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Trump-Russian "Collusion" Report is Credible -- Tim Fitzpatrick

Trump-Russian “Collusion” Report is Credible — Tim Fitzpatrick

Reminding us that neither Putin nor Trump are the good guys we think they are.

Pictured left to right: Joseph Frager, Alan Dershowitz, and John Bolton at the 2018 Zionist Organization of America awards. Photo | ZOA. Click to enlarge

John Bolton Wins “Defender of Israel” Award From Zionist Lobby Group That Helped Appoint Him

Trump had said that he wanted U.S. troops out of Syria. That changed as soon as Bolton took over as National Security Advisor

John Bolton. Click to enlarge

U.S. to Step up Sanctions on Iran, ‘Squeeze Them Until the Pips Squeak’

Washington’s most outspoken warmonger calls for increased pressure on Tehran

Russian Intelligence Report Describes Trump "Collusion"

Russian Intelligence Report Describes Trump “Collusion”

Russians regarded Trump as a philanderer, unstable and unreliable.

How To Buy an Election

How To Buy an Election

It takes just three billionaires to buy a government, says Kevin McCarthy, and he would know as he’s the U.S. House majority leader

Politico Report Says Russiagaters Should Prepare To Kiss My Ass

Politico Report Says Russiagaters Should Prepare To Kiss My Ass

An obscene amount of noise and focus, a hysterical McCarthyite atmosphere and this three-ring circus of propaganda and delusion is ready to call it a day

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Goes Neocon

The Trump administration is being taken over by Pompeo and Bolton who represent everything Trump ran against

Trailer: Is Trump for Real (2018)

Two years before there was a candidate Donald Trump Steve Bannon came up with “Drain the Swamp”. And Bannon got the idea from the men who created Hitler

Bannon studied Nazi propagandist Leni Riefensahl

John Hankey – Trump is Rewarmed Bush Admin

Hankey throws cold water on Trump’s seduction of the right. Includes Hankey’s full documentary on Trump

Where Have We Seen Trump Before?

Where Have We Seen Trump Before?

It should be obvious, writes Henry Makow. Hitler also promised to make Germany great, and that was a prelude to world war.

Trump Accepts Nikki Haley's Resignation -- Reports

Trump Accepts Nikki Haley’s Resignation — Reports

Shock resignation being reported by multiple news outlets

Trump National Security team. Click to enlarge

Trump’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad National Security Team

Trump started with the right objectives but his “advisors” argued against pulling out of Afghanistan and Syria. So now he maybe getting even more deeply involved

Mattiss: saved the day?

Seven Days in September

According to Bob Woodward, insiders claim that on at least two occasions the U.S. military has openly defied President Trump and not carried out his commands

U.S. President Donald Trump addresses the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly at U.N. headquarters in New York, U.S., September 25, 2018. Click to enlarge

World leaders laugh as Trump claims his administration has accomplished more than any other in US history

Showing why he’s better suited to reality TV

Kavanaugh Sex Scandal Exposed!

Kavanaugh Sex Scandal Exposed!

Brother Nathanael on the Ford-Kavanaugh row

NYT Admits That Its “Mountain of Evidence” For Russian Collusion Is Smaller Than A Molehill

The ‘Russian influence’ and ‘collusion’ between Russia and Trump are still what they were two years ago, when the campaign started – they are fake news

Woodward: No Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion, I Searched Hard for Two Years

Woodward: No Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion, I Searched Hard for Two Years

The media has barely mentioned it, but Bob Woodward says that researching his latest book he found no evidence of collusion between Russia and Trump’s campaign

Israel advocate Ravich named to senior intelligence post, planned US-Israel cyber project against BDS

Named as one of Trump’s key intelligence advisors, Samantha Ravich was previously involved in a cyber project to protect Israel

Jon Lerner. Click to enlarge

Profile of Jon Lerner

Few have heard of him but working behind the scenes in U.S. politics ha has amassed considerable influence and may have a role in deciding the next US president

With Mossad agent and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in the 1990's. Many politicians are blackmailed to ensure satanist loyalty. Click to enlarge

Reminder – Trump is a Blackmailed Israeli Agent

The liberal media hate Trump so much yet they soft-pedal this story?