Commander: Iran’s Home-Made Air Defense System Tested on Ballistic Missiles

Iran claims that its answer to the S-300, the Bavar 373, is in the final stages of development and will be “more sophisticated and stronger” than the Russian system

Iran says working to develop domestic version of “Pantsir” missile system

As the Bavar-373 nears the final stage of development, Iran says it is working to develop a domestic version of the Russian Pantsir S2 missile system

Iran plans to boost missile capacity in spite of sanctions

Iran’s plan to increase its missile capacity can be seen as a response to Trump’s decision to pull out of the 2015 nuclear accord

Iran moves missiles to Iraq in warning to enemies

The missiles have a range of up to 700 km, putting Saudi Arabia’s capital or Tel Aviv within striking distance if the weapons were deployed in southern or western Iraq

Declining America Is Setting up Itself for Terrible Revenge After the Fall

“As America weakens, Russia, Turkey, Iran and all the other countries that have been steamrolled by Washington will likely seek revenge.”

Iran's "Latest" Fighter Debut Falls Flat

Iran’s “Latest” Fighter Debut Falls Flat

Iran’s ‘new’ fighter Jet provokes widespread derision among Western obserers

US B-2 Spirit bomber. Click to enlarge

US Uses UK Press for Fake “Shock and Awe” Against Iran

America has chosen to go to war on Iran using “fear porn” tactics peddled through British tabloids. But as Gordon Duff explains, there’s far more to it than that

Mike Pompeo announces the creation of the « Iran Action Group

The Trump administration and Iran

Thierry Meyssan explains why there may be more going on behind Trump’s “anti-Iran” stance than there seems

Iran unveils first domestic fighter jet

Iran unveils first domestic fighter jet

Iran unveils its first domestically designed, tested and manufactured fighter jet

China defies U.S. pressure as EU parts ways with Iranian oil

As western oil companies prepare to shut shop in Iran, China, Iran’s biggest customer remains defiant and will continue to import Iranian oil after the November deadline

U.S. and Afghan troops on patrol near the town Yawez

Trump’s sanctions on Iran dig deeper grave for US forces in Afghanistan

The irony is that the “Soviet Vietnam” has now turned into another US quagmire – an American Vietnam redux

Iran’s Reply: No War and No Negotiations

The Saker explains why it would be a mistake to dismiss the US because of its incapable military or moral bankruptcy

Iranian navy conducting war games in the Strait of Hormuz in January 2012. Click to enlarge

Iran says navy mounts new defense system on warship

The Kamand has been dubbed the “Iranian Phalanx” after the U.S. naval defence system that shreds incoming missiles with automated machine guns

Why Iran Thinks It Has an ‘Insurance Policy’ Against an Israeli or U.S. Strike

Israeli and U.S. officials think Iran is trying to ‘wait out’ Trump’s first term and are banking on the wounded nuclear deal to shield it from a military strike until then

Iraq, Turkey, European Allies Scheme to Skirt New U.S. Sanctions on Iran

Regional governments and some European nations agree on plan to help Iran avoid the main impact of new U.S. sanctions

Iran faces devastating US secret ‘SHOCK and AWE’ war plan that can be deployed in HOURS

The elite’s mouthpieces in the press are running out of ideas trying to foment wider conflict. Now they’re parading a 15-year-old plan for war with Iran as “news”

Fateh-e Mobin missile. Click to enlarge

Iran unveils new generation of ‘Mobin’ missiles

Faced with Washington’s new hard-line stance, Iran appears to be putting renewed efforts into improving its defence capabilities. Includes video

US ambassador says UK should join Trump and put pressure on Iran

It happened with Iraq but doesn’t seem to be happening with Iran. The U.S. begins to sound desperate to get others to join with its hard-line stance as longtime ally appears reluctant to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal

Iran test-fired anti-ship missile during drills last week -U.S. source

In what is seen as a response to the reintroduction of U.S. sanctions, Iran test-fired ant–ship missiles in the Straits of Hormuz last week

The War Before the Iran War

It would be easy for war to break out with Iran – a naval clash in the Persian Gulf, an Israeli-Iranian firefight in Syria, through Saudi provocation, or simply because Trump decides that it will boost his party’s sagging political fortunes