Yellow vest protesters watch President Emmanuel Macron's speech on TV in Fay-au-Loges. Click to enlarge

Despite Macron’s TV Mea Culpa, France Set for Showdown

The deadly shooting in Strasbourg on Tuesday night, 24 hours after Macron’s speech, has only raised suspicions. France could be in for an historic showdown

G20 Summit, Top Agenda Item: Bye-Bye American Empire

G20 Summit, Top Agenda Item: Bye-Bye American Empire

This year’s G20 summits is really all about the U.S. trying to reassert itself as the world’s foremost power in the face of mounting challenges, particularly from China

Black Sea Provocation… Vintage Putin or Poroshenko Dregs?

Poroshenko’s imposition of martial law in Ukraine gives him the power to call off the forthcoming presidential elections. With his poll rating currently standing at 10 percent that’s a gift for the Western-leaning president

US, Britain Push Yemen Ceasefire as Tactic to Defeat Houthis

US, Britain Push Yemen Ceasefire as Tactic to Defeat Houthis

Don’t be fooled. If Washington, London and Paris wanted to end the strife they could simply stop backing the Saudis

World War I Homage – A Triumph of Lies and Platitudes

World War I Homage – A Triumph of Lies and Platitudes

The attitudes that engendered World War I and 20 years later World War II are still alive and dangerously influential.

Trump National Security team. Click to enlarge

America’s Nuclear Death Wish – Europe Must Rebel

This is a recipe for conflict with Russia and to make matters worse it is being pushed by men — like Trump, Pompeo and Bolton — who have never fought in a war

War Plans on Iran Mean Trump and Saudis Coordinating Cover-up of Khashoggi Killing

Finian Cunningham on why the US drive for regime change in Iran means that it has to shore up the Saudis, and why that means spinning a cover-up to absolve MbS of Khashoggi’s murder

Skripal and Khashoggi: A Tale of Two Disappearances

Skripal and Khashoggi: A Tale of Two Disappearances

The outcry by Western governments and media over the Skripal affair was in complete contrast to their reaction to Kashoggi’s apparent abduction

Rogue Bodyguard Scandal Fouls Macron’s Squeaky-Clean Image

The honeymoon is over, writes Finian Cunningham. Macron is increasingly seen as arrogant, aloof, and unaccountable, with delusions of grandeur.

An Islamist Syrian rebel group Jabhat al-Nusra fighter talks on a walkie-talkie while carrying his weapon on Al-Khazan frontline of Khan Sheikhoun, northern Idlib province May 17, 2014. REUTERS/Hamid Khatib (SYRIA - Tags: CIVIL UNREST MILITARY POLITICS CONFLICT) - RTR3PMA6

17 Years After 911, US Backs Al Qaeda in Syria

In Syria, today, 17 years after 911, the real relationship between the US and terrorism is on display. For the US, it’s a means to manipulate and control

Members of al Qaeda's Nusra Front carry their weapons as they move towards their positions. Click to enlarge

False-flag failure… US cuts to the chase to defend its terrorists in Syria

Finian Cunningham asks: would the US, Britain, or France accept occupation by armed groups which have been covertly sponsored by Syria, Russia, or Iran?

US troops in Afghanistan. Click to enlarge

Why US Imperialism Loves Afghan Quagmire

Afghanistan may be a seething swamp of suffering. But it’s a swamp that is spawning immense benefits for the global elite. Finian Cunningham explains

U.S. and Afghan troops on patrol near the town Yawez

Trump’s sanctions on Iran dig deeper grave for US forces in Afghanistan

The irony is that the “Soviet Vietnam” has now turned into another US quagmire – an American Vietnam redux

Genoa viaduct. Click to enlarge

Italy’s NATO Racket… A Bridge Too Far

Finian Cunningham on how the perceived Russia- threat played a part in the collapse of the Genoa viaduct

British Assassination Campaign Targeting Russian Exiles?

In recent years at least 14 Russian nationals living in the UK have met untimely ends. Is this proof of Russia’s malign ways, asks Finian Cunningham? Or Britain’s?

Western Elites Decrying ‘Populism’ Betrays Fear of Democracy

The media often uses the term “populist” alongside the term “far-right”. The implication being that the populists are something to be abhorred or avoided. Finian Cunningham explains

America's Fake News Complex Is Keeping Its People in a Totalitarian Nightmare

America’s Fake News Complex Is Keeping Its People in a Totalitarian Nightmare

Perhaps the most significant thing about the de facto US totalitarian system is the illusion that the public has of being “free”.

Western Media Whitewash Yemen Genocide

Western Media Whitewash Yemen Genocide

The Western news media are a Goebbels-like propaganda ministry. As in Vietnam, Iraq, Libya and Syria they are now accomplices in war crimes against Yemen

The Kersch Strait Bridge, linking Crimea with southern Russia. Click to enlarge

Gaza Massacre Exposes Western Hypocrisy on Russia’s ‘Annexation’ of Crimea

Finian Cunningham on the glaring double-standards displayed by Washington over events in the Crimean Peninsula and Gaza

Washington Uses Olympic Flame... to Torch the Region

Washington Uses Olympic Flame… to Torch the Region

Regarding the new detente between North and South Korea, Mike Pence said Washington wanted to see it “end as soon as the Olympic flame is extinguished”.