Hezbollah members carry the coffin of commander Badreddine. Click to enlarge

How the life of Hezbollah’s Mustafa Badreddine tells the political history of the Middle East

While Hezbollah feted his memory last week as a martyr and resistance fighter – and others gloated at his death

Fighters from the Syrian Jabhat al-Nusra

After splitting with Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra is being presented to the West as a moderate force.

The jihadist force’s reputation is being cleaned up, to suggest it is deserving of CIA support

Hillary Clinton has openly courted the US Jewish vote

Hillary Clinton has openly courted the US Jewish vote

But as Robert Fisk notes, the consequences could be severe

Saudi efforts to ‘modernise’ its economy away from oil are just PR tactics

— and the West is lapping them up

Finally, Israel and Palestine is a US election issue

The ‘last taboo’ is not broken, but it’s splintering

Armenian soldiers in artillary position near the Nagorno Karabakh town of Martuni. Click to enlarge

Echoes of Stalinism abound in the very modern Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict

Robert Fisk on the revival of an old conflict

Inmates at Guantanamo detention facility. Click to enlarge

Guantanamo is being emptied

But its legacy remains

Syrian Army officers gather outside a damaged palace in Palmyra. Click to enlarge

Why is Cameron so Silent on the Recapture of Palmyra?

The silence was deafening as the executioners fled Palmyra this weekend. Obama and Cameron were as silent as the grave to which Isis have dispatched so many of their victims

It’s time that the US faced up to the ‘G word’ and finally recognised the Armenian genocide

Just over a century ago the Turks slaughtered over a million Christain Armenians — a crime that many in the West are still reluctant to acknowledge

With an identity caught between China and the West, Hong Kong is not at ease with itself – or its future

What will happen in 2047, when the 50 year agreement with Britain – runs out?

Syria: West failed to factor in Bashar al-Assad’s Iranian backers as the conflict developed

Five years ago Western journalists were predicting the imminent demise of President Assad. How wrong they were

Saudi Arabia turns on Lebanon for its unfaithfulness and lack of gratitude after decades of largesse

Will Iran now step in and assume the role of Lebanon’s benefactor?

Russian T-90 tank during drills near Kubinka, outside Moscow. click to enlarge

State-of-the-art technology gives President Assad’s army the edge

Robert Fisk on how Russia is helping to turn the tide against Isis

Syrian government forces cross a retractable military bridge on the outskirts of Aleppo. Click to enlarge

Syria civil war: On the front line with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards battling outside Aleppo

Robert Fisk reports from the front line in Syria where he encounters Iranian Revolutionary Guards

Syrian 'opposition' forces attack the headquarters of President Assad's forces in the villages of Nubul and al-Zahraa. Click to enlarge

Syria: The untold story of the siege of two small Shia villages – and how the world turned a blind eye

Those who remained loyal to Assad paid a heavy price. Robert Fisk talks to inhabitants of the recently recaptured villages

The story of a teacher evicted from Raqqa illustrates so much about the conflict in Syria

An Alawite teacher tells Robert Fisk about her experience living under militant rule

Syrian government soldier relaxes after the recapture of Salma from IS

On the road to Aleppo – where people have abandoned all in the shadow of Isis

You can learn a lot about the Syrian conflict by driving from Damascus to Aleppo. But you must drive fast, very fast

Syrian troops in al-Rabiaa. Click to enlarge

Syrian soldiers on the Latakia Front finally taste the fruits of victory

– But they know Isis is not dead. One of the few western journalists on the ground there, Robert Fisk reports from the front lines in Syria

After entering Aleppo with Russia’s help, the Syrian army may set its sights on Raqqa

Having lost up to 60,000 soldiers in five years of fighting, the Syrian Army has scored its greatest victory yet. Robert Fisk explains

Netanyahu thinks mild Ban Ki-moon incites terror

I suspect that it was Ban’s comment about the Jewish colonisation of Arab land that the Israeli Prime Minister didn’t like. Hence Netanyahu’s claims that Ban’s “inciting terror”