Trump Wants to Cut Off China in Guilt-Projection Meltdown

Trump Wants to Cut Off China in Guilt-Projection Meltdown

Recent surveys put anti-China sentiment among Americans at an all-time high and Trump is doing his utmost to exploit it. Finian Cunningham explains

U.S. Concocting Intel to Frame China for COVID-19 Crisis

Using “intelligence” to fit a preordained conclusion is dangerous. It echoes earlier attempts to frame Iraq for a WMD program and the disastrous war that followed

Sick and Sadistic: World Fights COVID-19 Amid U.S. Sanctions

In the midst of a global pandemic, the U.S. continues to apply sanctions on two of the worst hit nations, China and Iran, and thirty others

NATO and COVID-19: a Parasitical Disease in Europe

NATO and COVID-19: a Parasitical Disease in Europe

Despite fears over coronavirus the biggest NATO drill in quarter of a century will still go ahead

Iran Disaster Setup

Iran Disaster Setup

The NYT featured a video of the moment the missile hit the day after it struck. How did the NYT have a cameraman onsite so fortuitously? Did they have foreknowledge?

Trump, Iran Coordinated De-escalation… for Now

Trump’s unhinged hostile rhetoric towards Iran suggests that the off-ramp from war is only a temporary pause.

Britain’s Security Services Granted License to Kill

Does last week’s ruling by five senior British judges mean that state agents can now “silence” dissidents in the interests of the wider good?

Netanyahu-Pompeo Meeting Solidifies War Plan on Iran

Netanyahu-Pompeo Meeting Solidifies War Plan on Iran

Netanyahu’s hasty meeting with Pompeo last week suggests that the US and Israel are putting the final touches to their malignant masterpiece for provoking a war with Iran

Bibi’s Get-out-of-Jail Card… War With Iran

Bibi’s Get-out-of-Jail Card… War With Iran

No doubt Netanyahu hopes that the sound of war drums will drown out the calls for his prosecution over corruption charges

Macron’s ‘Brain-Dead’ NATO?.. Thou Protest Too Much

Macron’s pseudo criticism of America and NATO, were really all about aggrandizing French power by way of creating a new role of military supervisor of Europe

Tulsi Nails it on National TV… US Regime-Change Wars

Tulsi Gabbard has been telling it like it is and she is the only U.S. presidential candidate who is

America’s Political Implosion

America’s Political Implosion

America is at war with itself. It is Americans themselves who destroying their own political system and their own society – without any help from a “foreign enemy”.

They’re Murdering My Son – Julian Assange’s Father Tells of Pain and Anguish

If this were happening to a Russian dissident, we would be hearing all about it in the West. Julian Assange has lost 14 kilos in solitary confinement.. Finian Cunningham talks with Assange’s father

US defense failure… Why Washington has to blame Iran over Saudi attacks

If US “protectors” cannot protect their rich Saudi clients with all the expensive weapons they’ve sold them, then obviously Iran was to blame

A Yemeni man gestures at the site of an air strike in the capital Sanaa, on November 5, 2017.
Yemen's rebel-held capital was struck by overnight air raids that continued well into the next day, targeting the defence ministry and a popular public square, an official said.  / AFP PHOTO / MOHAMMED HUWAIS

Yemen: Another Shameful US Defeat Looms

The Houthis striking deep into Saudi territory has given the pampered monarchs in Riyadh serious pause for thought.

During a frantic 26 hours of meetings, Boris Johnson met all the key 'Trump Whisperers' but despite vigorously shaking hands with US Secretary Mike Pompeo and giving a thumbs-up to cameras, he was unable to change the US president's mind. Click to enlarge

Bulldog Britain Hears Master’s Voice

With post-Brexit Britain desperate for trade deals, Trump and his warmonger aides will be in a position to demand active participation in any campaign against Iran

Gulf Crisis: Reciprocation Towards Disaster or Peaceful Resolution?

Iran is not going to back down. Every ratcheting-up of military force by Britain and the US will be met with reciprocal measures by Iran. Seize one of our ships, we’ll seize one of yours. Fly a spy drone into our airspace, we’ll shoot it down. And so on

UAE Pullout From Yemen Less About Peace, More About War With Iran

UAE forces are being pulled out of Yemen so that they can be reconfigured to do Washington’s bidding for a war on Iran.

Idiots Driving World to War

A week before he tried to calm tensions with Iran, UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt vowed to increase military spending if he became prime minister. Citing Iran as the main reason

Britain Ramps up Media War on Russia

You could hardly make the farce up. It’s a kind of cross between George Orwell and Monty Python.