World Trade Center Demolition

Eyewitness accounts, video footage and photos all point to the World Trade Center towers collapse being precipitated by a series of explosions, possibly caused by demolition charges

Danish Scientist on Nano-Thermite in the WTC Debris

Word is spreading about the crucial discovery of nano-thermite particles in the WTC’s debris. One of the authors of a scientific paper on the finding, Dr. Niels H. Harrit was interviewed on national TV in Denmark recently (with English sub-titles)

Game Over for Criminals and Cover Up

If President Obama were truly a man of the people, he would address this discovery because this evidence completely disproves the accepted version of events of what happened on 9-11, the pack of lies upon which the “War on Terror” is based

Thermite Found at WTC

But along with the mainstream media and the FBI, the Obama DOJ is ignoring incontrovertible scientific evidence of thermite in the WTC debris

Scientists Discover Active Thermitic Material in WTC Dust

Ground breaking announcement from Prof Steven Jones and Scholars for 9/11 Truth on the momentous discovery in the World Trade Center debris

Magic Thermite and the 9/11 Fairytale

The evidence is in and it’s irrefutable: scientists have discovered traces of hi-tech explosives in the WTC debris. Which means the UK/US/Israel will have to stage another event on the scale of 9/11 to counter the brushfire this report will ignite

Video Evidence of Controlled Demolition

According to the media, the WTC towers collapsed because blazing jet fuel melted the building’s steel supports. However this ignores the explosions prior to the towers collapse and that they had been designed to withstand the impact of a Boeing 707

Thermite and the Controlled Demolition of the World Trade Center

Presentation by Dr Steve Jones of Scholars from 9/11 Truth, which clearly and convincingly shows why a combination of thermite and sulphur – Thermate – was responsible for the collapse of the World Trade Center towers

9/11 Planes Flew Directly into Secure Computer Rooms in Both Towers

Christopher Bollyn uncovers evidence tying the collapse of the World Trade Center towers with Paul Bremer, Bush’s former Iraq pro-consul, and indications that the incendiary Thermite was pre-postioned, hidden on the 91st floor disguised as batteries

The Architecture of Destruction

Richard Cage, the founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth explains why in his professional opinion the official explanation for the collapse of the World Trade Center towers just doesn’t make sense

Still Standing: The Building That Proves WTC 7 Was Imploded

New videos highlight vivid contrast of Mandarin Oriental Hotel fire to fires in WTC 7 before its free fall collapse. Includes links to videos

9/11 Truth: Scott Forbes describes power-downs in WTC

The director of the company involved with security at the World Trade Center was none other than the President’s younger brother, Marvin Bush. Now listen to workers describe how there was a power-down of the WTC’s electronic security prior to 9/11

What Will It Take? . . . A Short Physics Lesson Perhaps – This Is WTC-7

A technical analysis of the collapse of WTC 7 concludes that it was “indistinguishable from free fall”. Meaning that the NIST report on 9/11 fell short of the standard of analysis expected from High School (secondary) students

Details Emerge on new WTC collapse video

New video footage offers more proof that WTC7 was brought down in a controlled demolition

Key Witness to WTC 7 Explosions Dead at 53

Barry Jennings – who claims he heard explosions in WTC7 prior to the collapse of WTC1 and 2 – has passed away at the age of 53 with controversy about WTC7 still hot. Includes video link

Revelations about the Twin Towers in the 9/11 Oral Histories

“[T]here was just an explosion [in the south tower]. It seemed like on television [when] they blow up these buildings. It seemed like it was going all the way around like a belt, all these explosions.”- Firefighter Richard Banaciski

Chemical Traces of High Explosives in WTC Debris

Chemical Traces of High Explosives in WTC Debris

In 2004 Kevin Ryan, a Chemist and laboratory manager, was fired for publicly questioning the official explanation of the WTC collapse. Since then he has worked with Prof. Steven E. Jones to compile a comprehensive scientific analysis of the collapse

Pre 9/11 World Trade Center Power-Down

In a recent post questioning the World Trade Center controlled demolition theory, Xymphora asked how literally tons of explosives could have been delivered half way up the WTC towers, without anybody seeing anything. Here’s how

Pre-9/11 World Trade Center Power-Down

The mainstream media may refer to them derisively as “conspiracy theories”. But, writes Victor Thorn, more compelling evidence is emerging that the WTC was brought down in a virtual textbook demolition

WTC 7 Free Fall Collapse

A purely scientific analysis of the collapse of WTC7 concludes that it had all the characteristics of a “controlled demolition”

9/11 Truth: Steel Buildings Don’t Collapse From Fire

Compelling documentary explaining why the World Trade Center towers did not collapse because of fire. Yet more weight to the contention that the WTC was brought down in a controlled demolition