Tunisia shooting: When Isis attacks a museum to destroy the ‘culture of its disbelievers’, what treasure of the Western world is now safe?

Robert Fisk on Wednesday’s terror attack in Tunisia

Who can the Saudis trust when they find themselves on Netanyahu’s side?

In their golden palaces, the Saudis fear.

War with Isis: If Saudis aren’t fuelling the militant inferno, who is?

Although Robert Fisk stops short of accusing Washington or London, the corporate media finally acknowledges what this website and others have reported for some time.

Muath al-Kasaesbeh ‘murder’ video: Isis’s Genghis Khan-style cruelty shows Jordan and Japan exactly what the militants think of them

Who among the Arabs will not now also question the cost of supporting the war against Isis?

The prisoner swap has only one purpose for the militants – recognition its Islamic State exists and that foreign nations acknowledge its power

You only had to listen to the number of reporters talking about “the Islamic State” to realize that we are already accepting it as a viable nation

Yemen conflict: An old hand at work in the country’s bloody civil war

No matter how complex the new Yemeni civil war may appear one thing remains constant. Robert Fisk explains

Saudi Arabia’s history of hypocrisy we choose to ignore

As Irish columnist Fintan O’Toole pointed out this week, there are two words that must not be spoken in all the official rhetoric about Charlie Hebdo: Saudi Arabia. “A hundred billion dollars buys you a lot of silence,” he wrote

When will Palestinians learn? Turning to international law isn’t the answer — just ask America and Israel

If Palestine’s request to join the International Criminal Court is ‘entirely counterproductive’, what does that make Israel’s slaughtering of civilians last summer?

A timely reminder of the bloody anniversary we all forgot

The 150th anniversary of a long forgotten war has just passed. Robert Fisk reflects on the American Civil War

Once again language is distorted in order to hide US state wrongdoing

Using words to conceal state terror in the looking glass world of the War on-of Terror

It is our indignation, not that of the Arab world, that torturers fear. We are the bad guys too

You can take Obama’s statement the way he was going to close Guantanamo. Or the way he’s using more drones than Bush ever did

Isn’t it important to realise who our enemies really are?

Muslims, Iranians, Iraqis, Syrians, Russians, you name it. Not Israel, of course. Nor Americans. Think generational.

Capture of Isis leader’s wife is another murky tale from the pit of marital scandals

Will the Lebanese offer Baghdadi’s wife – if it is her – in return for their own soldiers held captive by Isis?

Iranian pilgrims. Click to enlarge

Iran is shifting from pariah to possible future policeman of the Gulf

Will Israel and the U.S. Republican Party allow Obama to come to terms with Iran?

Isis in Syria: The militia that has transcended tribal divisions to fight Islamic State

How many more secrets will we discover in this terrible war? And how many more will never be disclosed?

Isis in Syria: In the shadow of death, a few thousand Christians remain to defy militants

Speaking to Syrian Christian priests, Robert Fisk finds general agreement – that the “Islamic State” is an American “product”, intended to break up the countries of the Middle East.

Isis in Syria: The story of the martyred soldiers who fought 'to the last bullet'

Isis in Syria: The story of the martyred soldiers who fought ‘to the last bullet’

Prisoner beheadings have given opponents incentive to fight. Robert Fisk talks with Syrian Army troops fighting the Islamic militants

What does Isis look like from the air? I buckled up my seat belt and found out

What does Isis look like from the air? I buckled up my seat belt and found out

Robert Fisk gets a bird’s eye tour of Syrian territory held by Islamic militants

US manufactured weapons seized from Islamic fighters. Click to enlarge

How did Islamists receive American weapons?

Robert Fisk reports from the front lines where Syrian rebel forces, now aligned with Isis, are being supplied with U.S. arms

The 200,000 Syrian child refugees forced into slave labour in Lebanon

Robert Fisk on the plight of Syrian refugees who have fled to Lebanon