US Sanctions Against Iran

Preaching freedom and democracy, America brings war and economic collapse, and it would love nothing more than to see Iran destroyed.

A More Colorful, Diluted and Dying Japan

A More Colorful, Diluted and Dying Japan

What’s happening to Japan is relevant worldwide, for all the most advanced and accomplished populations are shrinking, while the most backward recklessly breed

Kawaii, Somber Japan

Kawaii, Somber Japan

Linh Dinh visits Japan, a land where adult diapers outsell those for babies and where at least 43 percent of the natives aged 18-34 are still virgins

Escape From America: Natal, Brazil

Escape From America: Natal, Brazil

A U.S. expatriate with advice for Americans looking to escape the “land of the free”

Binh Chanh 2018

Oriental Ways

Linh Dinh reflects on life in downtown Saigon

Saigon Trade Convention, 2018. Click to enlarge

Disruptive Uncle Sam, Rising Eurasia and Murky Pittsburgh

Uncle Sam must bully, harangue, mindlessly lecture, stage false flags, lie nonstop and maintain endless war. Drenched in blood, he’s a dead man walking

Nation Above All

Nation Above All

With communism discredited for everyone but Western bourgeoisie posers, Vietnamese Communists have resorted to the old standby, nationalism, for their legitimacy

Saigon, 2018

Sunstroked Observations from the Orient

For an endlessly bullying, bombing and chest-thumping nation, the US has produced a staggering number of books and films about its own demise, writes Linh Dinh

Trotsky's study in Mexico City, 2017. Click to enlarge

Blacks, Jews and You

More incisive, insightful commentary from Linh Dinh

Reading Crimes

Reading Crimes

Philly is much more dangerous than Saigon, writes Linh Dinh. There are entire areas that are best avoided, even in daylight. No such menacing ghettos exist in all of Vietnam

Ỵ, a domestic servant in Saigon, 2018

A Servant’s Tale

Listening to tales of poverty and want in downtown Saigon, Linh Dinh wonders if similar tales of material woe will soon be heard in the U.S.

Of Ants and Asskicking

Of Ants and Asskicking

The myth of American invincibility means that many Americans are still willing to be sent anywhere to fight anybody, for any reason, no matter how bogus

Genitalia as Social Constructs

As Stalin said, “Education is a weapon,” and there is a concerted effort by the state, media and academy to neuter the American mind.

Philadelphia, 2018. Click to enlarge

Last Philly Glimpses

Linh Dinh takes leave of a purposely imploding nation and bids farewell to some colourful characters

Jenny's Place. Click to enlarge

Obscured American: Chang the Owner of Jenny’s Place and Dollar City

Linh Dinh visits New Jersey and talks to bar owner Chang Liu, who has some interesting things to say about America and the world

Shooters Crossing, 2018

Postcard from the End of America: Lancaster County, PA

Linh Dinh travels through some Pennsylvania and New Jersey towns as he reflects on the Amish and a country of rootless cosmopolitans.

Today's Daily News, 2010

Postliterate America

In this accelerating speed culture, there is no time to think, or even feel as we blunder into a mindless void

Donna's Bar regualrs 2018. Click to enlarge

Obscured American: Benny the Landlord, Casanova and Covert Operator

Linh Dinh tours the bars and diners in the northeast corner of North Philly, where locals regale him with their stories

Postcard from the End of America: Callowhill, Philadelphia

Postcard from the End of America: Callowhill, Philadelphia

Believing in America shouldn’t equate to cheerleading her wars but that’s where too many Joe Sixpacks have erred. Linh Dinh explains

Dreamers, Opioids and Involuntary Celibates

Dreamers, Opioids and Involuntary Celibates

Linh Din returns to America where he’s met by familiar faces and a land where enforced paranoia has become the norm.