian state, policed by mercenaries in the pay of a moneyed elite willing to sacrifice everyone in their pursuit of power

Bush Is Warned on Katrina in Video

Bush Is Warned on Katrina in Video

When you’ve got a lame brain president and the going gets tough, the president gets drunk

My baby needs a shepherd

As of two weeks ago, there were still 6,644 missing and unaccounted for from Hurricane Katrina, nearly 700 of them children. Like Tia Frazier, left, last seen leaving Houston Astodome with a much older man in a white 4-door Cadillac sedan

Levees Were “Heaved” Upward From Below

First Louis Farrakhan said they were sabotaged; now evidence has emerged to back him up. Gus Cantrell and son Daniel, both structural engineers, have found indications that the ground around their home next to the canal levee, was lifted as much as 8ft

Catastrophic Success

Since 2003, Washington has been diverting funds intended for the repair of the New Orleans’ levee system and pouring them into the war in Iraq. Now, with its levee breached, New Orleans is paying the price for its contribution to the War on Terror

Army Times: “Troops begin combat operations in New Orleans”

According to Brig. Gen. Gary Jones, commander of the Louisiana National Guard’s Joint Task Force in New Orleans: “This place is going to look like Little Somalia”

Why Rebuilding New Orleans Will Be So Expensive

FEMA stands for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or should that read Mis-management Agency?

Flipper the firing dolphin let loose by Katrina

Seriously, divers and surfers are advised to be extremely cautious if approached by dolphins. 36 of them, trained by the US Navy and carrying ‘toxic dart’ guns, could be swimming in the Gulf of Mexico

FEMA Employees Lynched for Looting in New Orleans

There are growing rumors in military and civilian circles here that FEMA personnel have been involved in shipping large amounts of emergency food rations, allegedly for resale, out of the area in official trucks at the height of the recovery efforts

New Oraq and the corrupt class warriors

Would Bush destroy an iconic American city for a minimum of $250 billion. You betcha!

Mercenaries Are Prowling New Orleans

Like Baghdad, soldiers of fortune are on armed patrol in a devastated Louisiana

FEMA, La. outsource Katrina body count to firm implicated in body-dumping scandals

Some would say that it was a measure of the administration’s respect for human life, but the grim task of disposing the dead in New Orleans has been awarded to a firm operated by a friend of the Bush family with a history of hiding and dumping bodies

The Danziger Bridge incidents

Conflicting press reports about looters being killed and/or Army Police being fired on at Danziger Bridge, New Orleans, might be being used as a smoke screen, writes Xymphora, to conceal the fact that floodwalls and levees were intentionally blown

Levees Blown?

Witness tells ABC that explosives blew Industrial Canal levee

They did not ’Fail’, they intentionally withheld lifesaving supplies!

Farrakhan: Levee Sabotaged

From Charlotte NBC affiliate WCNC 07:13 PM EDT on Monday, September 12, 2005 Minister Louis Farrakhan was in Charlotte Monday to rally support for his Millions More March. However, he did have some choice words about the response to Hurricane Katrina victims, some of whom are staying at the Charlotte Coliseum. Farrakhan’s been travelling across […]

We Don’t Want Your Kind Here!

As residents of New Orleans fled the devastated city, police from the nearby city of Gretna opened fire over their heads as they approached in search of refuge from the rising floodwaters