Trump National Security team. Click to enlarge

Washington’s Mighty Warriors — Draft Dodgers and Scoundrels

Bolton, who has received the “Defender of Israel” award, has long been an outspoken advocate for attacking Iran and now he has the power to do just that

Israel's Role In 9/11

Israel’s Role In 9/11

Something of a breakthrough has occurred, writes Philip Giraldi. Earlier in May FBI reports on the possible Israeli role in 9/11 were released

IDF snipers open fire on unarmed Palestinain protesters. Click to enlarge

Israel’s War Criminals in Their Own Words

Shooting unarmed Palestinian protestors “preserves Israeli values”

Something Wrong with Trump: The Insulting Names Are No Longer Welcome

The Trump Administration has a lot of loose cannons on deck and the least tethered of all just might be the president. Philip Giraldi explains

US and Israeli flags at a  pro-Guaido rally

Pandering to Israel Means War With Iran

It is clear that foreign politicians have realized that the easiest way to gain Washington’s favor is to do something that will please Israel. Philip Giraldi explains

Rumors of War: Washington Is Looking for a Fight

Never before in my lifetime, writes Philip Giraldi, has the U.S. been so belligerent, despite the fact that there is no enemy or enemies to actually threaten it

There’s Something Rotten in Virginia: Israel Is a Malignant Force in Local Politics

Philip Giraldi explains how the influence of the Israel Lobby is no longer confined to Washington but now reaches down to the state and even local level

Attacking Iran

Attacking Iran

Despite Russia and Venezuela, Philip M. Giraldi explains that Iran remains a primary target for U.S. warmongers

A Tale of Two Walls

Congress prefers the Israeli version

The War Against Globalism

The War Against Globalism

Increasingly governments are no longer seen as the people’s protector but rather as the enemy. As Philip Giraldi explains, as elsewhere this is now happening in Belgium

POTUS visit the Western Wall, accompanied by the Western Wall's rabbi, Shmuel Rabinovitz and Mordechai "Solly" Eliav, Director General of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation. Jerusalem, May 22, 2017

Photo credit:  Matty Stern/U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv

Why Can Israel Interfere In US Elections But Not Russia?

However, the are signs that a pushback is beginning as awareness grows over the extent of Zionist influence

The reality behind the image popularised by the Western media: the Syrian White Helmets with their terrorist friends. Click to enlarge

The White Helmets Ride Again

Philip Giraldi on how easy it is to give awards to terrorists

The Crucifixion of Jeremy Corbyn

The campaign against Jeremy Corbyn reveals the extent of Zionist control over political discourse, not only in the States but in Britain too

Declining America Is Setting up Itself for Terrible Revenge After the Fall

“As America weakens, Russia, Turkey, Iran and all the other countries that have been steamrolled by Washington will likely seek revenge.”

John 'Bomb-Bomb-Iran' Bolton

Hawks Resurgent in Washington

The interventions are back in power in Washington without anyone to seriously prevent them getting their way

Israel's Money Machine

Israel’s Money Machine

Philip Giraldi on the tax-exempt foundations, funded by Hollywood and the mega-rich, that support IDF soldiers as they lay waste to Palestine

America's Militarized Police: Made in Israel?

America’s Militarized Police: Made in Israel?

U.S. law enforcement seem to be preparing for some kind of insurrection, which may explain their engagement with their Israeli counterparts

Who Is the Real Enemy?

Who Is the Real Enemy?

The White House is targeting Iran but should instead focus on Saudi Arabia. Does Philip Giraldi think that Trump has the courage to do this? Unfortunately, no

The Fraud of the White Helmets

Philip Giraldi explains how Hollywood has just bought into yet another lie

USS Liberty receives assistance from units in the 6th Fleet after being attacked by Israeli forces off the Sinai Peninsula on June 8, 1967. Click to enlarge

Remembering the U.S.S. Liberty

The 50 year cover-up of a mass murder of U.S. servicemen orchestrated by Israel and traitorous U.S. politicians