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Turkey election: triumphant Erdoğan strikes combative tone in victory speech

Erdogan now has the opportunity to consolidate his power

Leibel (pictured with ex-wife Amanda Braun) murdered the woman in his West Hollywood apartment. Flesh, an ear and her scalp were found scattered around his bedroom and in the bin at the bottom of a garbage chute at his home. Click to enlarge

Canadian Man Guilty of Scalping Fiancée

Author of gruesome novel guilty of killing and mutilating his fiancee before draining her body of blood and SCALPING her

Battle for Hodeidah – Part 2

The Saudi-led Western-backed coalition is facing a tough fight in Yemen. The author who has had personnel dealing with the Houthi hill tribes asks: will Saudi Arabia survive this war in its present form?

Zimbabwe president survives apparent assassination attempt

Zimbabwe president survives apparent assassination attempt

Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa escapes injury as blast rocks election rally in Bulawayo

Further Legal Actions Against SPLC Being Considered

As many as ’60 organizations’ are considering taking legal action against the Southern Poverty Law Center following $3million Nawaz settlement

Malachi Z. York, left, founder of the "Nuwaubian Nation" was a prolific bisexual pedophile. Click to enlarge

Pedophilia Rampant in Black Satanic Cults

Every corner of Western society has been subverted by Cabalism, a satanic cult.

Russia Warns: Increased US Marine Corps Presence In Norway Could Be Viewed As An Attack

Russia Warns: Increased US Marine Corps Presence In Norway Could Be Viewed As An Attack

U.S. plans to double the number of marines stationed in Norway and deploy them on the country’s border with Russia

What is Donald Trump’s position?

Elected for his promises to change the paradigm, Thierry Meyssan analyses Donald Trump’s acts as compared with his pronouncements

Love the way the protestors in this demonstration against "climate change denial" are all well wrapped with woolies, gloves and hats. "global warming" obviously isn't affecting them. Click to enlarge

People who don’t believe climate change is real are more likely to hold racist beliefs, study finds

The implication being that climate change sceptics are bigots whose views should be avoided

U.S. Senate passes bill that could block sale of F-35 jets to Turkey

US Senate votes to block the sale of F-35s to Turkey over Ankara’s purchase of Russia’s S-400 air defence system

MALMÖ 20180618 
Polisens kriminaltekniker på plats på Drottninggatan i Malmö natten till tisdagen efter att sex personer skjutits på öppen gata i anslutning till ett internetcafé. Två personer  har avlidit av sina skador. Ett stort antal personer blev vittnen till händelsen som inträffade vid 20-tiden. 
Foto: Johan Nilsson / TT / kod 50090

Three killed, several injured after Malmö shooting

This is now becoming routine in parts of Sweden. In the latest shooting three people were shot dead and three more wounded as they left an Internet on Monday night

Western Media Whitewash Yemen Genocide

Western Media Whitewash Yemen Genocide

The Western news media are a Goebbels-like propaganda ministry. As in Vietnam, Iraq, Libya and Syria they are now accomplices in war crimes against Yemen

Students rip down Shakespeare portrait at UPenn

No doubt because he is representative of a male-dominated white patriarchy

NY Times Smears Trump Over Migrant Link to Crime in Germany, But He’s Right

NY Times Smears Trump Over Migrant Link to Crime in Germany, But He’s Right

VIOLENT crime is up in Germany, and 90% of it is due to migrants

Italy Wins First Showdown over Migrants

Italy’s new government has kept a pre-election promise and refused let a ship with over 600 migrants aboard dock in Italy

The Occult World of Asia Argento – Anthony Bourdain’s ex-Girlfriend

The Occult World of Asia Argento – Anthony Bourdain’s ex-Girlfriend

Vigilant Citizen examines the influences on Anthony Bourdain in the final months of his life. Particularly the occult elements via his ex-girlfriend Asia Argento

Unidentified U.S.-backed Syrian rebels surround a piece of artillery during training by American special forces member in Southeastern Syria near Tanf. Photo | Hammurabi’s Justice News. Click to enlarge

Russian-Syrian Warnings of a Coming False-Flag Chemical Attack Have Ring of Truth

Fog of war: U.S. aiding the very terrorists it vowed to exterminate

Human rights tribunal member Devyn Cousineau protesting outside of former B.C. Premier Christie Clark's riding office demanding government subsidized daycare, March 9, 2013. Click to enlarge

Judge on LGBT ‘hate’ speech: ‘Truth…is simply not relevant’

Canadian charged with “hate” speech for exposing an apparent female candidate in an election for what they really were – a male transvestite – told truth irrelevant

Order To Send Robinson to Heavily Muslim-Prison Came From "The Top"

Order To Send Robinson to Heavily Muslim-Prison Came From “The Top”

Dutch MP Geert Wilders warns that Home Secretary Sajid Javid and Prime Minister Theresa May will have “blood on their hands” if Robinson is harmed

Labour MP Jo Cox, who was allegedly murdered by Thomas Mair. Click to enlarge

The Jo Cox Assassination – An Independent Investigation

Richard Hall investigates Jo Cox’s alleged assassination. Uncovering the facts behind the media disinformation