President Trump has described the special investigation into his alleged ties to Russia as a "witvh hunt". Click to enlarge

The Special Council Inquisition – Bad For Trump – And All of Us

President Trump says he’s the victim of a “witch hunt” and the investigation into his alleged Russian connections does indeed look like an inquisition.

Trump Fires FBI Boss James Comey - About Time ...

Trump Fires FBI Boss James Comey – About Time …

Moon of Alabama on the reasons why James Comey was fired and why this should have been done much earlier

How Anand Gopal Directed People To Join ISIS And Shills For "Regime Change" In Syria

How Anand Gopal Directed People To Join ISIS And Shills For “Regime Change” In Syria

Terrorist are being assisted in their crimes by journalists like Anand Gopal. Moon of Alabama explains

“If You Take East-Syria, I’ll Take That Yemeni Port”

For the last twenty-five years the Arab Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea were largely U.S. controlled waters. Moon of Alabama explains why that may soon change

MacArthur via Jeffrey Kaye. Click to enlarge

Why North Korea Needs Nukes – And How To End That

The current crisis with North Korea need never have happened. Moon of Alabama asks readers to consider what the media DON’T tells us about the country

White House "Intelligence Assessment" Is No-Such-Thing - Shows Support for Al-Qaeda

White House “Intelligence Assessment” Is No-Such-Thing – Shows Support for Al-Qaeda

Lunacy has truly taken over the White House but even more so the U.S. media. Moon of Alabama explains

The Khan Sheikoun Show Was Trump's Production

The Khan Sheikoun Show Was Trump’s Production

Moon of Alabama explains why he believes the attack on Khan Sheikoun was staged

Israel Just Received A HUGE Gift From Russia. What Is Its Side Of The Deal?

Netanyahu and Putin appear to have been making deals behind the scenes so what’s in it for Israel?

Various Issues

Moon of Alabama’s comments on the “chemical attack” in Khan Sheikhoun are particularly pertinent

Syria – Trump Administration To Continue Obama Policy

As the Obama administration did with Bush’s policies

U.S. To Escalate Its Two Years War On Starving Yemen

U.S. To Escalate Its Two Years War On Starving Yemen

Moon of Alabama with a tale of two rallies, one in Moscow, the other in Sanaa, Yemen; and what the media coverage of them says about the West’s priorities

Fool Me Once … – Crowdstrike Claimed Two Cases Of “Russian Hacking” – One Has Been Proven Wrong

It is a simple racket, but with potentially very bad consequences for all of us. Moon of Alabama explains

Third Time’s The Charm – These Neocons Want Another Sunni Insurgency (Updated)

Moon of Alabama explains that the Neocon’s want to reignite conflict in the Middle East; using “Sunni Arab tribes” to destroy the Syrian state and then attack the Iranian “bridge” to Hizbullah in Lebanon.

CIA Leak: “Russian Election Hackers” May Work In Langley

The CIA, as well as other services, have whole databases of ‘stolen’ software and source code. Moon of Alabama explains that they may combine them in such a way that looks attributable to Russia

Al-Qaeda Gets An Oscar

Moon of Alabama on the Oscar for the fake “documentary” about a fake “rescuer” group which makes and distributes fake videos of the war on Syria

The War Hawks Rolled Donald Trump

With Mike Flynn removed, Trump is now being boxed in by hawkish, anti-Russian military in his cabinet and by a hawkish Vice-President. Moon of Alabama explains

Organized Campaigns Hit At Trump’s Foreign Policy Plans

Was Michael Flynn one of the first to fall in this campaign?

Its Foreign Greed And Delusion That Kills Yemeni Children

Last year the Saudis pressured the then UN General Secretary to remove it from a list of countries that are harming children. Anyone with some backbone would have refused. Not so Ban Ki-moon

Hearsay Extrapolated – Amnesty Claims Mass Executions In Syria, Provides Zero Proof

Amnesty International claims that up to 13,000 prisoners have been executed in Syria since 2011. Yet the evidence is based on hearsay from anonymous people outside of the country. Meaning that it wouldn’t stand up in a court of law

“The DNC Emails Were Leaked” Obama Takes Parting Shot At Brennan, Clapper, Clinton

He began his term of office with the promise of change but ends it on a bitter, divisive note