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Politics Behind Closed Doors

Blackout: the great MPs’ expenses cover-up

As parliamentary expense files are published, heavily blacked-out, Members of Parliament are laughing at British voters – all the way to the bank

Study shows politicians share personality traits with psychopaths

That figures

Dirt in High Places

T Stokes recounts some recent police actions in Westminster and what they reveal about modern Britain and, indirectly, about President Obama’s family

Secret report reveals how MEPs make millions

Members of the European Parliament can siphon of millions in taxpayer funded allowances. This is probably intentional because it would attract the most venal and corrupt to the position – effectively, those ready to do the bidding of the ruling elite

British diplomat arrested over ‘anti-Semitic’ rant

The outburst is unlikely to do his promotional prospects much good. As his boss at the Foreign Office is David Milliband (left), who together with Milliband’s brother in Gordon Brown’s inner circle is helping shape British policy in Israel’s favour

Former PM set to become EU chief

With the backing of France’s President Tony Blair is tipped for the position of European Union president

Jack Straw is an Habitual Liar

The opposition spokesman on immigration was arrested and questioned for 9 hours last week. UK minister of Justice says he had no foreknowledge of the arrest but as a former British ambassador knows from personal experience, Jack Straw (left) is a liar

‘Putin could return as president in 09′

While Putin’s spokesman has dismissed the report as “pure speculation”, if Russian lawmakers approve proposed changes in legislation, President Medvedev might resign early next year. Leaving Putin free to run for the post

India seeks ‘velvet divorce’ from Iran

A subtle diplomatic shift by India could ruffle feathers in Tehran, and prove a major bonus for Washington and Tel Aviv

Tony Blair earns £12m since leaving Downing Street

Having become what is thought to be the most expensive public speaker in the world, Tony Blair is estimated to have earned more than £12 million since leaving Downing Street

Obama Ignores Citizenship Lawsuit

His failure to respond, says a former Pennsylvania attorney general, amounts to an admission by default the he is not a “natural born” U.S. citizen and therefore not eligible to be U.S. president

Obama October Surprise

On August 21, 2008 Mr Berg filed a federal lawsuit against Barack Obama, claiming he was not a U.S. citizen and therefore not eligible for the presidency. The case requires that Obama present documents proving otherwise. He has yet to do so

Fake Terrorism: The Road to Dictatorship

Fake Terrorism: The Road to Dictatorship

Throughout history “terrorist” acts have been carefully staged and used to further the power of the ruling elite. In the light of the latest “terror” plot we repost an old favourite as a reminder

What’s Really Behind Brown’s Cabinet Reshuffle

An insider with contacts within the British establishment and UK security provides some background to Gordon Brown’s pending cabinet reshuffle

Sarkozy visit off to bad start as Assad stands firm on Iran’s nuclear option

It became apparent that the French president’s visit to Syria was not going well yesterday. I don’t know whether it was the 30-degree heat or the way his Syrian host towered over him but I never saw Nicolas Sarkozy smile once

Barack Obama's 'lost' brother found in Kenya

Barack Obama’s ‘lost’ brother found in Kenya

For those of us who have lived in Africa the photo says it all. Obama’s long ‘lost’ brother (left), reportedly tracked down to a Kenyan shanty town, could spell trouble for the presidential hopefull

Is Hillary Going For The Kill At The Denver Convention?

The key to understanding what could actually happen is in the fact that Hillary did not withdraw from the race. She announced only that she was “suspending” her campaign

Potential Obama VP Is Pro-War, Pro-Patriot Act Neo-Con

The man who’s tipped to be Obama’s running mate has not only served on the neocon Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, which helped promote the Iraq invasion, he has also attended Bilderberg meetings

McCain’s YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare

Whoa!! A video presentation that the corporate media probably won’t go near but with enough exposure could derail John McCain’s presidential ambitions

Controversy over 2004 election “fraud” threatens to reignite

GOP whistleblower names Karl Rove in Ohio’s 04 election theft