Let us now celebrate the New Ireland

Let us now celebrate the New Ireland

Irish Savant reflects on a nation transformed by the architects of the New World Order

Fir Vale disturbance. Click to enlarge

Welcome to the Oasis

A schoolyard fight escalates into a riot involving hundreds. As usual the media doesn’t reveal the real story but Irish Savant offers his own insights

Clerical sex abuse: Paedophilia.......or homosexuality?

Clerical sex abuse: Paedophilia…….or homosexuality?

Despite there being ample evidence of its involvement, media coverage of clerical abuse has focused on paedophilia, not the homosexual element.

Britain’s rulers versus the people

Things are going well for the elite in the UK, which means skyrocketing crime rates and the marginalization of native Britons. Irish Savant explains

And this year's Dodo Award goes to ...

And this year’s Dodo Award goes to …

Well-meaning ignorance may be bliss but it allows evil to thrive and reap its toll. Irish Savant provides a grim example

Lord Levy, otherwise known as Lord Cashpoint, and Tony Blair

Blow-back is a bitch

Like Frankenstein, identity politics is turning on its creators. Irish Savant explains

The Most Persistent and Pernicious Canard

The Most Persistent and Pernicious Canard

No less an authority than Plato recognised this more than 2,000 years ago when he said that ‘this City is what it is because our citizens are what they are.’

South African farm debt. Click to enlarge

Will South African Farmers Have the Last Laugh?

Call it destiny but, as Irish Savant writes, banks and financiers may be about to reap a karmic harvest in South Africa. WARNING: graphic image

Another Victory for Mother Nature

Another Victory for Mother Nature

Irish Savant with a reminder that you can’t fight biology with ideology

For our children, and our children’s children….

As a mentor once remarked, “there is no such thing as coincidence”. Irish Savant identifies a point, in itself unremarkable but when seen in common among our leaders, is significant

Democracy versus the People

Democracy versus the People

Our globohomo overlords are worried, writes Irish Savant. Some retributive justice may be heading their way

Ungrateful Bipeds

Ungrateful Bipeds

We have no time for Donald Trump and we have little time for many of his critics, who in their own way are just as contemptable. Like the Mayor of Sheffield

A Beguiling Prospect

Will the ten-ton elephant in the room finally be dragged out, trumpeting indignantly, into the cold light of day? Irish Savant looks at the racial disparity between university enrolment and population numbers

British police have claimed that the above tweet is a fake. However, the police authorities credibility is so low among many ordinary Britons that many will wonder if that claim isn't a damage limitation exercise. click to enlarge

Prioritising police resources

The British State and its agents no longer serve the British people, instead they work against their interests, operating as an administrative arm of the NWO

A Manchurian Candidate

Bella Dodd, a Catholic-turned-Communist who later recanted said “in the thirties, we put 1,100 men into the priesthood in order to destroy the Church.” We can see the results today

Tommy Robinson and ‘controlled opposition’

Irish Savant explains why he is not ready to dismiss Tommy Robinson entirely.

It’s Worse Than You Think

Irish Savant on how one particular faction of the ruling elite have more extensive power than most realise

The Anti-Christ?

The Anti-Christ?

Irish Savant reassesses his view of the anti-Christ. Includes video of the pope kissing the hands of two captains of the New World Order, Rothschild and Rockefeller

Elevator Pitch 4: The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan

Lest anyone accuse this website of “racism”, its editor comes from a mixed-race background. Nonetheless, people need to awaken to how we are being manipulated over race

Britain’s in safe hands!

Amazing. The British people who built an Empire that ruled a quarter of the world and ran the whole Indian sub-continent, from Afghanistan to Burma, with about 200,000 people, now need their former subjects to run their own country