Is Bolton Steering Trump Into War with Iran?

Is Bolton Steering Trump Into War with Iran?

Forces are moving in America and in Israel to bring about a U.S. confrontation with Iran — before U.S. troops leave Syria. Pat Buchanan explains

The White House reportedly asked the Pentagon for military plans to strike Iran

The White House reportedly asked the Pentagon for military plans to strike Iran

Warmonger John Bolton asked for the options after three mortar bombs were fired at the U.S. diplomatic quarter in Baghdad last year

Mike Pompeo is greeted by Bahraini Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa. Click to enlarge

U.S. to host Iran-focused global meeting in Poland February 13-14

Why is Iran such a pressing issue? Or does the U.S. intend to launch an international campaign against it, as it did with Iraq, at the behest of Israel and Saudi Arabia?

Images show Iran prepping satellite launch despite Pompeo’s threat

Will a launch lead to further U.S. sanctions?

Some US troops could remain in Syria, Trump official says

Some US troops could remain in Syria, Trump official says

Despite Trump’s announcement, it looks increasingly like U.S. troops will STAY in Syria

American Traitor John Bolton Sold Out the USA to Israel

This compilation of news clips demonstrates that Trump’s National Security Adviser, John Bolton, has sold out the American people in his quest to achieve the military goals of Israel and the New World Order

Iran says its warships are coming to the Atlantic for the 1st time

The voyage to the Atlantic is likely to take place early next year and will probably include calls to friendly states in South America and the Gulf of Mexico

Trump and Netanyahu. Click to enlarge

Israel acts at ‘military level’ amid US sanctions on Iran: Netanyahu

From Netanyahu’s comments quoted in this report, it’s clear that Israel is dictating the White House’s Middle East foreign policy

U.S. warns Iran not to launch satellites into space

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Iran on Thursday that the U.S. views its satellite launch program as “provocative”

Netanyahu Reaches Out to Wahhabis, says Israel is Ally to those Against Iran

In fact Israel has long had ties with Wahhabi groups like ISIS (ISIL or Daesh), even as they carried out some of their worst atrocities, beheadings etc.

Iranian Revolutionary Guards speed boats are seen near the USS John C. Stennis CVN-74 (not pictured) as it makes its way to gulf through strait of Hormuz, December 21, 2018. Click to enlarge

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards plan to upgrade speed boats with stealth technology

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards speedboats, some of which are capable of speeds on excess on 90mph, will also be armed with new missiles

US does not dare mention military option against Iran: IRGC cmdr.

Readers will note that we haven’t heard the U.S. talk of “all options” in reference to Iran for a long time now

Iran building a drone force based on captured US, Israeli tech — report

Iran building a drone force based on captured US, Israeli tech — report

Iran has reportedly enhanced its drone capability with technologies from seized U.S. and Israeli UAVs

U.S. Does Not Have the ‘Courage or Ability’ to Attack Iran, Naval Commander Says

This is more than boasting. After Afghanistan and with Vietnam still a bitter memory a face-to-face military showdown with Iran is something the U.S. wants to avoid

An Sukhoi Su-34 fires a precision guided missile in Syria. Russia's involvement in the conflict has given its armed forces valuable experience and shown that it's very much a force to be reckoned with. Click to enlarge

Trump to pull troops from Syria: ‘We have defeated ISIS’

Although it’s to be welcomed, IF IT HAPPENS as we’ve heard this before, it wasn’t the US that defeated ISIS but Syria, Iran and Russia; Trump is simply taking credit for their work.

US Sanctions Against Iran

Preaching freedom and democracy, America brings war and economic collapse, and it would love nothing more than to see Iran destroyed.

Trump’s anti-Iran push boosts a royal outcast

Sunni militants, ISIS, Western aligned “reformists”; the U.S. seems ready to back anyone to oust the current regime in Tehran. Now Trump has a new option, Iranian royalty

Pompeo calls for international coalition against Iran, as Europe ramps up pressure

Is Pompeo trying to drum up support for the formation an international alliance like the military coalition in Iraq and Afghanistan?

A Qadr H ballistic surface-to-surface missile is fired by Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps, during a maneuver, Wednesday, March 9, 2016. Click to enlarge

Iran confirms missile test in defiance of U.S.

For the second time in as many weeks Reuters has been caught making omissions that cast Iran in a more belligerent light. Is Reuters taking orders from U.S. war hawks?

Will Iran warships in Venezuela cause alarm? ‘This is going to bother 14 countries’

US media describes reports that an Iranian warship may be deployed in Venezuelan waters as “the mother of all provocations”