“The War on Terror”

Behind the headlines in the “War on Terror”. Otherwise known as the “Fraud of Terror”, which employs flase flags, double agents and a compliant media to create the illusion of a war waged by radical Islamists. When it is in fact being orchestrated by Western intelligence

Brussels on lockdown in fear of Paris-style attacks

The Belgian capital closed its metro system and shuttered shops and public buildings as a terror alert was raised to its highest level

Proof U.S. Government Wanted ISIS To Emerge In Syria (video)

Proof U.S. Government Wanted ISIS To Emerge In Syria (video)

Leaked Department of Defense documents prove that the U.S. purposely allowed ISIS to take hold of Syria

The Paris attacks — Passports revisited

The Paris attacks — Passports revisited

Since 9/11 there has not been a single terror attack in which the authors, who are supposed to remain unidentified, have not left ID documents behind

French State of Emergency. Click to enlarge

France state of emergency declared for three months, allowing authorities to shut down websites and giving police sweeping new powers

A New World Order is beginning to emerge and in the wake of the Paris terror, France is leading the way

Blast during the raid on the St Dennis apartment. Click to enlarge

Was the St Dennis Raid a Shoot-to-Kill Mission?

Was the police raid on a flat in St Dennis intended to silence anyone whose testimony might contradict the official version of what happened on Nov 13?

Russian TU-160 of the type that took part in raids against militants in Syria Thursday. Click to enlarges

Russia says conducts third day of ‘massive’ Syria strikes

Long-range bombers operating from Russian bases took part in raids against targets in Syria on Thursday and, unlike Western bombers, they hit the militants

By targeting ISIS oil tankers in Syria, Russia has disrupted a major source of revenue for the militants. Click to enlarge

Russia Destroys 500 ISIS-Turkey Oil Tanker Trucks

A major source of revenue, militants streamlined the tanker operation, unhindered by U.S. air strikes. Now Russia has destroyed much of ISIS tanker fleet

Safety Check

There was an extensive propaganda preparation of the French people in the weeks before the attack, Xymphora explains. That would hardly be within the scope of ISIS.

It’s Already Happening: Authorities Are Using Paris Attacks To Rush New Mass Surveillance Laws

It’s Already Happening: Authorities Are Using Paris Attacks To Rush New Mass Surveillance Laws

The new surveillance legislation was drawn up BEFORE the Paris attacks. Vigilant Citizen explains

Keep Assad in power to defeat Isis in Syria, says former UK military chief

Former British chief of defence staff criticizes David Cameron’s “contradictory war aims” in Syria

French Rafale jet flanked by 3 Mirage 2000-N. Click to enlarge

Syrians in Raqqa tell of ‘insane nights’ of air strikes

In response to the Paris attacks, officials claim French air strikes destroyed ISIL facilities in Raqqa. But locals say only an abandoned ISIL base was hit

Russia is only in Syria to play the game and get World War 3 going

We don’t agree with everything Jim Stone says here. NOT ALL JEWS are working for a NWO, there are some notable exceptions, but he may have a point about Putin

Iran: S-300 Delivery Underway

Iran: S-300 Delivery Underway

Originally agreed in 2007 the long delayed S-300 deal with Iran has been finalised and delivery is reportedly currently underway

French Special Forces secure the area around the St Dennis apartment. Click to enlarge

Gunfire erupts in Paris as police swoop on suspected mastermind

Police lay siege to Parisian apartment holding suspected mastermind behind the Nov 13 attacks and accomplices


The Paris Attacks – À quoi bon?

Hollande is a Rothschild puppet who does what his masters want. At this point they want him to attack Syria. Christopher Bollyn explains

Jewish owners recently sold Paris’s Bataclan theater, where IS killed dozens

Owners recently sold the venue after nearly forty years and moved to Israel

Francois Hollande’s ‘war’ with Isis won’t stand in the way of France’s arms deals with Saudi Arabia

France may have declared war on Isis but that won’t stop lucrative Western arms deals with the militant’s Saudi godfathers

In Paris Tragedy Its Necessary to Know Who's Pulling the Strings

In Paris Tragedy Its Necessary to Know Who’s Pulling the Strings

Although this article is about recent events in Paris it also provides some highly relevant, but little publicised, perspectives on the situation in Syria

The French Republic taken hostage

Thierry Meyssan reflects on the Nov 13 attacks and where France is now heading

Scene in the Bataclan Theatre: corpses or dummies? Click to enlarge

Dead People in France Theatre are Dummies, Not Real Humans

We reserve judgement but note: in videos and photos of the Paris killings there has been a notable absence of blood and gore, which is odd given the death toll.