Israel, ‘Anti-Semitism’, Zionism and US-UK allies

Not a religion or an ethnic identity, but a political cult embodied in modern Israel, which uses Judaism, Jews AND ‘anti-Semitism’ for its own purposes with ordinary Jews paying the price

A photo taken on 1 April shows Palestinian medic Razan al-Najjar treating injured persons at an emergency medical tent during protests in Gaza near the boundary with Israel. Al-Najjar was fatally shot by an Israeli sniper as she was helping injured protesters near Khan Younis on 1 June. Ashraf Amra APA images. Click to enlarge

Gaza medic killed by Israel as she rescued injured

Seems IDF snipers are deliberately targeting medical personnel in Gaza. The latest being a 21-year-old Palestinian nurse who was shot dead while tending the injured

Poland Under the Jewish Messiah

Poland Under the Jewish Messiah

Poland has no future as the forward base against Moscow, but this understanding hasn’t seeped into the Poles’ mind yet. Israel Shamir explains

Deep State For Jews

Deep State For Jews

The deeper you look the creepier it gets. Brother Nathanael explains

After Gaza 'Massacre' Israeli Parliament Proposes Bill to Ban Photographing, Recording Soldiers

After Gaza ‘Massacre’ Israeli Parliament Proposes Bill to Ban Photographing, Recording Soldiers

The bill proposes prison sentences for those recording or photographing Israeli soldiers. The objective being to conceal Israeli crimes

Tamir Pardo, former director of Mossad. Click to enlarge

Ex-Israeli spy chief: Netanyahu planned Iran strike in 2011

Seven years ago Israel might have succeeded. However, in the intervening years Iran has upgraded its air defences so Israel’s success might not be so assured now

Who Owns the Media? An Answer for Elon Musk

Who Owns the Media? An Answer for Elon Musk

“Jack Harper” does an inventory of Jews in the media.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, center, talks with Israeli soldiers at a military outpost during a visit at Mount Hermon in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights overlooking the Israel-Syria border on Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015. (AP Photo/Baz Ratner, Pool)

Trump Set to Recognize Israel’s Claim to Occupied Golan Heights and Its Sizable Oil Reserves

After recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Trump looks set to recognize Israeli claims to the occupied Golan Heights

In French poll, majority say Zionism is a Jewish conspiracy

More than half of those questioned in a French poll said they believed that Zionism is a Jewish conspiracy to manipulate the West for the benefit of Jews

Israel likely knew of Black Cube’s efforts to discredit Iran deal – report

The same shadowy Israeli intelligence company that Harvey Weinstein hired to suppress charges against him also sought to influence U.S. policy on Iran

The Messiah in England

The Messiah in England

Corbyn was the rare voice of reason during the Skripal madness. That’s why Organised Jewry wants to get rid of him; and antisemitism is their weapon of choice

The Separated beach in Tel-Aviv. the Separated beach open half of the week for woman and a half for man only. 10, July 2009 . photo by Abir Sultan/Flash 90.  *** Local Caption *** çøãé

Flashback: Jews DO Control The Media

It’s true, writes Manny Friedman, Jews even brag about it. The funny thing is if any gentile should say as much, we’re suddenly up in arms about “anti-Semitism”

Adolf Stoecker (1835 -1909) was the court chaplain to Kaiser Wilhelm II, a politician, and a German Lutheran theologian who founded the Christian Social Party and attempted to roll back Jewish control. He helped organize the 1882 "Anti Jewish Conference."

Germans Conceded Jewish Hegemony 136 Years Ago

Read this and ask if Hitler could have come to power without Illuminati Jewish complicity?

US Ambassador to Israel presented with picture of Jerusalem with the Third Temple replacing the Al Aqsa Mosque. Click to enlarge

Seizing the Temple Mount Becomes Theme of U.S. Embassy Celebration

Ambassador Friedman may not have been aware of the picture’s meaning but it depicted the 3rd Temple atop one of Islam’s holiest sites. To Muslims an act of sacrilege

Elizabeth Murray boarding the Al Awda (The Return). Click to enlarge

A New Flotilla Steams Towards Gaza

Elizabeth Murray is aboard a new flotilla sailing to break the 12-year old Israeli blockade that is choking Gaza. Will it meet the same fate as the last flotilla?

Is Israeli Barbarism Rooted in the Old Testament?

Is Israeli Barbarism Rooted in the Old Testament?

Mark Weber points to scripture which could have been written yesterday about Gaza.

Ken Livingstone quits Labour after antisemitism claims

Former mayor of London forced to quit Labour Party following accusations of “ant-Semitism” after he linked Zionism with Hitler

The Messiah is Here

The Messiah is Here

The best gift God Almighty gave the Jews this season is the Matzo balls of president Trump. The Chosen people have got him by the balls in more ways than one

Hitler wine. Click to enlarge

Austrian man jailed up for glorifying Nazism after cops found “joke” Hitler-branded wine in his home

Jailed for owning bottles of “Hitler wine”, which can be bought across the border in neighbouring Italy where they are legal

British Patriot Jez Turner faces a prison sentence for criticizing Jews

British Patriot Jez Turner faces a prison sentence for criticizing Jews

Jez Turner faces jail for daring to question “Jewish power”. With additional commentary from Lasha Darkmoon

Ryan Dawson Animated talk about Zionist Neocons

Ryan Dawson Animated talk about Zionist Neocons

Hard hitting video from Ryan Dawson on who really controls U.S. Middle East policy