Talaash air defence system on parade in Tehran earlier this year. Click to enlarge

Indigenous missile system to be deployed in central Iran: Cmdr.

With the deployment of the Russian S-300 and an array of new locally developed air defence systems entering service, U.S. air strikes on Iran look increasingly unlikely

Ahmadinejad Allies Say Iran Leader Told Him Not to Run Again

Former firebrand president ‘advised’ by Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei not to seek re-election

Iran warns off American U2 spy plane: Commander

Iran warns off American U2 spy plane: Commander

The fact that these incursions are regularly being detected suggests that Iran’s avowed intent to upgrade its air defences is actually happening

Locally developed Raad anti-aircraft system. Click to enlarge

Iran air defences units parade Sacred Defense Week 2016

Iranian air defence units on parade yesterday. Includes the locally developed Mersad, Raad and the Bavar 373, plus the Russian S-300. Includes video (in Farsi)

Iran's Russian made S-300 system was displayed. Click to enlarge

Iran ‘Determined’ to Boost Military After US-Israel Deal

Iran’s chief of staff made the announcement at a military parade that displayed Iran’s new S-300 system, the locally developed Bavar 373 and two other new systems

Members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard sit in front of a newly inaugurated high-speed catamaran, in the port city of Bushehr, northern Persian Gulf, Iran, Sept. 13, 2016. Click to enlarge

Iran Launches New Navy Ship as Tensions Rise with US in Gulf

The vessel was unveiled with banner emblazoned with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s call for US forces to “Go back to the Bay of Pigs.”

A P-8A Poseidon flying alongside a Lockheed P-3 Orion. Click to enlarge

US ‘tests’ Iran’s reaction to spy plane flyby, complains about ‘unprofessional’ shootdown warning

Both planes were within a mile of Iranian airspace and we suspect that both were on probing flights to test Iran’s response

Iran threatens to shoot down US aircraft over Persian Gulf

This is no idle threat. With its recently deployed S-300 and its own air defence systems Iran is now in a position to do just that

Iran’s Military Might Be Getting Ready to Make Some Sweeping Changes

Iran’s involvement in the fight against terror in Syria and Iraq has prompted it to reassess its defence doctrine. J. Matthew McInnis looks at what changes may ensue

S-300 at Fordo nuclear site north eastern Iran. Click to enlarge

Iran has not deployed S-300 to Fordow as claimed

Authoritative defence journal reports that the S-300 air defence system has NOT been deployed at the Fordo facility as Iran claims. Is this to confuse potential air strikes?

The cloak-and-dagger US payments to Iran: planes, cash and Swiss banks

The Obama administration disclosed Tuesday that it had transferred a total of $1.7 billion to Iran

Screen shot of IRGC Navy patrol boat from a video taken be crew memeber of the USS Nitze. Click to enlarge

Iranian vessel “harasses”, sails close to U.S. Navy ship in Gulf: U.S. officials

USS Firebolt forced to change course by armed Iranian fast attack boats

French Submarine Sinks US Aircraft Carrier During Drills

This is why Iran has conducted drills simulating the seizure/sinking of a an aircraft carrier. They believe it to be in their power to take on a U.S. carrier

Experts: Iran’s Decision to Fortify Nuke Site With S-300 Missiles Is ‘Very Peculiar’

The Fordo nuclear site, located 300 feet below a mountain, was initially built in secret until satellite imagery forced Tehran to acknowledge its existence in 2009

Iran's satellite launch on Monday.

Iran Satellite Launch Prompts Fear of Long Range Ballistic Missile Attack

The old lies are being repeated by the very same “experts” who once championed the 2003 Iraq invasion

US 'concerned' over advanced air defense battery at Iran nuke site

US ‘concerned’ over advanced air defense battery at Iran nuke site

Why is the U.S. ‘concerned’? After all the S-300 was deployed to protect Fordo from air strikes. Is that why U.S. is ‘concerned’? Because its plans have been thwarted?

Bavar-373 air defense soon to come on stream

Within months the locally developed Bavar-373 will deployed, and together with the Russian S-300 it will radically alter the military balance of power regarding Iran

US drone enters Iran’s airspace, leaves after warning

US drone enters Iran’s airspace, leaves after warning

Probably on a mission to test Iran recently upgraded air defences

Iran's Nazir Radar System Put into Operation

Iran’s Nazir Radar System Put into Operation

Iran further enhanced its air defences Monday as it inaugurated an advanced, locally developed radar system

S-300 at Fordo nuclear site north eastern Iran. Click to enlarge

Iran deploys long-range missiles to Fordo nuclear site

Iran begins operational deployment of recently delivered S-300 air defence system to protect its Fordo nuclear facility. Includes video