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Seth Myers -- "We all knew". Click to enlarge

“WE ALL KNEW” Street Art Taunts Hollywood Elites Before Golden Globe Awards (PHOTOS)

One piece of art shows this year’s Golden Globes host and ultra liberal Hillary sycophant Seth Meyers “WE ALL KNEW”.

Stockholm metro station explosion kills one and injures another

Stockholm metro station explosion kills one and injures another

A blast in Stockholm has killed a man and injured a woman. Although reportedly caused by a hand grenade the authorities claim it was not “an act of terror”

Kellyanne Conway, Jared Kushner Kushner and Steve Bannon. Click to enlarge

‘It’s a war between the Jews and the non-Jews’

Henry Kissinger tells Michael Wolff there was a growing rift in the White House between former Trump adviser Steve Bannon and Jared and Ivanka Trump

New Video Emerges Of ISIS Convoys Leaving Raqqa Under US Coalition Watch

Hundreds of Islamic State terrorists leave Raqqa under the gaze of U.S. and British-led forces. Includes video

EXPLOSIVE! — New Revelations Threaten Trump Presidency

EXPLOSIVE! — New Revelations Threaten Trump Presidency

Three news reports abridged and introduced by Lasha Darkmoon. Includes video

Trump and Netanyahu. Click to enlarge

A foreign leader — Netanyahu — set Trump’s agenda in Middle East, Michael Wolff book says

Bannon is out, and whatever else he stood for, he represented an antiwar faction. Now Netanyahu is calling the shots

When Will Trump Supporters in The Freedom Movement Realize They Were Duped?

When Will Trump Supporters in The Freedom Movement Realize They Were Duped?

What will it take for Trump supporters to admit they were duped like Obama supporters before them?

City Tells Man To Stop Sheltering The Homeless from the Cold or They’ll Take His House

Essentially, outlawing acts of charity

Charles Haughey was Irish Prime Minister "Taoiseach" from 1979-1982 &1987-1992. click to enlarge

MI-5 Used Terror Groups to Assassinate Leaders

Intelligence agencies serve globalist Satanists, not the nations that pay their salaries.

Group set up to protest Labour’s expulsion of members accused of antisemitism expels members for alleged antisemitism

Seriously, you couldn’t make this up

Iran – Few Protests – Some Riots – U.S. Prepares The Next Phase

Thousands protest in Israel against the corruption of Netanyahu. On New-Years-Eve more than 1,000 cars are torched in France. None of this is front page news but a few riots in Iran get elevated to a “revolution”

Polls Increasingly Confirming that America Is a Dictatorship

Study finds that Americans now view their own government as the single biggest threat to freedom and democracy. Eric Zuesse explains

U.S. cold snap sees some states reach record low temperatures

Parts of North America and Canada start the New Year with record lows

Over 1,000 cars torched across France as New Year's Eve arrests rise

Over 1,000 cars torched across France as New Year’s Eve arrests rise

Despite 140,000 police and security personnel being deployed, a combination of immigration and alienation has turned French inner cities into hotbeds of unrest

Masked Sunni gunmen chant slogans against the Iraqi Shiite-led government during a protest in Fallujah city, western Iraq, 07 January 2014. Fresh clashes erupted on 07 January in restive western Iraq between tribesmen and al-Qaeda militants trying to enter the city of Ramadi. The fighting was underway in Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province, as militants of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) were trying to enter the city.

Why Are Trump’s Troops Training ISIS Terrorists?

One can’t understand this U.S. support of ISIS, unless one recognizes the key fact. Eric Zuesse spells it out

Susann Senter

Swedish Church Declares Both God and Jesus Christ are Now ‘Gender Neutral’

Church officials claim that the decision is partly due to the Church’s gender equality program

Record-breaking big freeze grips much of North America

Large areas of Canada and North America in the grip of record-breaking sub-zero cold. Cynics wonder: is this the result of “global warming”?

Crisis for Mueller: Lindsey Graham calls for new Special Counsel to investigate Trump Dossier and FBI

Strong Republican critic of Donald Trump ‘dismayed’ by confidential information about the Trump Dossier he has seen

Sharks are dying of ‘cold shock,’ and other signs of just how frigid it is out there

Dead sharks wash up on the shores of Cape Cod: killed by the cold

BOMBSHELL: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz ORDERED Seth Rich’s MURDER

Claims that Congresswoman Wasserman-Shultz put out a contract to Hispanic gang MS-13 to kill Seth Rich