“The War on Terror”

Behind the headlines in the “War on Terror”. Otherwise known as the “Fraud of Terror”, which employs flase flags, double agents and a compliant media to create the illusion of a war waged by radical Islamists. When it is in fact being orchestrated by Western intelligence

ISIS held a massive military parade last week in Cyrenaica in eastern Libya. Click to enlarge

Report: Obama Refused to Give Jordan, Egypt Information on ISIS Targets

Why should Obama withold such information, crucial to a targeted air strike, unless he was trying to protect ISIS?

UN Reveals Israel’s Support for ISIS

Syria’s UN Ambassador has long complained of a conspiracy of Zionists and Syrian rebels to overthrow President Assad. Now, a new report seems to vindicate his claims. Includes video

Analysis: Hezbollah fighters, Iranian operatives flowing into southern Syria

Iran and Hezbollah are trying to establish an operational base overlooking Israel in the strategically vital Golan Heights

Connecting The Dots on Iran, Israel And 911

Having just returned from Tehran, Professor Anthony James Hall talks about 9/11, Iran and Israel

Israel warns anew of action against Iran

Israeli Intelligence-Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz echoes an old refrain, implying that Israel may act unilaterally over Iran

NSA Claims Iran Learned from Western Cyberattacks

Bearing out the old adage that if it doesn’t kill you any testing challenge or ordeal will make you stronger

Iran: The ‘Americans Are Begging Us for a Deal’

We reserve judgement on this but IF true likely to be of grave concern for Netanyahu

Exclusive: Iran warns West that pragmatist Rouhani at risk from talks failure

Western officials admitted that the warning may be just a negotiating ploy, but acknowledged that Rouhani’s authority at home would be heavily damaged by the failure of talks

Iran’s president accuses nuclear powers of hypocrisy

Referring to the Zionist state, which is known to possess nuclear weapons although it hasn’t acknowledged them, President Rouhani asked if that had brought peace?

US Intelligence Chief James Clapper: Iran Can Now Build Nukes

Clapper says that Iran is technically capable of building a nuclear weapon, not that it is. There’s a difference and as the Ayatollah Khomeni has denounced them he’s unlikely to give his approval to build them

How Islamic is Islamic State?

According to the Quran it is strictly forbidden to burn a human being.

Kurds Complain of U.S. Weapons Shortages, Turn to Iran For Munitions

The Kurds are receiving shipments of Iranian arms, while lamenting the slow delivery of Western supplies

Muath al-Kasaesbeh ‘murder’ video: Isis’s Genghis Khan-style cruelty shows Jordan and Japan exactly what the militants think of them

Who among the Arabs will not now also question the cost of supporting the war against Isis?

Argentinian prosecutor drafted arrest warrant for president before he died

Argentinian prosecutor drafted arrest warrant for president before he died

Warrant was allegedly discovered in Nisman’s trash after he had been found dead. Meaning it could easily have been planted

British Army’s new PsyOp Brigade 77 to reinforce 2005 false flag online

Note here the occult/diabolical names of the ‘analysis tools’ used by Britain’s GCHQ

Iran's satellite launch on Monday.

Experts: Iran Now a Nuclear-Ready State, Missiles Capable of Hitting US

Or how Newsmax is using outright disinformation to foment fear and alarm

Britons dislike Israel more than Iran

But North Korea beats them both as most maligned nation

Iran Successfully Launches Satellite into Space

Recently Newsmax claimed that Iran “had ballistic missiles that pose a threat to the U.S.” It’s now clear that the supposed threat were preparations for today’s space launch

Dermer: Netanyahu’s D.C. visit only to talk about Iran

In clinical terms the Israeli prime minister’s constant concern over Iran might be seen as symptomatic of obsessive paranoia

CIA tried to give Iraq nuclear plans, just like Iran

CIA tried to give Iraq nuclear plans, just like Iran

Evidence emerges that the CIA once proposed to give slightly flawed nuclear plans to both Iraq and Iran. David Swanson explains