The Death of Dr David Kelly

Dr David Kelly’s untimely death has left unanswered questions and many wondering if he did in fact commit “suicide”

How the Key Players in the Kelly Scandal Were Rewarded

How the men and women who share the blame for David Kelly’s demise have prospered since his “suicide”

The Hutton Inquiry And The Murder Of Dr. David Kelly

Many regard the Hutton inquiry into Dr David Kelly’s death as no more than a whitewash, an attempt by the authorities to cover a badly botched murder. Using reverse speech analysis, Ken Welch examines Lord Hutton’s speech to uncover what was concealed

The David Kelly ‘Dead in the Woods’ Psyop

When British diplomat David Broucher (left) described to the Hutton Inquiry a meeting he had with David Kelly in February 2003, an audible gasp went up from the gallery. But was he playing for the audience? Rowena Thursby investigates

The Secret World of Dr David Kelly

Apart from being a weapons inspector in Iraq, David Kelly also worked for Briton’s Ministry of Defense and occassionally Mossad too

Weapons cover-up revealed…

Like Dr David Kelly, Australian Dr John Gee was a member of the Iraq Survey Group (ISG), tasked with finding evidence of Iraq’s WMD. However when he resigned in 2004 he revealed that that the ISG was “run by the CIA to protect the CIA”

Wanted: Inside Information on Dr Kelly’s Death

Evidence is mounting that contradicts the official account of Dr David Kelly death. He was probably ‘removed’ for being an obstacle to an invasion of Iraq and now is the time for insiders to come forward and help expose the real reason for his murder

Is Gilligan afraid of the truth?

You would think a journalist whose BBC career was ruined by Dr Kelly’s death would be determined to get at the truth about his demise. Not so Andrew Gilligan, writes Rowena Thursby. But as this website’s been informed, Gilligan is an intelligence asset

Kelly and dark media games

Even before any information about Dr David Kelly’s death had been released, the mainstream media was already talking about his “suicide”

Dr David Kelly: The questions that just won’t go away

Three years after Dr David Kelly’s suppossed suicide and the Blair regime still avoids answering crucial questions about his death

Beware this MP’S ‘Dossier’

From helping to conceal the murders of Diana and Dr Kelly to feeding the public endless stories about Iraq’s WMD, to justify the invasion, the mainstream media is now being used to cover-up crimes and protect the guilty. Stotty provides the latest example

I believe David Kelly did not commit suicide – and I will prove it

Three years ago British weapons inspector David Kelly was found dead and after an inquiry, judged to have committed “suicide”. Now however, an MP says he has unearthed dramatic new evidence that proves Kelly did not take his own life

A Prime Example of the ‘Limited Hangout’

Or how disinformation now masquerades as “news”

New questions over death of David Kelly

Like 9/11, the war in Iraq and Princess Diana’s death, questions about the “suicide” of weapons inspector Dr David Kelly just wont go away

Norman Baker MP on the death of David Kelly

Like Diana, suspicion over David Kelly’s ‘suicide’ just won’t go away. Now LibDem MP Norman Baker who is privately investigating his death, explains why he doubts Kelly took his own life. And note this was broadcast when audience figures would be minimal

Was Bolton behind death of State Department official?

The deaths of INR/NESA official John J. Kokal and ex-CIA and NSC official Dr. Gus Weiss bear an eerie similarity to the death Dr David Kelly. All 3 disputed claims that Iraq possessed WMD and all 3 died in highly suspicious circumstances

Live Dangerously: Be a Scientist

The first anthrax attacks were reported in the US on October 19, 2001. Since then, some of the world’s leading experts in microbiology and other top scientists, like Dr David Kelly, have died, most under extremely suspicious circumstances

This trial by television has failed David Kelly once again

A docu-drama about the life and death of Dr David Kelly will be broadcast on Channel Four this week. Andrew Gilligan who knew the man and has seen the docu-drama gives his opinion

Questions Over Kelly

Evidence indicates it was highly improbable that Dr Kelly died of haemorrhage from a transected ulnar artery, say a group of leading medical specialists. Moreover, there is evidence that his body was moved. Who moved, they ask, and why?

Dr David Kelly: Doubts and Suspicion Remain

Despite the verdict of the Hutton Inquiry into his death, like Princess Diana’s ‘accident’, suspicions over David Kelly’s alleged ‘suicide’ just wont go away

Kelly death paramedics query verdict

At the Hutton Inquiry their testimonies were practically disregarded. When asked if they had anything to add, the paramedics said how surprised they were at how little blood there was for an arterial bleed. For the first time they tell of what they saw