The Flip Side Of Trump’s Embassy Move

“I grew up as a Jew and know something about campaign promises to the Israel lobby” — Brother Nathanael on Trump’s decision to relocate the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem

Flynn’s Plea Smacks Of Israelgate

Fact is it wasn’t the Russian ambassador who expressed gratitude for Trumps actions against the Obama administration. It was Israel’s

The Silent Anti--Semite

The Silent Anti–Semite

Watch your back, writes Brother Nathanael. There’s a witch-hunt brewing

Brother Nathanael: Trump In The Eye Of The Storm

Brother Nathanael on why Donald Trump represents a genuine threat to the Washington establishment, which is why he WONT be allowed to win

Brother Nathanael: Why The Antichrist Will Come In 5 May 2016?

We are not sure that the “anti-Christ” will appear on the date specified but, as ever, Brother Nathanael makes a compelling, impassioned case

Brother Nathanael: Why Turkey Shot Down Russia’s Plane

Brother Nathanael’s analysis of the crisis in Syria concludes: “It’s a whole new ball game and Putin’s hitting the home runs”

Brother Nathaniel: The Justinian Solution to Jewish Problem

Brother Nathaniel: The Justinian Solution to Jewish Problem

How the Byzantine Empire stopped cabalist Jewish subversion