Implants and surveillance technology

Tracking your tots schooling through microchips in their uniforms

Getting them used to the idea of surveillance at an early age

UK 2017: Under Surveillance

Recently a select group of government mandarins, politicians, police officers and academics gathered in Edinburgh to study an Orwellian vision of the future that could soon become reality

UK can now demand data decryption on penalty of jail time

New laws going into effect today in the United Kingdom make it a crime to refuse to decrypt almost any encrypted data requested by authorities as part of a criminal or terror investigation. Individuals who are believed to have the cryptographic keys necessary for such decryption will face up to 5 years in prison for […]

Government and councils to spy on ALL our phones

Just like the all-seeing eye, Britain is becoming a society that keeps its citizens under total surveillance

British Police’s New Spy Drone

In 2005 I predicted that police would soon be using micro air vehicles developed for the military. However, I didn’t realize it would happen quite so soon

Though approved by FDA, microchip implants linked to cancer in animals

Although the Food and Drug Administration approved implanting microchips in humans, they didn’t mention that studies in the mid-1990s found that chip implants had “induced” malignant tumors in some lab mice and rats

Medical science aims to microchip you

The American Medical Association has endorsed the use of implantable microchips

They Can Hear You Now

Under new legislation the U.S. government no longer needs a warrant to eavesdrop on phone calls or read email messages between people in the U.S. and people in other countries

Speeding drivers face DNA swabs under new Big Brother powers

Already the most closely monitered country on earth, UK police now want DNA samples from speeding drivers and litterbugs on a national database

Children as young as five to be fingerprinted in schools

Schools have been given the go-ahead to take fingerprints from children as young as five – along with retina and iris scans and recording of children’s voices, face shapes, hand measurements, handwriting and typing patterns

RFID Used To Track 2,500 London Dome Staff

With the best of intentions, of course


The dots have finally been connected: linking the Hollerith machines with the Nazi death camps and the then CEO of IBM, Thomas J. Watson and his participation at Bohemian Grove. Not to mention the all seeing eye and new surveillance technologies

Children to nag adults through CCTV

Big Brother is not only watching, soon he will be giving orders to those caught on Britain’s CCTV cameras

Orwell’s Home Surrounded by Cameras

Orwell’s Home Surrounded by Cameras

The Big Brother nightmare of George Orwell’s 1984 has become a reality – in the shadow of the author’s former London home

NSA Spy Scandal

A retired AT&T technician speaks about AT&T is colluding with the NSA to spy on ordinary Americans

‘Big brother’ surveillance makes waves in Sweden

A far-reaching wiretapping programme proposed by Sweden’s government to help fight terror has stirred fierce debate

RFID ‘Powder’ – World’s Smallest RFID Tag

Radio Frequency IDentification chips are set to become even smaller. Shrinking some sixty times smaller than the current tags (left)

Street Lamp Camera Plan

The plan is not just to put cameras on street lampposts but X-ray cameras that could see through clothing

Levi’s to ‘spychip’ jeans

Levi Strauss has confirmed controversial plans to embed RFID chips in its clothing in a move that has been termed by anti-privacy groups as ‘spychipping’. In an email to respected privacy activists and authors, Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre, the head of Levi’s PR confirmed that tests were underway with a leading US retailer, but […]

Big Brother’s new toy

The all Seeing Eye in the sky, watching your every move