The Ancient Past

Perspectives on an ancient past.

Valleys much younger than well-known ancient valley networks on Mars are evident near the informally named "Heart Lake" on Mars. Click to enlarge

Ancient lakes on Mars suggest the red planet could have hosted life

More recent discoveries on the Martian surface indicate that it once contained the necessary conditions for life

The Discovery of 1,750,000 Year Old Man Made Bridge

The Discovery of 1,750,000 Year Old Man Made Bridge

Although the bridge may not have been built by men, as modern man didn’t exist 1,750,000 million years ago, recent scientific discoveries substantiate ancient Hindu myths

Submerged Pyramids Found in Bermuda Triangle

Submerged Pyramids Found in Bermuda Triangle

This has received little attention in the corporate media but late 2015 pyramids made of smooth glass-like material were reportedly found under the Bermuda Triangle

Nampa figurine. Click to enlarge

Nampa Figurine Challenges The Evolutionary Scenario: Controversial Case Of Extreme Human Antiquity

Tiny figurine unearthed in Nampa, Idaho, confounds archaeologists and challenges Darwin’s theory of evolution

Worlds Before Our Own 3

Worlds Before Our Own 3

Flashback to 2003 when we reflected on the underwater finds in Yonguni, off the coast of Japan, and the media’s and academia’s reticence over the discovery

Were dinosaurs wiped out by meteor showers triggered by Planet X?

The mystery of Planet X deepens

Could a suspected ninth planet in our solar system be linked to mass periodic extinctions? Such as the one that befell the dinosaurs

A Comparison of Jewish Behavior…2,000 Years Ago and Today

A Comparison of Jewish Behavior…2,000 Years Ago and Today

Richard Edmonson reveals striking paralells that show how Israel is now validating the New Testament’s depiction of Jews

Proof Of High High Technology In Ancient Peru And Bolivia

Proof Of High High Technology In Ancient Peru And Bolivia

Did these anomalies originate with the ancient Inca’s and other native Americans? Or were they produced by an advanced civilization now long forgotten?

Book: Evidence Of Ancient Machining Technology In Egypt

Book: Evidence Of Ancient Machining Technology In Egypt

The work of a primitive people? Or the product of a technically accomplished civilisation?

Kazakstan geoglyph. Click to enlarge

Nasa puzzled by huge, 8,000-year-old mystery structures in Kazakhstan that resemble ancient crop circles

Ancient geoglyphes could force a dramatic reappraisal of early humanity

Stunning Martian God Found On Mars?

Stunning Martian God Found On Mars?

We reserve judgement but so many anomalies have been found that we wouldn’t dismiss the notion that they are the ruined vestiges of an ancient Martian civilisation

Still from video footage shot by NASA's Mars Curiosity rover.

Mars ‘Pyramid’ Is Proof Of Alien Life Claim UFO Hunters

The pyramid was found on video footage by the website ParanormalCrucible. Leading to suspicions that NASA may have tried to bury the footage

Comet ‘wiped out highly advanced ancient civilisation after smashing into Earth nearly 13,000 years ago’

Author Graham Hancock says he has “smoking gun” evidence to support the claim


Three Foods From Ancient Times With Miraculous Benefits

These three foods have been revered for thousands of years for their incredible healing proprieties, a fact that modern science is now slowly confirming

Potion listed in a thousand-year-old Anglo-Saxon manuscript. Click to enlarge

Medieval potion made from onions, garlic, wine and bile from a cow’s stomach ‘can kill hospital superbugs’

1,000-year-old remedy found to be more effective than modern antibiotics

Aerial shots show the thick forests where the City of the Monkey God may have been. Click to enlarge

Has the White City of the Monkey God been found after 500 years?

Ruins could be legendary lost jungle city where lurid tales say tribe worshipped a giant simian deity and bred chimp-human children

Bizzarre rock formation of the head of a statue on Martian surface?

Not a hoax. Mars rover photographs Mayan/Aztec style head

As NASA engineers attempt to conceal the discovery by claiming the Mars rover is suffering from “memory loss”

Earlier this week, physicist Dr John Brandenburg said he believes an ancient civilisation on Mars was wiped out by a nuclear attack from another alien race. He says there is evidence for two nuclear explosions on Mars (image from his paper shown). Click to enlarge

‘I saw men walking on Mars in 1979′

‘Former Nasa employee’ claims there was a secret manned mission to the red planet

Sun disk/host/wreath in conjunction with wings (birds of prey), indicate protection. The Nazi regime, Mossad (Babylonian-Judaism), USA Government (Christianity?), Catholic Church and Egyptian god all represent their people's protection. Solar Horus = virgin birthed son of Ra (god), later son of Osiris, "war" god...(protector?) Click to enlarge

Pagan Symbols Reveal Disturbing Connections

Why are symbols for Nazis, Mossad, ancient Egypt and the US so similar?

Sperm under microscope.

Sex with more than 20 women reduces risk of prostate cancer

Some interesting statistics. As researchers uncover findings that echo what ancient Taoists were saying centuries ago