British security services to get extra powers in wake of Russia report

This illustrates how the powers that be are working to keep the notion of a “Russian threat” alive in the public mind, just as they once did with Saddam’s WMD.

Iran Aims To Build Up Syria And Iraq’s Air Defenses To Thwart Israeli Airstrikes

Iran will have its work cut out, as Israel will undoubtedly try to prevent the deployment with pre-emptive strikes. But if Iran succeeds its regional standing will be massively enhanced.

“Mounting Evidence” Suggests COVID Not As Deadly as Thought. Did the Experts Fail Again?

The experts may have subjected us to an even bigger blunder than Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction.

US intends to assassinate Iraqi PMU commanders: Iraqi MP

While much of the world is in lockdown, US troops are being redeployed to fortified bases in Iraq equipped with Patriot anti-missile systems

In a time of pandemic, the US prepares for war – but Iran’s weakness is grossly exaggerated

Scott Ritter reports that the US appears to be preparing for some sort of major action in Iraq. Probably targeting an Iranian backed militia

US soldiers clear rubble at the Ain al-Asad military airbase in Anbar province after an Iranian missile strike. Click to enlarge

U.S. to Deploy Airborne Troops to Iraq

Following a spate of recent attacks on U.S. military positions in Iraq, the Pentagon has announced plans to deploy elements of the 101st Airborne Division to the country

Why Iraqis Hate the U.S. Troops Who Occupy Their Country

Even though taxpayers fund the U.S. military, they fight for the Billionaires, NOT the American people. In other words a massive and bloody con is underway. Eric Zuesse explains

The katyusha rockets were fired from a launcher on a truck.

Two Americans, Briton killed in attack on base housing US troops near Baghdad: Report

Two U.S. and one British soldier killed after Katyusha rockets hit a military base housing Western troops near the Iraqi capital Baghdad

Syrian air defence missile over Damascus. Click to enlarge

Peter Hitchens: Today, I’m publishing the document that could save us from war

Moral cowardice on the part of many journalists led us into the Iraq War, writes Christopher Hitchens, and now the same process in unfolding with Syria

Iran Missile Strike: U.S. Casualties Far Heavier than Admitted

More details about the Iranian strike on Ein Al-Assad base have emerged. Apart from over 100 wounded, 4 helicopters, 2 transport planes and 2 drones were destroyed

More Than 100 Troops Have Brain Injuries From Iran Missile Strike, Pentagon Says

First Trump said there were no U.S. casualties. Then he said that some had suffered “headaches.” Now it seems more than 100 sustained traumatic brain injuries

Iran Attack on Two US Bases, The “Evil Empire” Strikes Back. The Casualties?

First Trump said: “No Americans were harmed”. Then it was admitted that 16 US servicemen were flown to a US military hospital in Kuwait. Now it seems that US casualties may have been far greater than Trump or the Pentagon is willing to admit

Cap Captain Robert Nairac fraternizing with locals in the Ardoyne area of Belfast a few months before his death

From Belfast to Baghdad: New Evidence Emerges of British False-Flag Operations in Ireland

Much of the ‘troubles’ in Northern Ireland were the work of British undercover units, and this continued in Iraq and the ‘War on Terror’

U.S. bases in the Middle East as of Jan 2020. Click to enlarge

US Announces Three New Bases in Iraq After Iraqis Demand Full Withdrawal

Despite millions of Iraqis taking to the streets and calling for a withdrawal of U.S. forces, the U.S. announces plans to build three more military bases in Iraq

Pentagon raises number of US troops injured in Iran missile attack to 64

Initially Trump said there were no U.S. casualties in the Iranian retaliatory strike. Then the Pentagon admitted that 11 were injured, then 34, 50 and now 64

US soldiers clear rubble at the Ain al-Asad military airbase in Anbar province after an Iranian missile strike. Click to enlarge

Pentagon says 34 US soldiers suffered traumatic brain injury in Iran strike

Initially Trump said no U.S. service personnel were injured in the Iranian strike. Now the Pentagon admits that 34 U.S. soldiers suffered traumatic brain injuries

Iraqis march in Baghdad to protest the continued U.S. military oresence in their country. Click to enlarge

Iraqis march in ‘millions’ to call for expulsion of US troops

Intially, it was reported that “thousands” of Iraqis marched in protest against the presence of U.S. forces. However, some Iraqi estimates put that figure at over 2.5 million

Patriot missile battery. Click to enlarge

Patriot missile system deployment violates Iraq sovereignty: Lawmaker

Leading Iraqi legislator protests U.S. plan to deploy Patriot missile systems in Iraq

Who was really behind the UK Ambassador "scandal in Tehran?

Who was really behind the UK Ambassador “scandal in Tehran?

Vanessa Beeley writes that Trump reportedly warned the Iraqi PM he would be assassinated and that Marine snipers would open up in Baghdad to stir greater unrest

US to Iraq: ‘Vote All You Want, We’re Not Leaving!’

When Prime Minister Mahdi requested that the U.S. initiate the “withdrawal mechanism” of its troops from Iraq, the State Dept responded by saying that it couldn’t comply because, essentially, the U.S. military was “a force for good”