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Problem, Reaction, Solution: US Bait Arrives in Idlib, ISIS Now in Position

Vanessa Beeley reports that ISIS are moving back into Idlib. Opening the way for U.S. forces to muscle in on the pretext of their mandate “to fight ISIS”

There Was Meddling In the Swedish Election

There Was Meddling In the Swedish Election

Breakdown of the suspicious details and meddling surrounding the Swedish election

Was Mac Miller Killed?

Was Mac Miller Killed?

The death of Mac Miller happened in odd circumstances and was preceded with lots grim symbolism. Was Mac Miller killed by the Illuminati music industry?

Not Just Catholics, Rabbi Exposes Rampant Child Sex Abuse by High-Level Jewish Clergy

Not Just Catholics, Rabbi Exposes Rampant Child Sex Abuse by High-Level Jewish Clergy

For speaking out, Rosenberg has been attacked both verbally and physically. In 2012, he was the victim of a bleach attack

Israel advocate Ravich named to senior intelligence post, planned US-Israel cyber project against BDS

Named as one of Trump’s key intelligence advisors, Samantha Ravich was previously involved in a cyber project to protect Israel

Jon Lerner. Click to enlarge

Profile of Jon Lerner

Few have heard of him but working behind the scenes in U.S. politics ha has amassed considerable influence and may have a role in deciding the next US president

Terrorists, White Helmets meet to stage false flag-gas in Idlib: Russia’s military

On the eve of the Russian-Iranian-Syrian offensive against the last terrorist stronghold in Idlib, Syria, the White Helmets reportedly met with militants to prepare a false-flag

We Are Being Played

We Are Being Played

Are disclosures to the New York Times by a Trump insider all they seem?

On 2 July 2012, Jeffrey Feltman, ex-assistant to Hillary Clinton, became the number 2 of the United Nations. He swore his oath on the UN Charter before the then Secretary General, the extremely corrupt Ban Ki-moon.

How the administration of the UNO is organising the war

This is Hillary Clinton’s legacy. Her former assistant, Jeffrey Feltman is now number 2 at the United Nations

Pay Attention To What They're Planning To Do There

Pay Attention To What They’re Planning To Do There

Apart from seizing farmland, without compensation, the South African government now has plans to disarm legal firearm owners. Making farmers prime targets

Trumps neighborhood will be EXEMPT from 5G

Why would that be? Does he know something that the general public doesn’t?

With Mossad agent and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in the 1990's. Many politicians are blackmailed to ensure satanist loyalty. Click to enlarge

Reminder – Trump is a Blackmailed Israeli Agent

The liberal media hate Trump so much yet they soft-pedal this story?

Jews Love A Witch Hunt!

Jews Love A Witch Hunt!

Brother Nathanael Kapner on the ongoing campaign against Trump

From The Heart Of The Bible Belt To The California Coast, Satanism Is Experiencing Explosive Growth In America

There are now an estimated 100,000 members in the Satanic Temple, which is but one Satanic church

400 inmates break out of prison in Libya amid fierce militia infighting

The Western-backed ousting of Gaddafi nearly seven years ago left Libya in a state of anarchy and it appears to be getting worse

Saudis admit Yemen strike on bus carrying children unjustified

Meanwhile a Human Rights Watch report has categorized the air strike that left dozens dead as a War Crime

Ex-Model Incarcerated for Exposing Illuminati Child Sacrifice

Ex-Model Incarcerated for Exposing Illuminati Child Sacrifice

Nathalie Augustina is currently a prisoner in a mental hospital in Amsterdam for publishing this book.

IMF backs South Africa’s plan to confiscate land from white farmers

No big surprise given that the IMF are little more than con artists themselves

Apple has been quietly blocking its gay pride watch face for Apple Watch wearers in Russia. One iOS developer found evidence the pride Apple Watch is 'hardcoded to not show up if the paired iPhone is using the Russian locale. Click to enlarge

Apple is quietly BLOCKING its Gay Pride rainbow Watch face in Russia, claims developer

Apple appears hesitant in promoting “gay pride” in Russia. Possibly because they realise that it might adversely affect sales

Is the next US aggression on Syria already scheduled?

Is the next US aggression on Syria already scheduled?

The Saker asks: are the AngloZionists about to use a false flag to precipitate a wider war in Syria? Or has the recent Russian show of strength deterred them?