A new video released by ISIS allegedly shows the beheading of 21 Egyptians. Click to enlarge

The illusion of the eradication of Daesh

Thierry Meyssan explains that Daesh are far from defeated. The entities that first created the Sunni militants are repackaging them with new objectives in view

French President Emmanuel Macron (L) escorts Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May as they arrive to speak to the press at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France, June 13, 2017.    REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer

The Franco-British « Entente cordiale »

Does a recently agreed understanding between Paris and London foreshadow France’s eventual departure from the European Union?

Brett McGurk, center, inspecting the “allies”. Click to enlarge

US secrets, lies and confusion in the North of Syria

The U.S. plans a force of 30,000 men, half of whom would be ex-Democratic Syrian Forces while the other half will be from Daesh (ISIS or ISIL), discretely recycled

When questioned on the support that Turkey and France once lent to the jihadists in Syria, the Turkish President accused the France2 journalist who had interrogated him of speaking like a terrorist who had gobbled up , the preachings of Fethullah Gullen. The French President for his part refused to comment on his predecessors’ policies.

The French Plan to recognize “Rojava”

Hoping that its allies accept it, France is preparing to recognize a pseudo-State, under the name “Rojava”, following the model used in “Kosovo”

Donald Trump’s National Security Strategy poses a set of totally innovative principles for the economic recovery and defense of the country.

Donald Trump’s National Security Strategy

Thierry Meyssan on Trump’s recently announced National Security Strategy

Jared Kushner reorganises the Middle East

Jared Kushner reorganises the Middle East

Thierry Meyssan on Jared Kushner who, for better or worse, is now a key player in the Trump administration and the Middle East

Owner of 175 companies, including restaurant chains and Tottenham Hotspur football club – whose fans call themselves the « Yid Army » - the very discreet billionaire Joe Lewis speculates on the exchange market in partnership with his friend George Soros.

What is Israël’s project in Argentina?

Something strange is happening in Patagonia. Is Israel building a second Jewish homeland? A backup refuge where Zionists can retreat if Israel falls?

In 1998, Igor Panarin, who was at that time one of the directors of the Russian secret services, predicted civil war and the partition of the United States into six distinct States by about 2010. However, the coup d’Etat of 11 September September 2001 pushed back the deadline. In 2012, journalist Colin Woodard revived Panarin’s data. He noticed that the mobility of US citizens had caused them to group together in eleven separate and co-existing cultural communities, where Afro-Americans did not form a community, but were both integrated and discriminated against in two of these eleven communities. Click to enlarge

An assessment and the perspectives of Donald Trump

Thierry Meyssan ponders exactly what the U.S. Empire might devolve into

Iranian President Rouhani, President Putin and President Erdogan at the Sochi summit. Click to enlarge

From Catherine II to Vladimir Putin

The summit at Sochi highlights the role of Russia in the Greater Middle East. It is now the protecting power of Iran, Syria and Turkey

Israel rejects the Russian-US Peace Agreement

Israel rejects the Russian-US Peace Agreement

Israeli options in dealing with Tehran appears to be shrinking, as Iran sets up a military base little more than 30 miles from the occupied Golan Heights

Saad Hariri, Saudi-Lebanese double nationality, is an illegitimate son of the royal Abdallah clan.

Palace Coup in Riyadh

Thierry Meyssan offers some insights into the ongoing power struggle in the ruling Saudi dynasty and the resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri

Republican strategist Karl Rove gestures while at a luncheon at the California Republican Party convention,  in Sacramento, Calif., Saturday, March 2, 2013.  Rove told California Republicans to "get off the mat", and to find candidates to reflect the party's diversity. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Trump and secessionism

Thierry Meyssan on the ambiguities in the US position on secession and the common features of the events in Kenya, Iraq and Spain

Should US policy against Iran be taken seriously?

Should US policy against Iran be taken seriously?

Thierry Meyssan asks: is Washington staging a phoney quarrel in order to better manipulate its Israëli and Saudi allies?

The Military Strategy of the New Turkey

Thierry Meyssan asks if Turkey is about to embark on military conquest and expansion to reclaim former territory?

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Ashin Wirathu

Clash of civilisations 2

9/11 marked the start of the Clash of Civilisations, with Muslims against ‘Judeo-Christians’. Thierry Meyssan explains how part two may soon begin with new adversaries

According to the US chief of Staff, Thailand is part of the zone to be destroyed (map published by Thomas P. M. Barnett in 2003).

Political Islam against China

A conflict has been planned with a precedent in the former Yugoslavia, that will ultimately end in the destruction of Myanmar. Thierry Meyssan explains

On this electoral poster, the map of « independent Kurdistan » overflows from the autonomous Iraqi region onto Iraqi and Syrian territory.

Kurdistan – what the referendum is hiding

Thierry Meyssan on the Kurdistan independence referendum. Where, in the polling stations, only the independentists will be supervising the legality of the vote

This map was published by Robin Wright nine months before the offensive by Daesh into Iraq and Syria. According to this Pentagon researcher, it rectifies the map published in 2005 by Ralf Peters for the reshaping of the Greater Middle East.

After the Caliphate, Rojava

With the defeat of its proxies by Russian-Syrian-Iranian aligned forces, the Pentagon has formulated a new strategy using the Kurds as cannon fodder.

In February 2016, the White House « anti-terrorist Tsar », Brett McGurk, was sent by President Obama to supervise the battle of Aïn al-Arab (Kobane). On this occasion, he was decorated by the YPG (People’s Protection Units), whose head office - the Turkish PKK – is nonetheless considered by Washington to be a « terrorist organisation »

NATO’s Anarchist Brigades

NATO has a new plan in Syria. It involves ethnic cleansing and they are using the far-left in Europe to do their dirty work. Thierry Meyssan explains

According to Emmanuel Macron, the days of popular sovereignty are over

According to Emmanuel Macron, the days of popular sovereignty are over

Instead, the French president foresees a new colonialism to be conducted in the name of ‘peace': as can be seen in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine.