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Only 2% of US Politicians Actually Want to Stop Arming Terrorists — Here’s Why

Military and Homeland Security companies, lobbyists, and lawmakers all profit from war

Deception Inside Deception: The Alleged Sarin Gas Attack

From Seymour Hersh’s latest investigative report, we learn that President Trump makes war decisions by watching staged propaganda on TV

The president has appropriated, delegated the war-making power

Meaning in effect, writes Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich, that the president and the Pentagon can now wage war without Congressional approval

'Clinton & ISIS funded by same money' - Assange interview w/John Pilger

‘Clinton & ISIS funded by same money’ – Assange interview w/John Pilger

Julian Assange says ISIS/ISIL/Daesh are largely funded by the same people who bankrolled the Clinton Foundation

Russia Hacking Allegations Driven By a Serial Liar

The Washington Post makes it clear that former CIA boss John Brennan is behind claims that Russia hacked the election. Trouble is Brennan is a proven, documented liar

USS Ross launching Tomahawk cruise missile at the Syrian air base. Click to enlarge

Trump’s Red Line

Seymour Hersch on the April US missile strike on the Syrian Shayrat Air Base. According to Xymphora, it’s good but it also bears the marks of spin by US intelligence

US charged with de facto invasion of Syria and openly supporting Isis

US charged with de facto invasion of Syria and openly supporting Isis

Trump breaks more campaign promises. Now openly supports ISIS. Includes video

Comey’s Lies of Omission

“He approved or defended some of the worst abuses of the Bush administration (including) torture, warrantless wiretapping, and indefinite detention.” Does that square with the media’s portrayal of Comey as a man of unshakable integrity?

Trump and His Kabbalah Teacher

Trump and His Kabbalah Teacher

By his own admission in his book “The Way to the Top: The Best Business Advice I Ever Received”, Donald Trump has studied the Kabbalah

Trumps proposed $3m cut to Holocaust museum sparks bipartisan backlash

Add to this the fact that Trump’s statement for International Holocaust Remembrance Day omitted any mention of Jews and you have to wonder what he is playing at?

FBI’s Comey – The Real Story

Bill Still reviews James Comey’s criminal track record, which stretches back decades

Comey and Mueller: Russiagate’s Mythical Heroes

Comey and Mueller: Russiagate’s Mythical Heroes

A former FBI agent on why James Comey and Robert Mueller are comprised. Both men having proved themselves in previous administrations as politicized sycophants

Trump’s Pilgrimage

Standing a few inches from impeachment and surviving lynch by media, President Trump has committed arguably his biggest heresy yet. Israel Shamir explains

Donald Trump is trying to stick to the script – but he's about to really mess up in the Middle East

Donald Trump is trying to stick to the script – but he’s about to really mess up in the Middle East

Trump spoke of the ‘ultimate deal’ between Israel and the Palestinians – as if peace were a commodity to be bought or sold

Seth Rich, Craig Murray and the Sinister Stewards of the National Security State

Why is it a “conspiracy theory” to think that a disgruntled Democratic National Committee staffer gave WikiLeaks the DNC emails, but not a conspiracy theory to think the emails were provided by Russia?

Trump says Joe Lieberman one of his top picks for FBI job

Trump says Joe Lieberman one of his top picks for FBI job

If confirmed this will effectively prove that Trump is another servant of the deep state

Attempted political coup now taking place in D.C. with effort to impeach Trump for fabricated “obstruction of justice”

Mike Adams on why moves against Trump could end in civil war

The Khoup

Xymphora on what Trump needs to do to restore his authority as president. Does he have the integrity to do it?

Did Trump “Accidentally” Save The World?

Did Trump inadvertently disclose a planned Israeli false flag to bring down a Russian airliner? Is this why the US media and politicians are closing in on him

President Trump has described the special investigation into his alleged ties to Russia as a "witvh hunt". Click to enlarge

The Special Council Inquisition – Bad For Trump – And All of Us

President Trump says he’s the victim of a “witch hunt” and the investigation into his alleged Russian connections does indeed look like an inquisition.