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A review of Godfree Roberts’ yin-yang Xi-Trump crystal ball predictions.

People of influence who speak truth to power usually end up in the morgue. That’s why Trump has his own, loyal security team. Whether he will deliver on his promises remains to be seen, however. An analysis of his recent trip to the Far East

'We will never be your slaves!' Italy in crisis as THOUSANDS demand EXIT from 'EU MAFIA'

‘We will never be your slaves!’ Italy in crisis as THOUSANDS demand EXIT from ‘EU MAFIA’

In the wake of Brexit, mounting anti-Eu sentiment in mainland Europe

Putin: US Intelligence Agencies Masterminded ‘Doping Affair’ Against Russian Sportists

In response to Russia’s alleged “interference” in US elections, Putin claims that America’s intelligence agencies are behind a campaign to discredit Russian athletes

War Clouds Beyond Lebanon

War Clouds Beyond Lebanon

The winds of war are blowing, warns Brother Nathanael, but this time they could blow up in Israel’s genocidal face.

Hillary Clinton. Click to enlarge

Hillary Clinton Rages: “I Won the Goddamn Election”

While we didn’t exactly welcome Donald Trump’s election win, this illustrates why the alternative would have been far worse

‘Transgender lessons’ to be given to nursery children as young as two

Of course, this isn’t about teaching youngsters or countering “hate crime”. Instead, it’s meant to brainwash kids into accepting sexual perversion as somehow “normal”

Shocking Picture Turned Me Off Porn

Shocking Picture Turned Me Off Porn

There is a known link between sex-crimes and extreme pornography. One of Henry Makow’s readers comes across an example, which shocks even the police

Polish nationalists carry a banner reading: "We Want God!" Click to enlarge

‘White Europe': 60,000 nationalists march on Poland’s independence day

Tens of thousands of Poles took to the streets Sunday to mark Poland’s independence day and to protest against liberals and waves of migrants in the EU

‘Fear is everywhere': a quiet paranoia haunts post-Weinstein Hollywood

The big question is: who will be next?

Henry Makow: I'm Optimistic About Harveygate

Henry Makow: I’m Optimistic About Harveygate

Sex is an integral part of the Cabalist system of satanic possession. These scandals might do some good as they expose the inner workings of the elite

Hamid Karzai: US colluded with ISIL in Afghanistan

Hamid Karzai: US colluded with ISIL in Afghanistan

Former Afghan president says the US had allowed ISIS (ISIL, Daesh) to flourish in Afghanistan. He openly accuses the Western media of “hiding” this collusion

The resignation of Lebanon’s Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, has not gone as smoothly as the Saudis wanted

The Saudis may be holding the Lebanese Prime Minister hostage but their apparent plan to topple the Beirut government has gloriously backfired

Stella Penn

Harvey Weinstein Hired Former Israeli Military Intel in a Desperate Bid to Salvage His Reputation

Hired blonde former Israeli military intelligence veteran to trick the actress into sharing her memoirs

Prince William argues for urgent depopulation efforts in Africa

Prince William argues for urgent depopulation efforts in Africa

Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh is known to advocate measures to contain population growth. Looks like his grandson does too

Washington’s Think Tank Terrorists

Think tanks that advise the US government, are in many if not most cases, the most blatant servants of foreign masters. Gordon Duff explains

Robert Mueller’s Coup D’Etat

SGT Report reconsiders Robert Mueller, the sealed indictments and the Podesta-Clinton-Obama crime cartel

Panama Papers Reveals: Saudi King Salman 80 M$ Support for Netanyahu

How Israel and Saudi Arabia Conspire to Seize Control of the Middle East

Wayne Madsen explains how with the help of the Saudis, Kushner, and the Israelis, Trump is waltzing the U.S. into a potentially disastrous confrontation

Exclusive: Lebanon believes Saudi holds Hariri, demands his return

Prime Minister Hariri’s resignation came as a shock even to his aides, who believe he was forced to step down by Saudi Arabia after he failed to clamp down on Hezbollah

Hariri's resignation speech. Click to enlarge

Saad Hariri’s resignation as Prime Minister of Lebanon is not all it seems

Robert Fisk on the role of the Saudis in the shock resignation Prime Minister Hariri

You're About to Witness What Was An Impossibility Just One Year Ago

You’re About to Witness What Was An Impossibility Just One Year Ago

We reserve judgement on this SGT report. However, it’s pretty explosive and if true could have far-reaching consequences