Hidden and Revisionist History

What you were not taught at school. Alternative views of our past that may be closer to the truth than the currently accepted version.

JFK Was A Traitor To The National Security State

JFK Was A Traitor To The National Security State

Is this why they had him assassinated and will the same fate befall Donald Trump?

Baron Jacob Rothschild. Click to enlarge

Lord Rothschild Discusses How His Family Created Israel! 2017 Interview

From the man whose family has long been the focus of “conspiracy theories”

The Poles finally told their story in 2007

Katyn: The Genocide Hollywood Won’t Touch

In 1940 communists executed 20,000 Polish officers in the forest of Katyn. It’s a story that Hollywood has steadfastly ignored. Why?

CIA Manufactured Modern US Literature

CIA Manufactured Modern US Literature

How the arts became a vehicle of cultural subversion

The Big Secret They Don't Want You to Know - MUST SEE

The Big Secret They Don’t Want You to Know – MUST SEE

Brother Nathanael on the Holocaust Industry and modern day heretics

Tiananmen “Massacre”? and The Unrelenting Monopoly Media Agenda

Tiananmen “Massacre”? and The Unrelenting Monopoly Media Agenda

In 2009 CBS journalist Richard Roth admitted “we saw no bodies, injured people … nothing to even suggest… that a ‘massacre’ had recently occurred”

Did Jews Help Plan the Holocaust?

Did Jews Help Plan the Holocaust?

Conceived by Sabbatean (Illumimati) Jews, the purpose was to trauma brainwash ordinary Jews into believing they needed “a homeland” of their own

The Balfour Declaration – A Century of Jewish Power

The Balfour Declaration – A Century of Jewish Power

For Palestinians, The Balfour Declaration was the beginning of their plight: a century of ethnic cleansing at the hands of European newcomers

Former Concentration Camp Inmates Speak

Not quite Hollywood’s version of the Holocaust

Israel, Zionism and the smearing of critics

Jonathan Cook explains how Zionists were ready to use violence and terrorism against the British, Palestinians and Jews, in their efforts to drive out the native population from Palestine

To the backdrop of a Rothschild family portrait, views of Russia’s Channel 1 learn the dynasty’s ‘rules.’ (screenshot). Click to enlarge

Russian TV uses Nazi film in segment advancing Jewish world domination theory

Awareness of the REAL role played by the Rothschild family is growing as “conspiracy theories” go mainstream on Russian TV. Includes videos

HUAC HEARING. Hollywood's biggest stars pulled in big bucks while selling out their country and their craft. Clcik to enlarge

Hollywood Was Always a Communist Hotbed

Communists seized upon the movies as a means to control public perception and thinking. Renowned insider Myron Fagan explains how this happened in Hollywood

The Truth at all cost

The division among people is not based on race and religion. It is not even between rich and poor. It is between those who seek the truth at all cost, no matter how uncomfortable, and those who prefer the comfort of a lie. Michael Hoffman explains

Frankfurt School

Our Cultural Decline Follows (((Communist))) Blueprint

The Frankfurt School took up where the Protocols of Zion left off. All their listed goals listed are unfolding before us. See how many you can spot?

Zionists Participate in Bormann's Post-War Nazi Empire

Zionists Participate in Bormann’s Post-War Nazi Empire

Far from dying at the end of WWII, Hitler’s personal secretary and prominent Nazi Martin Borman went on to head a global business empire. Peter Manning explains

The (Chosen) People vs. Ernst Zundel

David Cole explains why in trying to suppress Zundel’s crude stereotypes, Jews ended up personifying them

Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds"-- Illuminati Psy Op?

Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds”– Illuminati Psy Op?

Was his 1938 ‘War of the Worlds’ broadcast actually used to test public reaction to the prospect of conflict with an unknown enemy?

Smoke arising from Bari air raid

Allies Prepared to Use Chemical Weapons in WW2

John Hamer describes an attack on a secret US shipment of mustard gas.

Click to enlarge

In 1967, the CIA Created the Label “Conspiracy Theorists”…To Attack Those Who Challenged the “Official” Narrative

The ridicule of all conspiracy theories is really meant to diffuse criticism of the powerful

The Death Struggle Between Jewish Terror & the Czar

The Death Struggle Between Jewish Terror & the Czar

Setting the tone for the century that was to follow, revolutionary Jews were some of the first practitioners of terror