It's what conquerors do....

It’s what conquerors do….

Like conquerors throughout history, the signs of overreach – and hubris-based carelessness – are increasingly apparent. Irish Savant explains


Out of the blue today Lady Savant opined ‘this seems like a plot to bring down the Jews.

Our New Robotic Overlords

Our New Robotic Overlords

Microsoft’s chatbot was shut down after it mortified and alarmed its creators. If this is what Artificial Intelligence has in store then Irish Savant is ready to welcome it

Gun control: Some inconvenient truths

Irish Savant asks: rather than preventing criminals from getting their hands on firearms, is gun control intended to prevent law-abiding citizens from arming themselves and thereby posing a threat to the powers that be?

The blessed life of a Moral Crusader

Chomsky’s made millions preaching about the evils of capitalism and the military-industrial complex. But he also spent much of his life working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Pentagon-funded military laboratory-think tank

The War Against Whites

Irish Savant on how a campaign against Whites is being waged through the media and legislation

Legal justice in today's Britain

Legal justice in today’s Britain

Illustrating how political correctness has warped the justice system to the point where injustice is now an integral part of the British legal framework

Dykes versus kikes: When victims fall out

Dykes versus kikes: When victims fall out

Trump’s election is but one symptom, in part reflecting the increasing White understanding of the treachery visited upon them by their hostile elites

Ode To Joy

Irish Savant reflects on the news that Senator John McCain has been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer

Trump's call to arms against the enemy within

Trump’s call to arms against the enemy within

The media’s response to Trump’s speech in Warsaw has been hysterical. The Atlantic called it an outburst of ‘racial paranoia’. Irish Savant reflects on the reaction

Trump’s Finest Hour

If you’re still in doubt just consider those who have objected most strongly to Trump’s withdrawal. It’s a veritable rogues gallery, writes Irish Savant.

Not with a bang but a whimper

Despite Brexit and the inescapable signs of a White awakening I fear this is the way their world ends, not with a bang but a whimper, Irish Savant explains

What should South Africa’s Whites do? What CAN they do?

Genocide Watch chief Gregory Stanton, himself a former anti-apartheid activist, has warned that white South African farmers are facing full-blown genocide.

The Strange Case of David Icke

We’ve long had our doubts about David Icke. As Irish savant explains, it seems like we are not alone.

Anne Mensah. Click to enlarge

Diversity Wars

Irish Savant reminds us of Diversity Project’s real aim

Are Whites to blame for mass Third World immigration?

Irish Savant responds to some telling commentary from David Cole

Frightening times indeed

Once again Americans have been duped and lied to by their commander in chief. Trouble is it’s not only Americans who will pay. The whole world will. Irish Savant explains


They like to project themselves as brave and anti-establishment when in fact today they are the establishment. Irish Savant on the self-deception that thrives among modern liberals

Politicus Hibernicus and the lesson for President Trump

Politicus Hibernicus and the lesson for President Trump

A Deep State guerrilla war is underway against President Trump. His winning the Presidency was – like BREXIT – never meant nor expected. Irish Savant explains

Satan Lives and his Spawn Stalk the Land

Satan Lives and his Spawn Stalk the Land

The Irish Savant explains why this is no alarmist overstatement