'Pimps and Hos' Math Test Earns Eighth Grade Teacher a Time Out

‘Pimps and Hos’ Math Test Earns Eighth Grade Teacher a Time Out

This is a REAL news item. Not a hoax

“Five Presidents” EU’s Jean-Claude Juncker Drunk in Public, Slaps Leaders

“Five Presidents” EU’s Jean-Claude Juncker Drunk in Public, Slaps Leaders

President of the European Commission, and allegedly one of the ‘five presidents who run the E.U., Jean-Claude Juncker caught on film very obviously drunk

Attack on Gender Reaches Bathroom Door

Attack on Gender Reaches Bathroom Door

Just like “refugees”, this issue has been sprung on us by the Illuminati. Henry Makow explains

Sex abuse victim in her twenties allowed euthanasia as mental health problems ‘INCURABLE’

We reserve judgement on euthanasia but this sets a very ominous precedent

Crowds gather in Liverpool in the wake of the inquest's verdict. Click to enlarge

Echo’s Hillsborough reporter ‘looks at police in different way now’

The Hillsborough tragedy and the findings of the inquest into the 1989 disaster is likely to cause many in the UK to reassess the way they view authority

Dees: European migrant crisis. Click to enlarge

Some More Illustrations from David Dees

From the artist who captures the spirit of our times like no other

Why Are Thousands Of Millionaires Fleeing Chicago And Other Major Cities Around The World?

Why Are Thousands Of Millionaires Fleeing Chicago And Other Major Cities Around The World?

Do they know something ordinary folk don’t?

Drill took more than a year of planning. click to enlarge

Emergency services carry out a drill for Europe’s biggest disaster response

In the words of one correspondent: ‘one that did not go “live”.

In Zimbabwe, make fun of Robert Mugabe at your peril

Making fun of Zimbabwe’s 92-year-ol leader is no laughing matter and could leave you with a year in jail

Cosmetics: Drug of Deception & Power?

Cosmetics: Drug of Deception & Power?

After reading this eye opening series, you’ll never again take makeup for granted

UK business chief suspended in Brexit row: report

The director general of the British Chambers of Commerce has been suspended after he called for Britain to leave the European Union

Astroturfing … a word and concept of which everybody needs to be aware

The correspondent who sent in “Taking Apart Psychiatry: Fraud-Kings of the Mind” also sent this in. It’s linked and together they play a key role in maintaining modern delusions

Flashback: Outspoken NWO Opponent Poisoned

Researcher and writer into the New World Order, Philip Jones died after contracting “stomach cancer.” However, shortly before his death he confided his suspicions over its sudden onset

Felix Ngole. click to enlarge

Christian student kicked off Sheffield University course for anti-gay Facebook post

Meaning that universities are effectively screening students for their political beliefs and penalising those that don’t conform

Outrage as school calls police after pupil looks at Ukip website in class

Police interrogate pupil after he used a school computer to visit UK Independence Party website, described by teachers as “politically incorrect”

CIA Director John Brennan

Police arrest British teenager ‘suspected of hacking Central Intelligence Agency boss’s emails’

CIA chief Brennan reportedly “outraged” by the breach of privacy

Biden urges U.S. business in Davos to lean on anti-gay states

In effect, the U.S. vice president is using an international business summit to isolate states that won’t change their traditional view on homosexuality, such as Russia and Nigeria

MI5 named Britain’s best gay-friendly employer

In a world where national intelligence agencies more often fabricate terror threats than fight them, its fitting that MI5 has been named Britain’s best “gay-friendly” employer

Eddie Redmayne in the Danish Girl. Click to enlarge

80 primary school pupils a year seeking help to change gender – charity

Undermining natural impulses is another facet of the war on gender. With children as young as four now being encouraged by the media and social engineers to ‘transition’

Dubai Skyscpare blaze. Click to enlarge

Dubai skyscraper ablaze near New Year’s Eve fireworks

We are pretty sure that unlike the World Trade Center, this tower WON’T collapse. Includes video