Mike Pompeo, Psychopath

The corporate media has barely reported it but Mike Pompeo has just threatened to starve millions of Iranians to death if Iran doesn’t comply with US demands

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s Declaration on Trump Sanctions

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s Declaration on Trump Sanctions

The U.S. should be addressing the catastrophe’s it has wrought in the region rather than imposing yet more sanctions, says Zarif

Iran Sanctions Could Turn Into Demonstration of US Weakness

“The danger for the US is not only that these countries are opposing sanctions against Iran, but that they all have an interest in making sure that they fail”

"Black Monday": Iranian Analysts Explain Why US Sanctions Unlikely to Succeed

“Black Monday”: Iranian Analysts Explain Why US Sanctions Unlikely to Succeed

India, China, Japan and a number of European countries have already indicated that they will not stop buying Iranian oil

Shalamcheh medium range surface to air missile launched during the drill. Click to enlarge

Iran’s Army Air Force, IRGC successfully drill missile strikes

As much in answer to renewed U.S. sanction, the drills also displayed the growing sophistication and capability of Iran’s air defences. Includes video

Let’s Have a War with Russia!

Let’s Have a War with Russia!

Fred Reed looks at the prospect of war with Russia, China or Iran, or even all three, and wonders about those are actually advocating such madness

How US sanctions on Iran could herald a profound global power shift

This could do to America what the Suez crisis did for Britain. In the medium term, Washington will lose influence as Iran gains confidence; in the worst case scenario, there will be a war whose consequences will be incalculable

Iran says its land-to-sea missiles can now travel 700 km

Iran extends the range of its anti-ship missiles, giving it the ability to close the Straits of Hormuz without using its navy

Firing range practice at al-Tanf base along the border with Jordan and Iraq. Click to enlarge

Inside the remote U.S. base in Syria central to combating ISIS and countering Iran

This NBC report is disinformation that, unintentionally perhaps, also reveals America’s close covert support for terrorists

War Plans on Iran Mean Trump and Saudis Coordinating Cover-up of Khashoggi Killing

Finian Cunningham on why the US drive for regime change in Iran means that it has to shore up the Saudis, and why that means spinning a cover-up to absolve MbS of Khashoggi’s murder

Worth watching: Javad Zarif on why Iran is developing ballistic missiles

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif explains precisely why his country is pursuing a missile development program

Report: Iran sent advanced technology to improve Hezbollah rockets

New GPS guidance systems fitted to Hezbollah missiles improve accuracy and pose a direct threat to Israel

Iran test fires Nour naval cruise missiles during exercises recently. Click to enlarge

Iran’s land-to-sea missiles can travel 700 kilometers: Senior IRGC cmdr.

Giving Iran the ability to easily close the Straits of Hormuz — through which 20 percent of the world’s traded oil passes daily — with its land-to-sea missiles.

Hassan Rouhani: US seeking regime change in Iran

Of course, Washington will deny the accusation but this is precisely what U.S. economic and diplomatic moves against Iran are ultimately meant to achieve

Israeli Outlet Claims Russia Imported Iranian Crews to Operate Syria’s New S-300 Anti-Air Missiles

Based on speculation from Israeli intelligence insider but plausible nonetheless

Trump National Security team. Click to enlarge

Trump’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad National Security Team

Trump started with the right objectives but his “advisors” argued against pulling out of Afghanistan and Syria. So now he maybe getting even more deeply involved

The US can hurt Iran, but change might not come as easily, says expert on sanctions

Bolton is not being entirely honest when he says that the U.S. is not trying to bring regime change to Tehran. That is precisely what sanctions are meant to facilitate

US rejects International Court of Justice ruling on Iran, continuing its isolationist charge

Meaning that U.S. efforts to isolate the Islamic republic have now moved beyond the bounds of international law and in the process the U.S. risks isolating itself

Netanyahu presents UN with "evidence of Iranian secret nuclear warehouse". Click to enlarge

‘Secret atomic warehouse': The mystery building at the centre of Israeli PM’s claim

A camera crew locates the “secret atomic warehouse” that Netanyahu warned about in his U.N. address last week. Includes video

US blasts international court on Iran ruling, pulls out of 1955 treaty

After the international court rules in Iran’s favour and orders the U.S. to lift sanctions on items ranging from medical devices to agricultural commodities