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Did Hillary Clinton Order Waco Assault?

Like Bush and Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton has many skeleton’s in her closet. This makes her easier to control by the real powers that be and thus an ideal candidate for the Oval Office. One such skeleton may have been her role at Waco

Waco: The Untold Story.

Waco: The Untold Story.

The real story behind Waco. A shocking revelation that ultimately led to the death of the man who sought to expose it, attorney Paul Wilcher.

It All Started in Waco

The blueprint for the current war on Iraq, says Tom Mysiewicz, was first outlined nearly ten years ago at Waco

Paul Wilshire Report: Postscript

On July 1,1993, Gunther Russbacher smuggled the following information out of the prison where he was being held. Russbacher, a top CIA pilot and marksman, was the son of one of the organizations founders and consequently privy to many of its secrets. Significantly he was also a client and close confidant of Attorney Paul Wilcher. […]

Delta Force Murdered Branch Davidians

 It’s Official says The SPOTLIGHT (With Help From The British SAS) An elite U. S. Army military unit was responsible for the massacre of 76 Branch Davidians after a 5I day siege by federal officers of their compound at Waco, Texas in 1993. Orders were given to the top secret Combat Applications Group of Fort […]