Iranian Zolfaghar missile launch targeting ISIL/ISIS/Daesh in Syria. Click to enlarge

Top Commander: US Needs to Leaves Bases in Region If Sanctions IRGC

Senior IRGC commander warns U.S. forces will pay a heavy price if Washington imposes new sanctions on Iran

Netanyahu accidentally reveals Israel has struck Iran-backed fighters in Syria ‘dozens of times’

What the Washington Post omits to say is that at the time Israel struck Iranian backed forces it did so to aid its proxies in Islamic State (otherwise known as ISIS,ISIL or Daesh)

Trump Risks War With New Iran Sanctions

Trump’s insistence on punishing Iran, as he promised during his campaign, will only bring the US and Iran closer to conflict. Which is what the elite want

Certify and punish: U.S. slaps new sanctions on Iran after saying Tehran was complying with nuclear deal

Although Trump isn’t going to “rip up” the nuclear deal with Iran, as he promised during his presidential campaign, he will impose new sanctions

Iran legally complying on nuclear deal but defaulting on ‘spirit’ of agreement: White House

America’s grudging admission that Iran is in compliance with the nuclear accord means that the U.S. will now look for new pretexts to apply pressure.

Iran’s top diplomat accuses Trump of violating nuclear deal

In fact Iran’s foreign minister did far more that accuse the U.S. of violating the nuclear accord. We fill in the critical omissions that the New York Post left out

Retired Flag Officers Warn Against Regime Change and “Aggressive Posturing” Toward Iran

38 retired U.S. generals and admirals have just published an open letter to Donald Trump warning him about pursuing a policy of regime change in Iran, amid growing concerns that Washington and Tehran could be sliding into war

Who Is the Real Enemy?

Who Is the Real Enemy?

The White House is targeting Iran but should instead focus on Saudi Arabia. Does Philip Giraldi think that Trump has the courage to do this? Unfortunately, no

Updated: Iranian researcher denied US entry has ties to militia

An Iranian cancer researcher who was detained at Boston Airport while on his way to take a post at Boston Children’s Hospital was linked as a student to a volunteer Iranian militia

Iranian Fateh-class submarine

Iran Is Building Its Own Submarines (With Torpedoes the U.S. Navy Can’t Match)

U.S. analysts repeatedly underestimate Iran’s military ability. As we explains in our a footnote, it’s a hallmark of a fading empire

Army to field-test home-grown missile system by year end

Army to field-test home-grown missile system by year end

Iran’s long awaited answer to the S-300, the Bavar 373, will undergo final field tests by March next year before entering production

Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Syria. Click to enlarge

Trump Admin Authorizes Strikes on Iranian-Backed Forces

Despite his pre-election promises, U.S. foreign policy under Trump seems to have continued where Obama left off …

Iran’s S-300 missile systems have been placed on combat duty: report

Russian-made S-300 now operational as the locally developed Bavar 373 air defence system prepares for final tests

Iranian opposition upbeat as Trump Administration talks of regime change

Remember how the “Iraqi opposition” under Ahmed Chalabi was used to pave the way for the Iraq invasion? Will the “Iranian opposition” play a similar role?

Iranian Zolfaghar missile launch targeting ISIL/ISIS/Daesh in Syria. Click to enlarge

After Attack on IS, Iran Proposes Expanding Missile Program

Although the additional funding wont push the Iranian missile program close to that of Chinese or Russian weapons, it will accelerate its growing weapons capability

Trump Courts War Risks with Iran

A former CIA analyst explains why, with a serial liar in the White House who is working hand-in-glove with Israel and the Saudis, the threat of conflict with Iran is growing.

Missile Threats Surging Worldwide, U.S. Defense Study Finds

New Pentagon report cites dramatic improvements in accuracy and combat effectiveness in Iranian and North Korean missiles

Why Iran and Israel may be on the verge of conflict — in Syria

Zionist dreams of a “greater Israel” including Syria could be on a collision course with Iranian aspirations for a “Shiite crescent”

Trump allies push White House to consider regime change in Tehran

America and its allies did it in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, and thus far unsuccessfully, in Syria. Now key Trump allies are calling for a repeat performance with Iran.

Iranian Zolfaghar missile launch targeting ISIL/ISIS/Daesh in Syria. Click to enlarge

Iran mocks reports its Syria missile strikes fell short

Iran mocks Israeli “experts” who claim their missiles broke up and fell short of their targets, saying the two stage missiles did exactly what they were designed to do