Israeli soldiers evacuate a wounded comrade during the second-lebanon-war in July 2006. Click to enlarge

Israel-Hezbollah war is inevitable, sure to be devastating — defense experts

Group of former generals and defence experts describe Hezbollah as “… the most powerful non-state armed actor in the world.”

House approves bill to sanction Iran for ballistic missiles

U.S. lawmakers vote overwhelmingly to impose new sanctions on Iran over its missile program and support for Hezbollah

Israel willing to resort to military action to stop Iran acquiring nuclear weapons: minister

Israel cannot launch a strike on Iran without U.S support. So the threat is probably meant to push the U.S. into toughening its stance over the nuclear agreement

Middle East map. Click to enlarge

A Soft Landing in the Middle East?

Israel Shamir with some really interesting insights into Russia’s involvement in Syria, vis-à-vis Iran, Israel and the declining U.S. Empire

U.S. Urges Saudi Arabia-Iraq to Join Alliance Against Iran

U.S. Secretary of State visits the Middle East to help forge an alliance against growing Iranian influence in the region

Americans overwhelmingly support staying in Iran nuclear deal

Survey finds that more than two-thirds of Americans would oppose a U.S. withdrawal from the international agreement over Iran’s nuclear program

Iran’s Guards say missile programme will accelerate despite pressure

It’s probably more accurate to say that Iran will speed-up its missile development program precisely BECAUSE of Trump’s more aggressive approach to Tehran. Includes video

Should US policy against Iran be taken seriously?

Should US policy against Iran be taken seriously?

Thierry Meyssan asks: is Washington staging a phoney quarrel in order to better manipulate its Israëli and Saudi allies?

US allies in Europe vow to stand by Iran nuclear deal

European leaders have pledged their commitment to the nuclear accord with Iran. As has the EU policy chief, Federica Mogherini, who has dismissed suggestions that any one nation could end it

Trump goes full shabbos-goy

Trump goes full shabbos-goy

The Saker explains why having just lost Syria nobody in the Middle-East believes in the myth of America as an “invincible superpower” any more. Least of all Iran

Iran – Trump Has No Strategy, Only Aims And No Way To Achieve Them

The fact that Trump’s speech contained so many factual mistakes reveals just how flawed his new strategy on Iran is. Moon of Alabama lists those “mistakes”

Trump launches new Iran strategy, leaves nuclear deal hanging

Trump launches new Iran strategy, leaves nuclear deal hanging

In a much-anticipated speech, Trump “decertified” his support for the 2015 nuclear accord agreement and left its fate in the hands of Congress.

Decades in the making: The Iranian drone program

Iran started its drone program decades ago and much of its drone program is now on par with those in the West

Trump Is Inching Toward War With Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

Donald Trump could be about to make the most destructive foreign-policy move by a U.S. administration since the invasion of Iraq

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander Mohammad Ali Jafari (L) and Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif smile during a coordination meeting for the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, in Tehran, Iran October 9, 2017. Tasnim News Agency/Handout via REUTERS. Click to enlarge

Iran hardliners, pragmatists show unity in response to Trump

Reformists and hardliners find common ground in Tehran following President Trump’s threat to pull out of the nuclear accord and tighten sanctions

Britain’s US embassy rebukes Trump over Iran nuclear deal

British diplomats in Washington have publicly rejected President Trump’s criticism of the nuclear deal with Iran

Trump expected to decertify Iran nuclear deal, official says

U.S. president thought to be preparing to implement a more “confrontational” strategy with Iran

Trump should not scrap the Iran nuclear deal: Defense Secretary James Mattis

Defense Secretary James Mattis warned on Tuesday that it would not be in the country’s national security interest to abandon the Iran nuclear deal.

U.S. Says Russia Trying To ‘Shield Iran’ From Some Nuclear Inspections

In addition to interfering in the presidential election, U.S. ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley now alleges Russian collusion in hiding Iran’s nuclear activities

A still from Iranian television footage shown on 23 September shows a Khorramshahr ballistic missile being launched from a location that could be identified as being east of the Semnan space and missile facility. Source: IRIB. Click to enlarge

Fake news! Trump tweets about an Iranian missile test that NEVER happened

More ‘fake news’ as the Daily Mail reports on an alleged Iranian missile launch it claimed: “NEVER Happened”. But as confirmed by Janes Defence it did