Iran Unveils Smart Anti-Ship Missiles in Naval Drills

Iranian Navy successfully test-fires advanced new laser guided missiles

Iran holds naval war games amid rising tensions with U.S.

As Iran prepares to launch its “most advanced” warship yet

Houthi missile strike near Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Click to enlarge

Israeli Media: Saudi Spy Chief Secretly Visited Israel, Palestinian Autonomy

Adversity makes strange bed-fellows. In this case the common concern being seen as Iran

IRGC missile launch Monday, Feb 20, 2017. Click to enlarge

Iran ready to give U.S. ‘slap in the face': commander

The commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards warned the U.S. on Wednesday not to underestimate Iran’s defensive capabilities

Navy: Saudi Frigate Attacked by Unmanned Bomb Boat, Likely Iranian

Iran thought to be providing advanced drone technology to Houthis in their war against Saudi Arabia

IRGC missile launch Monday, Feb 20, 2017. Click to enlarge

Iran launches ‘advanced’ rockets during military exercises

IRGC commander warns they “will turn Tel Aviv into dust” if Israel fires one artillery shell against Iran. Includes video

A picture taken from Animation film "Battle of Persian Gulf II" depicts an armed confrontation between Iran's Revolutionary Guards and the U.S. Navy. Fatima Zahra Animation Studios/Handout via REUTERS

Iran defeats US navy in defiant animated film

A new full length animated Iranian film depicts a U.S.-Iranian naval clash in the Persian Gulf. Includes video

Iran Air Defense Foiled US F-18s’ Attempt to Free Sailors Last Year: Commander

Iranian air defences thwarted an attempt to free U.S. sailors who were captured in the Persian Gulf in January, 2016

that huge Iranian flat bread hides souvlaki skewers & onions. Click to enlarge

Brendon O’Connell – Last Thoughts about Tehran

Brendon is returning to Australia to overturn the law that sent him to jail for three years

Russian Air Force technicians service_a fighter jet at Hemeimeem airbase, Syria. Click to enlarge

A warning to Trump? Russia floats return to Iran’s Hamadan air base

Russian ambassador hints at the possibility of the Russian Air Force using airbase near Hamadan in Iran, and the sale of advanced fighters to Tehran

US official: Iran fires defensive missile

In defiance of White House warnings, Iran test fired a surface-to-air missile Wednesday

The U.S. Against Iran – A War of Apples vs. Oranges

What I propose to do, writes the Saker, is to try to explain the vast difference between what I would call “the American way of war” as seen in propaganda movies and the reality of warfare

Russia Rejects Trump’s Charge That Iran Is Top Terrorist State

If Trump was aiming to drive a wedge between Russia and Iran his plan may have just backfired

US says Iran ‘world’s biggest state sponsor terrorism’ as war of words escalates

Having seen what happened to Iraq Iran developed its air defences so as to avoid a repeat performance. Meaning that should push come to shove Western air power will meet formidable opposition from Iran’s air defences. Includes video

Iran IRGC Aerospace Division "Defenders of the Velayat Skies" drill

Iran IRGC Aerospace Division “Defenders of the Velayat Skies” drill

Iran conducts weapons drills after Trump imposes sanctions. Thing is: all the weapons in this video clip are Iranian developed and the US has little or no intel on them

More actions to come against Iran, Senate Foreign Relations chair says

How long before U.S. politicians start talking about “all options” again?

Iran FM Javad Zarif responds to a reporter’s question regarding Ballistic Missiles

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif explains why Iran refuses to abandon its missile development program. His cogent answer begins at 00:50

The Coming Clash With Iran

Nearly decade has past since the Bush administration spoke about “all options” in dealing with Iran and it seems nothing has changed. Pat Buchanan explains

Colin Powell holds up a vial allegedly containing Iraqi anthrax at the UN General Assembly. Click to enlarge

Iran tested nuclear-capable cruise missile: German newspaper

This information comes via German intelligence. The same people who provided Colin Powell with “evidence” that Iraq was developing biological weapons

U.S. to issue new Iran sanctions, opening shot in get-tough strategy: sources

This begins to sound all-too familiar as Trump warns that “nothing is off the table” in dealing with Iran