“The War on Terror”

Behind the headlines in the “War on Terror”. Otherwise known as the “Fraud of Terror”, which employs flase flags, double agents and a compliant media to create the illusion of a war waged by radical Islamists. When it is in fact being orchestrated by Western intelligence

Hundreds of US Military Vehicles Enter Syria from Iraq

US military vehicles and British Challenger tanks backed by helicopters have reportedly entered Syria and are deploying close to the border with Jordan

Iraqi soldier holds ISIS flag in the rubble of Mosul. Click to enlarge

Isis may be on its knees but it will rise again if we don’t break the cycle

Thankfully Isis is on its knees. What this article breathes not a word about however, is who backed it. Making this Guardian article little better than Isis propaganda

The New Silk Road Will Go Through Syria

That may sound less far-fetched than it seems, writes Pepe Escobar. The next few months will tell if this is indeed a plausible scenario.

Jihadists Among Gendarmes: French Police, Army Rocked By Scores of Infiltrators

Jihadists Among Gendarmes: French Police, Army Rocked By Scores of Infiltrators

French security services and law enforcement agencies have reportedly been infiltrated by scores of Islamic extremists working undercover

US troops to stay in Iraq after Islamic State defeated

Just as thousands of American troops remain in Afghanistan, a sizable U.S. military contingent will remain in Iraq, ostensibly to prevent Islamic State from returning

Retired Flag Officers Warn Against Regime Change and “Aggressive Posturing” Toward Iran

38 retired U.S. generals and admirals have just published an open letter to Donald Trump warning him about pursuing a policy of regime change in Iran, amid growing concerns that Washington and Tehran could be sliding into war

Who Is the Real Enemy?

Who Is the Real Enemy?

The White House is targeting Iran but should instead focus on Saudi Arabia. Does Philip Giraldi think that Trump has the courage to do this? Unfortunately, no

Updated: Iranian researcher denied US entry has ties to militia

An Iranian cancer researcher who was detained at Boston Airport while on his way to take a post at Boston Children’s Hospital was linked as a student to a volunteer Iranian militia

Iranian Fateh-class submarine

Iran Is Building Its Own Submarines (With Torpedoes the U.S. Navy Can’t Match)

U.S. analysts repeatedly underestimate Iran’s military ability. As we explains in our a footnote, it’s a hallmark of a fading empire

Peace in Syria for the benefit of Israël and Turkey?

Nobody has gained from the Syrian conflict, not the U.S./UK and certainly not the Syrian people. As Thierry Meyssan explains only Turkey and Israel may gain

Tulsi Gabbard Tells CNN and Fox the Facts

After a recent visit to Syria Rep Tulsi Gabbard tells CNN and Fox News the unvarnished truth about what’s really happening there

Clarissa Ward (kneeling, front right) meets with militants

CNN Silent on Claims it Hired ‘Al-Qaeda Correspondent’

CNN refuses to answer questions about it’s correspondent’s link with armed militants in Syria.

Recordings Reveal FBI Gave Man a Rifle, Urged Him to Carry Out Mass Shooting to ‘Defend Islam’

Recordings Reveal FBI Gave Man a Rifle, Urged Him to Carry Out Mass Shooting to ‘Defend Islam’

Recordings prove that the organisations supposedly protecting Americans from terror are actually helping to promote it

Terror in Europe – Why Terrorists Are Allowed to Strike

The London Bridge attack saw a repeat of a now familiar narrative in which every suspect involved had been long-known to security and intelligence agencies

A Blank Check for Perpetual War

A Blank Check for Perpetual War

The War on Terror is really just a misleading cover to deceive the public about the real plan at work, which is to break Syria into ethnic enclaves, as in the Yinon Plan

Watch out for new chemical attacks videos - 'fake news' crew arrives in Syria

Watch out for new chemical attacks videos – ‘fake news’ crew arrives in Syria

Russian alternative news media reports that moves are underway to stage a chemical weapons attack in Syria and blame it on forces loyal to Assad

Army to field-test home-grown missile system by year end

Army to field-test home-grown missile system by year end

Iran’s long awaited answer to the S-300, the Bavar 373, will undergo final field tests by March next year before entering production

Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Syria. Click to enlarge

Trump Admin Authorizes Strikes on Iranian-Backed Forces

Despite his pre-election promises, U.S. foreign policy under Trump seems to have continued where Obama left off …

Manchester bombing police say Salman Abedi did not act alone

As the correspondent who sent this in noted, of course Salman Abedi didn’t act alone. Apart from Abedi there were his enablers in the British security services

An America First Syria Policy

An America First Syria Policy

Going back on his pre-election promise, President Trump seems to be on course for regime change in Syria.