“The War on Terror”

Behind the headlines in the “War on Terror”. Otherwise known as the “Fraud of Terror”, which employs flase flags, double agents and a compliant media to create the illusion of a war waged by radical Islamists. When it is in fact being orchestrated by Western intelligence

US rejects International Court of Justice ruling on Iran, continuing its isolationist charge

Meaning that U.S. efforts to isolate the Islamic republic have now moved beyond the bounds of international law and in the process the U.S. risks isolating itself

Air ambulance lands after the Westminster Bridge attack last year. Note the Masonic symbol between the two windows. Clcik to enlarge

What Credibility Rating do you give this story?

Nick Kollerstrom weighs the findings of the inquest into Westminster Bridge attack

Netanyahu presents UN with "evidence of Iranian secret nuclear warehouse". Click to enlarge

‘Secret atomic warehouse': The mystery building at the centre of Israeli PM’s claim

A camera crew locates the “secret atomic warehouse” that Netanyahu warned about in his U.N. address last week. Includes video

US blasts international court on Iran ruling, pulls out of 1955 treaty

After the international court rules in Iran’s favour and orders the U.S. to lift sanctions on items ranging from medical devices to agricultural commodities

Russian Tu-22M3 deploys its payload on targets in Syria. Click to enlarge

Almost 100,000 Terrorists Killed in Russian Airstrikes in Syria in Last 3 Years

The majority of whom were directly or indirectly either trained and/or armed and/or financed/paid by the West

The F-35: expected to become the mainstay of U.S. air power in the decades ahead.

The US Military-Industrial Complex’s Worst Nightmare: The S-300 May Destroy and Expose the F-35

Tel Aviv’s warning that it will destroy the S-300 battery should not be taken lightly

Iran missiles in Syria land ‘within three miles’ of US troops

Iran’s missile strike on militants in Syria was also a clear warning to the US, which had troops “three miles” from the militants. Were they supporting them? Were they involved in preparations for the Ahvaz attack the week before?

Iran fires missiles at militants in Syria linked to attack

Iran fires missiles at militants in Syria linked to attack

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards launches missile strikes on militants based in Syria that it blames for last week’s attack in Ahvaz

Top Secret, America Targets Palmyra

Top Secret, America Targets Palmyra

The situation in Syria is far from resolved, writes Gordon Duff. As new armed proxies emerge from U.S. controlled areas of southern Syria ready to do battle

Netanyahu presents UN with "evidence of Iranian secret nuclear warehouse". Click to enlarge

Netanyahu, in U.N. speech, claims secret Iranian nuclear site

Netanyahu appears before the U.N. alleging that Iran has a secret nuclear warehouse, which echoes earlier claims about Iran’s nuclear program

Pechora M2 missile system. Click to enlarge

Damascus to Receive New Missile Shields in Addition to S-300

Syria will also be supplied with newer Russian short-range air defence systems to defend the longer-range S-300s

An Ever Increasing Number of Military Ships Arrives to the Eastern Mediterranean

Ships from a host of western navies are all in the region. Are they there because of Syria? Or does this have something to do with the region’s gas deposits?

S-300 air defense systems. Click to enlarge

Russia and the Taming of the Israelis

On Russia’s decision to supply Syria with the S-300, Israel Shamir notes that he’s been informed that 8 of the anti-aircraft systems have already been delivered

Breaking! Russia Moves Against Israeli-American Insanity in Syria, Finally! (SouthFront Video)

As John Bolton blames Iran for the downing of the Russian IL-20 Russia beefs up Syria’s air defences as payback to Israel. Includes video

Iran says it doesn’t want war with the US

America increasingly isolated in its hard-line stance over Iran nuclear deal

US Evangelical Pastors Are the World's #1 Warmongers - the Opposite of Christian

US Evangelical Pastors Are the World’s #1 Warmongers – the Opposite of Christian

Christian leaders know that Trump is ethically suspect but will continue to support him, argues Chuck Baldwin, even as he prepares for new wars

Terror as Trauma Brainwashing

Terror as Trauma Brainwashing

Illuminati social engineer Kurt Lewin advocated using terror to render the public docile.

Giuliani calls for Iran's overthrow. Click to enlarge

US Vows to “Overthrow” Iran as Terrorists Target Iranians

US policy papers have revealed a long-term plan to back armed militancy in Iran, just as the US, UK, and their allies have been doing in nearby Syria

Bolton warns Iran that US ‘will come after you’

One of the main cheerleaders for the invasion of Iraq warns Iran, “There will be hell to pay” if it doesn’t change its behaviour

Moscow, 20 September 2018 - the Chief of Staff for the Israëli Air Force, General Amikam Norkin, arrives in a hurry to present his version of events. Once these proofs were checked and compared with other recordings, it transpired that Israël was lying straight-faced.

Will London, Paris and Tel-Aviv be sanctioned by Moscow and Washington?

Not since the Cuban missile crisis has world peace been so imperilled. Will Trump support Moscow? Or will he, as we suspect, side with Paris, London and Tel Aviv?