“The War on Terror”

Behind the headlines in the “War on Terror”. Otherwise known as the “Fraud of Terror”, which employs flase flags, double agents and a compliant media to create the illusion of a war waged by radical Islamists. When it is in fact being orchestrated by Western intelligence

Scattered protests in Iran as U.S. sanctions loom

U.S. sanctions on Iran are intended to fuel internal discontent. No doubt in the hope that it can be used as a means toward regime change

AngloZionist Attack Options Against Iran

AngloZionist Attack Options Against Iran

The Saker assesses the dangers and the choices facing any powers stupid enough to launch a concerted military strike on Iran

Russia to deploy military police on Golan Heights

Real peace-keeping, probably intended to prevent a build-up of Hezbollah and IRGC forces on Israel’s border AND deter an IDF strike on Syrian positions

In blow to Trump, China rejects US request to cut Iran oil imports

In blow to Trump, China rejects US request to cut Iran oil imports

Not only has China rejected U.S. calls to cut oil imports but India, the second biggest purchaser of Iranian crude, has just increased its imports by 30 percent

What If Everything We’ve Been Told About Recent History Is a Lie?

“Behind the War on Terror is a strategic plan crafted decades in advance to redraw the map of the Middle East. 9/11 was a false-flag operation blamed on Muslims …”

Iranian interior minister says Trump is not trustworthy enough for talks: Fars news

Given that Trump has already pulled out of the previously agreed nuclear deal is it any wonder that Iran doesn’t consider Trump “trustworthy”?

Iran readying massive military exercise in Persian Gulf, officials say

U.S. officials are concerned following recent Iranian threats that the drill may be aimed at demonstrating Iran’s ability to close the Straits of Hormuz

VIPS to Trump: Intel on Iran Could be CATASTROPHIC

Veteran intelligence professionals warn President Trump that military action over Iran could be CATASTROPHIC. Here is a copy of their warning

Caravan Of Evil

Caravan Of Evil

As significant as which White Helmets members were evacuated from Syria are the members of the group who were left behind.

General Soleimani: IRGC Quds Force Spearheading Any Confrontation with US

One of the most powerful men in Iran, Gen. Soleimani warns America: “We are so close to you in places that you might not even think of”

A “Limited Hangout”

The media is crying “betrayal” over reports of the Manchester suicide bomber’s rescue by the Royal Navy. But the real betrayal may have been carried out by MI5

Armed US drones up and running in Niger

The U.S. beefs up its military presence in the impoverished north African nation with Special Forces, a new base and regular armed drone patrols

Iran’s copy of US-made Phoenix air-to-air missile goes into production

Iran’s copy of US-made Phoenix air-to-air missile goes into production

Having improved on the original U.S. Phoenix with greater accuracy and speed, the Fakour gives Iran another major advantage in air-to-air combat

Is it Zionism or Jewishness? You decide

Is it Zionism or Jewishness? You decide

Gilad’s arch-nemesis, Tony Greenstein fell victim to a Zionist witch-hunt and was expelled from the Labour Party. Here he debates Zionism-Jewishness with Gilad

Police have admitted that the St Denis district is an effective no go zone and will only drive through armed and four to a vehicle. Click to enlarge

Powder Keg Paris

As a devastating report reveals 300,000 illegal migrants living in one French suburb alone. Andrew Malone explores a state-within-a-state that exists in Paris

Will Next Steps on Iran Point towards a New ‘Big Three’ or World War III?

We hope that Trump isn’t entirely in the thrall of his Secretary of State. Because apart from being a Zionist, Mike Pompeo is also effectively calling for regime change in Iran

British troops arrive at Kandahar in Afganistan in 2014. Click to enlarge

SAS squad to join almost 500 soldiers being sent to Afghanistan to tackle resurgent Taliban

An SAS squad will join the 15,000 troops on the ground in Afghanistan in an attempt to contain a resurgent Taliban

US Ready to Strike Iran in August

The hope is that a brief but successful strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities will boost Trumps ratings ahead of the midterm election in November

Iran Promises Trump “The Mother of All Wars”

One thing is clear, Donald Trump has no idea what a war with Iran would cost. Marine combat veteran Gordon Duff explains

Britain didn’t accept a single Christian refugee, accepted Muslims only

Why was there not one Christian was among the 1,112 Syrian refugees Britain accepted in the first 3 months of 2018 when they constitute 10% of Syria’s population?