“The War on Terror”

Behind the headlines in the “War on Terror”. Otherwise known as the “Fraud of Terror”, which employs flase flags, double agents and a compliant media to create the illusion of a war waged by radical Islamists. When it is in fact being orchestrated by Western intelligence

Top US general calls for military action against Iran

Top US general condemns Iran as the “greatest long-term threat to stability” in the Middle East and called for steps, including military action, to counter its influence

Bana of Aleppo: the Story So Far

Bana of Aleppo: the Story So Far

Barbara McKenzie examines why Bana, a 7-year-old girl supposedly tweeting from Aleppo, is probably the work of Western intelligence together with the media

Anti-Daesh coalition meeting in Washington

Destroy Daesh?

Washington intends to destroy the Frankenstein it created in the form of Daesh, aka ISIS. But will the Europeans, asks Thierry Meyssan, try to save their proxies?

Vehicle Attacks are "Not Our Style" - Radical Muslim

Vehicle Attacks are “Not Our Style” – Radical Muslim

Muslim radical deconstructs London and Berlin false flags

Syrian Army and Russian soldiers monitor as rebel fighters and their families evacuate Homs last week. Click to enlarge

‘We see them as monsters. At least Israel makes normal, typical war': As Isis caliphate shrinks, Syrian anger grows

Robert Fisk reports from the frontline in the war against Isis in Syria

As many as 240 thought to have been killed in the incident

US confirms air strike on civilian area of Mosul

As many as 240 Iraqis thought to have been killed in U.S. air strike

Police warned of Berlin attacker as ‘terrorist threat’ 9 months before assault – report

Official were warned that Anis Amri was a potential “terrorist threat” months before he drove a truck into a crowded Berlin Christmas market

US Marines leave a compound at night in Helmand

America Digs Its Own Afghan Grave

It’s not been called the “graveyard of Empires” for nothing. The British Empire and the Soviets couldn’t hold it and now it appears the U.S.-led coalition can’t either

Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada, the current Taliban leader. Click to enlarge

Taliban poised to seize key cities in Afghanistan

U.S. commander blames Russia for a resurgent Taliban as calls go out for more U.S. troops on the ground

Terrorist Khalid Masood was a ‘violent, controlling psychopath’ according to his ex-wife

Forget about “Islam” being responsible for the Westminster attack. Khalid Masood was just a psychopath who enjoyed the notoriety and carnage terror brought

Britain’s Mainstream Media Blames ‘Racism’ for Westminster Attack

Confirming the redundancy of the Western corporate media

SHADES OF GLADIO? London Attacker ‘Known’ to MI5 – Police Terror Drill Days Before

SHADES OF GLADIO? London Attacker ‘Known’ to MI5 – Police Terror Drill Days Before

Days prior to the London attacks, Met Police rehearsed a ‘terrifyingly realistic’ drill on the River Thames before yet another act of terror took place

Poppy fields in Helmand Province. In 2000 the ruling Taliban outlawed the cultivation of poppies. By June 2001 Afghanistan's drug production had all but ended. Western forces invaded the country in November and the drug trade was quickly re-established. Was this the REAL reason for the U.S. led invasion?  Click to enlarge

A Conspiracy Theory that became a “Conspiracy Fact”:

The CIA, Afghanistan’s poppy fields and America’s growing heroin epidemic

Revelations – Lafarge-Holcim’s jihad

Revelations – Lafarge-Holcim’s jihad

Thierry Meyssan reveals how the world’s main cement manufacturer, Lefarge, built bunkers for Islamic State in Syria and how the media covered for them

An Air Ambulance outside the Palace of Westminster, London, after sounds similar to gunfire have been heard close to the Palace of Westminster. A man with a knife has been seen within the confines of the Palace, eyewitnesses said.

Terror Comes To London: A Pictorial Factsheet

Has Islamic terror struck at the heart of Britain or is this just another false flag attack?

Pentagon Paid PR Firm Over $500 Million to Create Fake Terrorist Videos

Pentagon Paid PR Firm Over $500 Million to Create Fake Terrorist Videos

U.S. tax dollars paid to PR firm Bell Pottinger, well-known for having many controversial clients, to create fake terror propaganda videos

A man of North African descent reportedly tried to ram a red Citreon into shoppers. Click to enlarge

Car tries to ram Antwerp shopping area; security tightened

It looks like the suspect, identified as 39-year-old Mohamed R, tried to emulate events in London, the day before. Fortunately he failed

Rex Tillerson: US forces will stay in Iraq after defeat of Islamic State

Just as a “residual force” of nearly ten thousand U.S. troops has stayed in Afghanistan after the official U.S. withdrawal

London attack: Police probe Westminster rampage that left five dead as armed officers raid property in Birmingham

London attack: Police probe Westminster rampage that left five dead as armed officers raid property in Birmingham

Death toll rises and includes the lone attacker, the policeman he stabbed and three others

Three Iranian Revolutionary Guard boats are seen near the U.S. aircraft carrier, USS George H. W. Bush while transiting Straits of Hormuz as U.S. Navy helicopter hovers over them during early hours of March 21, 2017.

Iranian navy endangering international navigation in Gulf: U.S. commanders

U.S. commanders warn that Iran is using dangerous tactics in the Straits of Hormuz that could result in open conflict